Wesley Clark: How to Fight Authoritarianism

To manage the rise of China and other illiberal forces, the U.S. and Europe need a new kind of alliance.

Their turn to sit in the dock will come in time. And that includes those that have aided and abetted in the massive Israeli espionage efforts here. But the public needs a ‘political demonstration enema’ to prove to the public that the corruption is not so deep to be completely self sustaining.
Accomplishing this is going to take some major networking, and those targeted will be doing all they can to screw that effort up, as they will quickly grasp what the consequences are… Jim W. Dean ]

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The behind the scenes handlers of the capitol rioters are still walking around free
by General Wesley K. Clark

As he spoke from the sunny steps of the U.S. Capitol during his inauguration, Joe Biden acknowledged that this will be “a time of testing.” He enumerated the crises we face—“an attack on democracy and on truth, a raging virus, growing inequality, the sting of systemic racism, a climate in crisis, America’s role in the world.” He vowed to “repair our alliances and engage with the world once again.”

Despite the president’s strong vision, the events of January 6 remain at the forefront of American concerns: a successful assault on the halls of Congress; a Republican Party in thrall to a politically gifted, defeated, and vengeful demagogue and his supporters; and the painful implications for effective, democratic governance.

What has emerged in the near term is a struggle to enforce accountability for the past four years. But most observers understand that it will be impossible to fix the country without addressing the underlying conditions that spawned the ugly events: racism; growing inequalities in wealth and income; and large segments of the American population left behind in an economy driven by financialization and high technology.

In the midst of all this, we are also facing increasingly severe challenges abroad. Recognition is now dawning across America that this includes not just terrorists but also China and Russia. These problems are bound together as consequences of our own choices in foreign policy, politics, and the economy.

We have to recalibrate our policies at home and abroad. Americans can no longer assume that we will be the indispensable power—nor can we simply turn to the private sector to lead the country.

We need a new way forward that steels us against both internal and external challenges. That way involves a much deeper, more structured relationship with the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Why the EU and the UK? There are several reasons. Combined, the continent and Britain are home to more than 500 million people, enough to put our collective population on closer footing with that of China. Both the EU and the UK are advanced economies, capable of sustaining important investments in research and infrastructure.

But above all else, we must partner with the European Union and the United Kingdom because of our long-standing, shared liberal values and a shared recognition that those values are at risk. …read more…



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  1. Why the China-bashing? And why putting and pushing Russia into a true league with China, mister L. Clark? Isn’t it hard a task enough to fight the Robber State of the US of North A and the pirate kingdoms of Elisabeth #2?

  2. This militarist is what the satanists want braindead Murkans to worship. He was head of satanic child trafficking central, NATO and SHAPE. He was just fine with Skull and Bones plans to invade and take over the world; he’s their runnng dog lackey. He owns a bank and benefits from the TRUE evil empire: Clark also addressed issues related to his then-current command of USSOUTHCOM, such as support for the School of the Americas and his belief that the United States must continue aid to some South American nations to effectively fight the War on Drugs.[50]

    The school of the americas turns militarists from other countries into traitors against their countries of origin to the point where they are famous for torturing and disappearing hundreds of thousands and here this sc um bag is supporting this satanic crap and the totally EVIL WAR FOR DRUGS which ‘m sure he knows exactly what its about.

    He’s an EVIL MAN. You are following devil philosophy (from satanic Oxford, no less) and it will end badly for you.

  3. Always remember that Wesley Clark was told on September 20th, 2001 that, “…we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.” At no point did he ever question the “official” narrative of 9/11 that came into being within hours of the attacks, way before any evidence-based investigation could possibly have been done. He went with the flow as so many in the US military did. Certainly a future historian will marvel at that.

  4. Wesley you know who is to blame for all of this. We just have to get off our knees and b**ch slap MASTER.

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