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[ Editor’s Note: None of the new polling results come as a surprise. Some of the Republican numbers are hyped, meaning those polled don’t really believe it, but they felt their saying so helps their party out and its future prospects by playing the role of the ‘cheated’ ones.

Welcome to 21st century Republican politics, where there is no shame in pushing a false narrative that has been and is easily disproved by even a cursory review of what happened.

Notice that none of the Republican leaning judges in numerous jurisdictions ruled that the Trump and Rudy election contesting clown show had provided any credible proof of their election fraud claims being valid. And mind you the judges were not attacked with calls that they be impeached for misconduct.

So we find ourselves in a situation of political crack smokers who had a deep attraction for getting a Trump buzz on, despite that doing a lot of damage to their political health in the long run, making election fraud claims because that makes them feel better.

Right now they are concerned with trying to win back control of Congress so they can undo what Biden is doing, and they feel their cause justifies using any means necessary. While Trump himself might go down with all of this legal problems, there are a number of Trump 2.0 political grifters jockeying to pick up the mantle.

If telling supporters that up is down and left is right makes them happy, and that helps them get into a leadership position, they have no qualms over the methods used.

How well they can attempt to pull this off will be greatly impacted by the prosecutors and their indictment charges on Trump and his gang.

The good news is that prospective Trump wannabes are going to find themselves going to the virtual reality corruption fantasy ball, with Congressman Gaetz seeming to be next in line for a criminal indictment. There will be cumulative and lasting damage, where they will be the last ones to figure out why it all happened… Jim W. Dean ]

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Republimanicas want to seize power again, by any means

First published … May 23, 2021

A new poll shows that 53 percent of Republican Party voters say Donald Trump is currently the “true president” of the United States, not Joe Biden.

According to a recent Ipsos/Reuters poll of over 2,000 US adults, 56 percent of Republicans still believe the November presidential election was “rigged or the result of illegal voting.”

The poll also shows that 87 percent of Republicans think it is important for the government to place new limits on voting to protect future elections from fraud. Fifty-four said they think the Capitol riot was led by “violent left-wing protesters trying to make Trump look bad.”

While a 55 percent majority overall said Biden’s victory was “legitimate and accurate,” one-quarter of Americans from all political affiliations said they think it was the result of illegal ballot-counting or election rigging.

Meanwhile, an 86 percent majority of Democratic Party voters said they believe absentee or mail-in ballots were accurately counted during the election, while only 30 percent of Republicans said they were confident such votes were counted with accuracy.

Thirty-nine percent of Republicans surveyed said they “strongly agree” that the election was stolen from the former president. In November, Trump said Biden “won” the presidential election because the vote was “rigged.”

“No vote watchers or observers allowed, vote tabulated by a radical left privately owned company, Dominion, with a bad reputation & bum equipment that couldn’t even qualify for Texas (which I won by a lot!), the Fake & Silent Media, & more!” Trump tweeted then.

On January 6, a group of mobs supporting Trump launched a deadly assault on the US Capitol, disrupting briefly the certification of the election results.

The assault, which left five people dead, including a member of law enforcement, prompted a historic second impeachment trial against Trump, but the Republican-controlled Senate acquitted the former president.


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  1. “… place new limits on voting to protect future elections from fraud…”
    Here is a valid dot, is time the voting procedure be checked from up to down and fix the weaknesses that allow fraud

  2. The real whys and wherefores of Jan. 6 are probably just as well hidden as they ever were.
    Whereas the published partisan hoopla is working a “let-’em-eat-malarkey mis-direction play similar to the post 9/11 balderdash.

  3. Saw a report this morning on youtube that those arrested mainly came from bluestates and were pissed about replacement theory, immigration. While at first glance people of good will might be tempted to take a sympathatic view to their complaint, frankly speaking Americans have been in cahoots with politicians and empire forever. Ameriocans who participate in the political process know whats goiong on with foreign policy that is the embodiment of evil people and they’re just fine with it “as long as there is a chicken in every pot”.

    All these immigrants is the result of deliberate US policy. You are reaping what you have sewn. You should see Lation America now… destroyed (for the non-international majority). Democrats are the same when it comes to foreign policy….STILL EVIL. Just because Palestine has been given some breathing room doesn’t mean your stooooopid empire isnt EVIL.

    • Projecting one’s troubles on someone else is an often use tool in humanity. But that said, real evil is really lurking around out there. Just ask any of the Palestinians dragged out of their cars and savagely beaten by the mobs last week.

    • Its not substantive, goodandevil was simply drawn by the unique background to the article.
      It’s irresistible.

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