Another Air Force Academy Scandal: Trumpster General bucks DOD program on Extremism, Openly supports Insurrection


Clarke is the man who planned the fake bin Laden raid and the “cleanup” afterward.  Clarke, according to sources, was an insurrection “insider” among Pentagon brass during the January 6 insurrection and military coup attempt

“Bin Laden” Heroes Probably Murdered to Keep Them Quiet

Raw Story: One dozen graduates of the Air Force Academy wrote an open letter against white supremacy that was published on Saturday in the Air Force Times.

NEO – America’s Nuclear Command Meltdown

“In late March, the U.S. Air Force Academy held its Department of Defense-mandated extremism stand-down training to examine and to eradicate extremism and white supremacy within the ranks. Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard Clarke spoke of extreme ideologies on “both sides,” rather than confronting the unique flavor of the extremism threat on display Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol,” the group, led by Esteban Castellanos, wrote.

“Many USAFA graduates feel the mild response to the insurrection from the academy and its Association of Graduates failed to reflect these values and stands counter to everything they publicly expect of graduates.

We are disappointed and feel that leadership has failed our graduates, the members they lead, and ultimately the citizens of this country,” they explained. “Simply put, many of our leaders are underreacting to the attack.

We need them to state, unequivocally, that the insurrection was wrong, intolerable and against our values and oath of service to the Constitution. They must state publicly and emphatically that those within our ranks who participate in, or are sympathetic to, the organizations that took part in the riot at the Capitol are not welcome in our ranks because they are supporting domestic insurrectionists and terrorists.”  read more…

Ambassador Joseph Wilson Hits Air Force Academy

Ambassador (ret.) Joseph Wilson

Is the message clear yet? Is there anybody that Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, the Superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), has not incensed regarding the invited “Lord’s Army” speaker, Clebe McClary and his proselytizing of Academy personnel at the prayer breakfast. February 10, 2011?

From Ambassador (ret.) Joseph Wilson:

Lt.  General Gould,

My name is Joe Wilson and I am a member of the Board of Directors of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). I am also a retired Ambassador, former senior director at the National Security Council and a former political adviser to CINCEUR, working for several years with Jim Jamerson who was the DCINC at the time.

I have lectured at the USAF Academy twice, once when your predecessor, Lt. Gen. Regni invited a troika of falsely self-proclaimed “former Islamic terrorists” to speak at the Academy. It was known at the time of their invitation that the three were not “former Islamic terrorists” at all but rather were fundamentalist Christian proselytizers.

I write to you today to reiterate MRFFs insistence that the Academy immediately rescind its invitation to yet another invitee,  former USMC Lt. Clebe McClary, another Christian fundamentalist proselytizer.  McClary is set to serve as the featured speaker at the USAF Academy’s National Prayer Luncheon scheduled for Feb. 10, 2011.

I have traveled the world extensively for decades, and served in several Muslim nations in my career, as a diplomat, businessman and lecturer.  I just returned from Yemen this past weekend for example.

I can tell you without any reservation or hesitation that the unadulterated, fundamentalist brand of Christianity which Mr. McClary intertwines with his well documented speech presentations:

1)      is  inflammatory and undermines our Muslim allies;
2)      emboldens those who would seek to harm us from the Islamic world; and,
3)      is dangerously divisive and demoralizing to our American armed forces members, many of whom are practicing Christians themselves.

Irrespective of his exemplary war record, Mr. McLary espouses a zealous and militant brand of fundamentalist Christian supremacy that is not spiritual in nature but rather incites hatred of those whose religious views are different from his.

Under the guise of “motivational” presentations to gullible military audiences, he undermines American national security efforts to shape the battlefield and stem the growth of religiously motivated enemies inflaming passions rather than by engaging in a peaceful way those whose spiritual views may not mirror those of the fundamentalist Christian right.  The United States fights for the Constitution and for our own defense, not for some individual’s interpretation of the Judeo-Christian bible.

It is time, Lt. Gen. Gould, that the Air Force confront the subversive brand of Christian evangelical proselytizing that has become pervasive  at the Academy.  You should not be aiding and abetting a movement that is profoundly subversive of everything our constitutional republic holds dear.  You should be fighting back in defense of the country that you have served.

I urge you to disinvite  McClary and replace him with anyone else from a field that must number in the literal hundreds of thousands of willing others who would not be the agents of divisiveness, disillusionment, discouragement and fundamentalist religious hatred that is extant with this professional fundamentalist Christian proselytizer.  Surely you can do better.  The nation depends on it.


Ambassador (ret.) Joseph Wilson


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  1. This brainwashing-and that’s exactly what it is- has been institutionalized since Raygun. Seen it up close and personal. The so-called separation of church and state is applicable here, just not in the minds of these Zionist-make no mistake, that’s what they are- war mongers. That they can equate their brand of religion as righteous is truly scary. Worse is the fact that they cannot, or will not, see it for what it is and that their forcing it into the military’s mindset is unconstitutional. Americans no longer seem to have the mental ability to discern what is propaganda and what is not. Hint: When someone espouses that in being a Christian, righteousness allows them to hate, kill, denigrate and deny another their GOD GIVEN rights to life, liberty and happiness…then it is a cult, period. I don’t care what mickey-mouse (sorry Mickey) religious crap they use to exonerate themselves and their crimes, they are not following the teachings of Jesus, they are using him for their own nefarious purposes. You either believe in Jesus and live your life accordingly…or you use him and do as you please. Do they ever ask the one question asked in Sunday school? WWJD? Not likely.

    • 10-4
      “the three were not “former Islamic terrorists” at all but rather were fundamentalist Christian proselytizers.”
      There is no such thing as a REAL Christian “proselytizer.”
      A “real” Christian may share the “gospel” of Jesus Christ with someone, but he will never try to force or convince anyone to believe it, because he knows that’s impossible! Anyone who hears the gospel has the option of believing it, (especially if his heart or the Holy Spirit convicts him; or he can harden his heart and choose not to believe. One cannot be forced to believe. And that’s the Way it has always been.

  2. Wondering if the USAFA being located in Colorado, these alumni and leadership extremist right-wing tendencies, and the Coors family, could be connected?

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