VT Blockbuster Exclusive: Why Israel Surrendered to Hamas, Smuggled Horror Videos


This exclusive video was just received from Israel, smuggled out at great risk, the only video so far showing street fighting the media censored 100%.

More of these videos are out there and now we can guess the real Israeli death toll.

The same source sent this video of Israeli police murdering a small Palestinian child through suffocation:

This is a real video of real Israeli police murdering a real child, under 10.  Now, do you wonder why some of us object to Israeli’s training our police and why we tend to connect this behavior seen above, which is, we are also told, commonplace in Israel, to America’s police and their murders?

These two videos need to be seen by every elected official in America.  Make sure this happens.


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  1. the people of the world must boycott and fight these assassins, wherever possible, ALL AROUND THE WORLD. Their project is to kill milliond because , they tell, we are too, so iif not jews or evangelical, the rest must die

    • Imo it doesn’t matter if jew or not, distraction, base is even more vile. Also past time to think about words, labels. who makes them. ev angelic als is propaganda label to push a veneer. Many words are. it was evangelist . evangelism. thoough psych word ‘angel’ still stuck in, phonetics different. Using harder label phonetic changes perspective so not labeling ‘angels’. changing labels, changing words, changes or makes power. In evangelist case only going back to what it was.
      Another is nonsense words made so speech is weak. Example inabliilty, if in ability – then not unable. Use unable or not able. Word create or control is to steer own brain and have power in communicate.

    • Imo does it really matter if jew, unless for media and show, which jews have privilege. Also something to think about words, labels. ev angelic als is a label to push a veneer. Many words are. it was evangelist, evangelism. though word angel still stuck in, phonetics different. Using diff label phonetic changes perspective so not label angels. changing labels, changing words, changes perspective. In evangelist case only going back to what it was.
      Another is nonsense words, example inabliilty, if in ability then not unable. More accurate unable or not able.

  2. Imagine an SS raid in a ghetto, with complete freedom to massacre. The truth is discovered under the barriers of censorship of the Israeli army. Racism, free to express itself by all the weapons of an army used without limit against civilians = a not very photogenic reality of what the dealers of Israel – in all your media – seek to sell you for an exemplary democracy of the wonderful Jewish people!

    A real threat from this new denominational Nazism against human life on this planet!
    First evidence = To be crushed before, , once again, he imposes his own world-war on us : A method already known, right?
    Herr Biden must take a stand: Israeli Nazism = for or against ??

  3. The CIA, FBI, Deep State, or the White House, ET AL may well all be fronts for the Zionist-Evangelical control of the world for the benefits of a greater Israel WITHOUT KNOWING IT .

    • Something suggested on a link from a recent VT Jack Heart post (I can’t remember if the enlightening suggestion was in a link from article or the comment section) but the gist of it was that those forefathers of deception, espionage and subterfuge, have been guiding things from behind the scenes, starting in Europe for many many centuries, maybe even a millennium, or more?

  4. If these were to happen in China, Russia or Myanmar, the Western powers and medias will have a field day!

  5. “These two videos need to be seen by every elected official in America. Make sure this happens.” ???

    Even if they have seen these videios, do anyone really expect they will do anything when Israel is implicated???

  6. The Tentacles of Zionism are the Usurious Central Banks.
    That Criminal Carpenter from Nazareth knew that The Temple is when two or more gathered in His name and the Money Changers don’t belong in Our Temple.
    Christian Zionism is an Anti-Christian Public Relations success story by the People who Called Jesus a criminal.
    Their usury buys our politicians and your pastors.

    • What kind of question is this? Why would any journalist give up their source to you? Let us know who you are and why you need to know, send needed bonafides and proofs and an offer, over $50,000 and have you representatives meet mine…


  7. Could not copy/paste video url, so I copy/pasted VT article and posted everywhere I could. Hope it does not disappear.

    • ‘Shoulda, woulda, coulda….but didn’t.’ This was not one loner warped asshole, but a group of them. I would suggest their casualness represents that this is not the first time. Welcome to the world of Jew Supremacism with the curtain pulled all the way back. Now think what is going on inside the heads of some of the radical Palestinians, what they might be thinking of doing, but which will just escalate the situation and play right into Bibi’s hands.

  8. No US police should be trained by any foreign country whatsoever.

    Especially an apartheid regime.

    • Isn’t it strange that this issue never seems to be an issue? or ever mentioned? When the people of Atlanta marched on city hall and demanded that the mayor cease training police in Israel, he refused. Why? because they were getting the best anti-terrorism training in he world. That is what they consider us. We’ve become Palestinians in our own Zionist controlled country.

    • zman. slow genocide of Palestinians in their homeland has always been a testing ground for anti human zionists and since it was left unchallenged for 70+ years sure it found its way to shores of America already. call it Gaza II.

  9. You think Zionist are Evil. Yes But Big Evil are BANKS. Nationalise them. and you break the back bone of Zionist Gang. You clean the Parliaments and Congress in US of political prostitutes. Death To Bankers ..the Usurers, Death to Cheap Jack two a penny so called politicians.

  10. Facebook & Twitter etc etc will surely block these videos as they have done every time.
    WHY ? Because Zuckerberg is a Zionist 100%

  11. Always remember, US Christian Zionists fully support whatever the Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine, as that’s where their end-times apocalyptic death wish will supposedly occur. They’ve thrown millions of dollars at Netanyahu and Likud to further the ethnic cleansing of the “Holy Land” in preparation for the return of their warrior messiah to smite all “unbelievers.” Wonder if Netanyahu is aware of how that includes him and all the rest of the Ashkenazim?

    • Tommy, you are always cutting down Christians through your abhorrence of Zionism. You should be aware that 99% of the Christians you denigrate are well meaning, though misled by the true masters of deception, and the real supporters of Zionism who reside in the shadows of secret society cults.

    • Whoops.
      Tommy. I almost slipped on a similar banana peel.
      And most of those in the “secret society cults” or rather occults, are themselves likewise just as deceived and “misled” as Christian Zionists are.

    • Elvin…The vast majority of Tramp’s base is Evangelistic so-called Christians. They claim to be 50M strong. Those ‘Christians’ cannot think for themselves? Supporting the church of Satan is not Christian in any sense. Those who follow propaganda and not the word of Jesus cannot blame the liars. If they actually lived by ‘the word’, they would know better…but they don’t. They live by an false ideology, thinking they are hastening the ‘end times’, knowing more than the prophet, who says no man will know the time of his coming. But they think they can manipulate god? Those who truly believe would not support murder, rape and destruction of an entire nation. They believe because they take Jesus as their savior, they are immune to the sins they perform. All they have to do is ask themselves one question…WWJD, what would Jesus do? Somehow climbing into bed with the church of Satan, which is what Jesus labeled them, doesn’t seem to be what Jesus would do. I have met some true Christians, but they are vastly outnumbered by usurpers. A good rule of thumb to see what a church is like is to look at their church. Most today are edifices to themselves. Jesus needed no white elephant Churches, he ministered in fields, with nature. How many starving people could the money spent on these gigantic edifies feed? Seems more and more these people see themselves as elite.

    • Elvin, my Lutheran faith informs me that we will not know the day or the time. When will the Kingdom of Heaven arrive? Jesus said, “The Kingdom will not come with observable signs. Nor will people say, ‘Look, here it is,’ or ‘There it is.’ For you see, the Kingdom of Heaven is in your midst.” – Luke 17:21

      My beef is with the 50 million Christian Zionists who think otherwise. Trump’s “spiritual” advisor, Pastor John Hagee, reported that an IDF spokesman had assured him during a briefing that all deaths in Gaza were the result of Hamas rocket misfires – “It’s the terrorists that are killing their own people!” These so-called Christians are 100% behind what the Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine.

    • One final and profoundly sobering thought to all of us in this thread who name the name of Jesus Christ; “judge not, and you will not be judged.”

    • Elvin, we certainly are able to know a tree by its fruits. The fruits of Zionism are death and destruction for everyone but the chosenites.

  12. The first of a kind that Ive never seen anywhere before. Burn baby burn, Love to see those bastards getting a dose of their own medicine.Thank you VT for sharing it.

  13. The only hope we have for the destruction of Zionism and an end to the despicable media coverage we are fed is to ensure that Palestinians throughout Palestine are supported, armed and financed in all that they do while ensuring that Egypt, UAE, Saudi bArabarians, Qatar, Turkey and all the other Zionist propagandists and financiers are kept far away from influencing Palestinians.
    It is quite extraordinary to think that the only real support the overwhelmingly Sunni Palestinians receive is from and through Shia (& many Christians) Hezbollah, Alawite, Christian & Sunni Syria, Shia & Christian Iraq and Iran – including many within Iran’s Jewish community!!

    • My apologies for omitting Yemen which is becoming an ever greater pain in the butt to the bArabarians and their Bosses in Jerusalem!

  14. Zionism is EVIL! Zionism is the CURSE of Mankind! SATANyahu is the most prolific, bloody murderer of innocent Men,Women and Children on OUR Earth today! How can the World tolerate such a Demonic Criminal? TIKUN OLAM! Peace-Salam-Shalom!

    • People seem to be absolutely powerless, not even in the US. Just everywhere. The UN is rigged with 5 security council members who decide the fate of everyone else. Then there is the US, Russia, and China who roll anyone over they want. Of course in the middle of all this is Zionism which seems to have tentacles in the US, Russia, China, Europe, and everywhere else.

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