The Real Able Danger: The Real 9/11 Investigation Team Speaks Out on the Nuclear Coverup


by Jeff Smith, Science Editor

This infighting goes nowhere, and I do not participate in this because it is most unprofessional. True journalists are supposed to be neutral on any subject matter that they write about, otherwise you are just another Randolph Hearst making propaganda for mass consumption.

Give me the pictures and I will give you a war. VT Today is not a checkout stand tabloid newspaper or a pulp fiction romance novel, it is a up and coming credible news source on alternative current affair issues that are important in order to maintain global peace and prosperity.

Democracy cannot function without free and open public oversight. This is what independent media is all about. It is the checks-and-balances on corrupt government officials that have become nothing more than criminals in power. When corporations own media, it becomes a tool of fascism. When government owns media, it becomes propaganda.

When someone attacks the messenger, there is usually a good reason why — and it is not the messenger that they are really after — it is the message that the messenger is carrying. I know this fully well from my UN diplomatic days. Just ask Scott Ritter or Mr Shrimpton about that. It’s called pin the tail on the donkey. When information provided by the message becomes too overwhelming or too powerful, you shoot the messenger and not the message.

If a terrorist event or explosion takes place today in the 21st century and it creates a crater greater than 6-feet deep, then you automatically have to consider it to be a nuclear event until proven otherwise.

After that, soil samples should be immediately sent off for independent testing. The UN should set up an international peacekeeping group for this very purpose. The same with any airliner jet crash or disappearance. Unfortunately, the criminals in power will never allow that to happen.

Flight 370 and MH-17 should have been investigated by the UN and not by the countries involved in the mishap that have secret agendas to hide. This is an agenda that needs to be pushed forward at the next General Assembly meeting of the UN. Only the UN General Assembly, as an independent body, can bypass the Security Council veto on this issue and set up a new criminal investigation department on international terrorism based in the Hague. This is a worthy project that VT should be publicly pushing.

Remember, everybody has their own belief system, and you cannot change the way they think by force. The Communists learned this the hard way on forced re-education of the masses — it does not work. They spoon fed their citizens Communism, only to have it spit back in their faces, to quote Gorbachev.

One person’s version of reality is not necessary someone else’s version of reality. So if they want to believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, let them. The same with 911, if they want to believe that Fairy Dust did 911, let them, because they discredit themselves.

The real reason for the infighting is to discredit everybody in the entire 911 movement, and the criminals in power are doing just that very well. By fighting, you discredit yourselves. Just ask any lawyer about that one. If they can’t get you for what you really did, then they will set you up on a technicality like they did Mr. Shrimpton or O.J. Simpson. If that doesn’t work, then they resort to “Plop Plop Fizz Fizz O What A Relief It Is.” (veiled reference to polonium poisoning)

In my case, it was Blowfish Toxin in Liberia (I got that one in Dorchester, Dorset, UK in 2009) and the Syrian Amoeba in Israel. (VT staffers were poisoned in Syria.) In Morocco, it was Be Aware of the Red Truck; i.e., Lady Di and staged auto accidents, etc.

The real Dr. Evils and the real Dr. Strangeloves always win because there is no real James Bond, Austin Powers, John Wayne, “In Like Flint,” Superman or Dr. Who to fight them, and they know this. There are only guys like Mr. Shrimpton and Gordon Duff to get the job done. To the bad guys, we are just cattle waiting gracefully to be slaughtered at will.

History teaches us this lesson time and time again, and time and time again we as a human race forget it. The haves do not like to share with the have not’s. How does that song go… My friend the communist he doesn’t have diddly squat?

Jeff Smith “Particle Physicist” for the IAEA and DOE, investigative team leader for Able Danger

Unburied Truth Buries Lies

Cars from 9/11 destroyed by Nuclear EMP
Cars from 9/11 destroyed by Nuclear EMP

By Editors Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith

“We may well be looking at the signature of a very “advanced” nuclear device carefully set up to produce maximum radiation.”

The documentary evidence below was available to all years ago. Some used it, what they could find of it. The entire NNP community always knew 9/11 was a nuclear event. They always knew nuclear weapons have been used continually as a handy solution that avoids the potential embarrassment of not having enough casualties or destruction during a state sponsored terror attack. Getting nuclear weapons is so easy we could be selling them here.

One Suggestion
One Suggestion

We are beginning to enter new ground. We are now finding evidence that stolen Cold War era nuclear weapons slated for destruction were stripped down, remachined and built into enhanced radiation weapons of advanced design so they could be used with impunity, New York, Bali, intended for London, Iraq and Afghanistan, Damascus and more.
Among the released information, the “leaks,” is key information regarding weapon design, more efficient fusion reactions and the ability to cover up nuclear terrorism through systematic disinformation campaigns through Hollywood that utterly misrepresent the endless capabilities and flexibility of nuclear demolitions.

There are also reports of weather manipulation, two hurricanes, which helped dispel radiation that would have wiped out half of New York instead of simply killing the thousands who have died “mysteriously” of “toxic pixie dust” so far and the 70,000 reported by the New York Daily News as having cancers any idiot knows are radiation sickness.

Again, with weather manipulation, we enter a new ground. VT has published on weather manipulation on several occasions, successfully predicting impossible storm behavior. We have seen typhoons blocked and hurricanes created and in one instance, the use of an energy weapon to stop a storm blasting a hole 30km into the earth’s surface causing a quake and nearly a tsunami. We will begin publishing these documents too if we have to.
This is no accident. Nuclear weapons are now the “go to” choice for terrorism and, as we had discovered long ago, there is no such thing as a multi-national terror organization that isn’t controlled by multiple national players using it to advance a globalist agenda.

Anyone who conceives of something else is dangerously deluded and teaching military, political and intelligence leaders how to deal with this threat is my corporate “day job.”

All of this is lied about, how weapons work, the effects, how they are considered and how many of them, virtually hundreds, have fallen into real terrorist hands, governments including the rogue elements of dozens of governments loosely or “not so loosely” controlled under the successors the SSG (Secret Shadow Government) has chosen to carry the mantle of its Gladio operations.

Inexorable proof of nuclear demolition was always there and never questioned simply ignored
Inexorable proof of nuclear demolition was always there and never questioned simply ignored

Nuclear terror attacks are being planned today. We will see them in the United States. We have seen them before. No doctor will every diagnose nuclear weapons radiation poisoning. When Dr. Chris Busby did so in Iraq, his reports simply vanished from every place but VT.

If necessary, we will bombard the public with evidence until something happens. We have anything and everything. Funny how you can do something that should matter so much and watch it touch no one. What we will do, at least, is end the blithering in the counter-terrorist communities and the various activist and truth movements.

My text ends here. An apology to those whose work is included who shun publicity or are included through quotations in reports that have footnotes omitted. This is unintentional and unavoidable.

Always known to be seismic waves created by nuclear demolition
Always known to be seismic waves created by nuclear demolition

Aerial photographs seem to bear out his supposition because “upwellings” of steam were pouring out of street gratings two and three blocks south of the WTC. As he commented about them:

Support for alternative nuclear weapon placement hypothesis, not "alternative" nuclear and not "sniffer dust"
Support for alternative nuclear weapon placement hypothesis, not “alternative” nuclear and not “sniffer dust”

Seismologists point out that Richter readings always come from Earth’s movements or explosives coupled to the ground, not from plane impacts on buildings or falling debris. Earthquakes rumble up to a climax and then decrease, but a sudden spike denotes a ground-planted explosive device.

A look at charts in the endnotes from the Palisades station across the Hudson River shows sharp spikes of short duration, a hallmark for detecting any underground explosions whether from nearby quarry blasts or faraway nuclear testing.

“These upwellings are some distance from the WTC itself. Assuming there was an extensive underground facility or small city under Manhattan, there would have been a certain number of air vents and other exits to the surface. …[T]he force of the [nuclear] blast would have also been channelled through the underground corridors and hollow spaces, forcing dust and debris up into the atmosphere through these exits.”

Radioactive fallout found by the U.S. Geological Survey in samples from 35 sites surrounding the WTC for nearly a mile. Other signs were the speed of the Towers disintegrations (8 to 10 seconds), the shock and blast waves, the pyroclastic main cloud, base-surges of street-level dust clouds, electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), upwellings of clouds from street gratings blocks away, the 2,800ºF heat under the WTC debris, and, possibly, the giveaway light-blue Cerenkov Radiation when the debris “pile” was cleared in mid-March.

Add to all these signs, the molten metal in the footprints of WTC 1, 2, and 7 that for three months could not be extinguished by water or daily soil changes as it consumed concrete, steel, glass, office combustibles. The increasing incidence of radiation-only cancers from residents is another tell-tale sign of a nuclear “event.”

Possibilities for Peaceful … by gpduf


“We tend to look for a shattering explosive because we want to instantaneously remove the structural integrity of whatever we’re working on. So we would opt for nitroglycerin or NG-based dynamite. With a steel structure, we use something called a linear-shaped charge that concentrates the force of a high explosive called RDX. For example, it took 80 pounds of shaped charge to bring down two New York gas tanks built with 5 million pounds of steel.”

The nine-story WTC 5 suffered two gigantic holes that went straight through to the bottom-level basement. The hole in the eight-story WTC was 100 feet in diameter—and also dropped to the bottom basement. The nine-story WTC 4’s south wing was cleanly separated from the north wing which was flattened.
Under the demolished wing was an equally large crater three stories deep. All the holes were strong indicators that explosions did hollow out basements for rubble. The slim 22-story WTC 3 (the Marriott hotel) had no holes, but WTC 2’s falling debris carved a “V” from roof to the third floor.

“If the zinc was indeed a fission product, the device that produced it must have been specifically engineered to produce it: This device then produced mostly neutrons and enhanced radiation fallout with a relatively small blast in comparison with the mass of fissile material present.  “We may well be looking at the signature of a very “advanced” nuclear device carefully set up to produce maximum radiation.

Seismic evidence and witness statements indicate that high-yield explosives were used in basements of all buildings except the Marriott that morning to clear space for their remains. The Towers’ detonation and impact times were seconds apart, as Richter-scale data in the endnotes show.

Basement Levels 1-6 to Floor 30 with doors blown off hinges, and two fire-blackened people dying in that lobby. It is difficult to believe that a hit between the 94th-98th floors was responsible for that kind of damage to the lobby unless the aircraft had dropped a bomb into elevator shafts.

“There was elevator doors ajar. There were elevator doors missing. I could see an elevator car twisted in the shaft….there was a bunch of rubble on the floor…about three feet high in the middle. The ceiling wasn’t charred. So I had thought the floor blew up….I came to learn that that was bodies. We had to climb over and around this pile.”

50-ton exterior column beams flung upward from Towers basements to pierce buildings such as the Deutsche Bank across from WTC 2 (15th floor), the American Express (17th-19th) and Verizon buildings across from WTC 1’s two sides. Timing between aircraft impacts and explosions had to be of the split-second variety to conceal basement detonations in the three skyscrapers. Seismographic data from the Palisade station across the Hudson River shows that seemed to have happened.

The six spikes—five that morning, one that afternoon—were startling and revealing. The temblors ranged from a magnitude of 0.7 to 2.3. Those listed as “unknown events” may have been explosions at WTC 4, 5, and 6. The times, events, and Richter-scale readings—including those for WTC 7—were:

Palisade Event Richter
Time Time Event Reading
8:46:26 am 8:45-46 am WTC 1 hit 0.9
9:02:54 am 9:03 am WTC 2 hit 0.7
9:59:04 am 9:59 am WTC 2 destroyed
[WTC 7 explosion?]2.1
10:28:31 am 10:28 am WTC 1 destroyed 2.3
11:15:04 am Unknown Near 1.0*
5:20:33 pm 5:20 pm WTC 7 collapse Near 2.3*
One Palisades seismologist interpreted the low readings on the first two aircraft impacts against the Towers:

“Since the main collapses, a major concern has been if strong shaking affected the structural stability of nearby buildings. [But] earthquakes of ML 2.3 are not known to cause any structural damage in buildings….”
It is well known in seismology that Impact Sources produce Low Frequency Waves while Explosive Sources produce High Frequency Waves. The Seismic Waves produced during the WTC collapse were High Frequency Waves—again indicating that they could not have been produced by the impact of rubble on the surface, but rather by an impulsive explosive source.”

Using the Towers’ central steel cores as a “chimney” for vaporizing them within 8 and 10 seconds.

“…exploded violently and ejected pulverised concrete and rubble in all directions, followed by a pyroclastic flow of hot dust following the same pattern as the base surge of an underground nuclear explosion…. [An estimated 90,000 [tones of concrete in each tower was literally pulverised into dust, sand or grit-sized particles—an absolutely unprecedented event.
“This indicates that the forces on the concrete were so high, they exceeded its tensile strength…. by a factor of 300 or more…. and literally tore it apart.”

In other words, the nuclear “event” began by the violent upward thrust of the nuclear blast 150 feet per second. Its white-hot heat shot upward vaporizing the Towers’ interiors of concrete, steel, glass, combustibles—and people—into dust.
Blowing to the top and out into the atmosphere, the tremendous energy flung its steaming load of vaporized materials skyward to become multi-colored pyroclastic clouds of dust and radioactive fuel. But the eruption’s energy, like volcanic lava and pyroclastic flows, sped downward vaporizing the buildings’ exteriors. Only mountains of flying paper and corroded aluminum cladding escaped.

Then, a natural phenomenon burst on the apocalyptic scene. A pair of hurricanes 300 miles off in the Atlantic Ocean—Erin (Class 3) boosted from the south by Gabrielle (tropical depression)—acted as vacuum cleaners to inhale the dust-packed clouds and exhale them off Greenland. It was a coincidence almost too extraordinary to be believed by some. They believe that weather manipulation has been achieved by the U.S. military.

Military-directed hurricanes or not, the explosive events happening in Lower Manhattan made Erin’s Class 3 status largely unknown except for those in its path off East Bermuda and crews from the National Hurricane Center.

Erin lingered only for 9/11 and then was buffeted east by the cool, cleansing winds from Canada and Gabrielle’s swift push north from the Gulf and Florida. The two storms thus prevented air stagnation over New York City that could have exposed millions to radiation. The scale of a subsequent cancer epidemic would have left no doubt about nuclear devices destroying the Center.
Fallout (Uranium, Strontium, Barium, Zinc, and More) Detected by USGS
Measurements of chemical and mineralogical elements in dust samples gathered in and around Ground Zero were initiated by the U.S. Geological Survey six days after 9/11. Its airborne team photographed the thermal hotspots. Both missions used state-of-the-art equipment and agency facilities.

The ground team gathered samples during the evenings of September 17-18 from 35 sites in Lower Manhattan within a mile of the WTC’s circumference. Two were indoors samples, two from beams. Samples were taken from undisturbed places: window ledges, windshields, flower pots, and protected areas in entryways and stairs. Indoor samples came from a gymnasium and a 30th floor apartment. Tests revealed 42 elements.
Though a September 14 downpour might have had mitigating effects on ground-sample results, USGS researchers also mixed water with some particles for a second test (leaching). Aerial images revealed the expected high level of asbestos, but the agency’s report on both analyses was artfully crafted apparently not to alarm the public about nuclear evidence. It said that ground dust

“…although quite variable, reflects the chemical contributions of materials used in building construction or found in buildings, such as glass fibers, concrete, gypsum wallboard, steel girders, wiring, ductwork, electronics, computers, paper, and many others.
“The mean concentrations of some heavy metals in the WTC dust samples (such as antimony, molybdenum, zinc, copper, lead, chromium, manganese, nickel, and barium) are relatively high compared to their mean concentrations in natural soils from the eastern United States.”

The particles of barium, zinc, and lead, elements that never should have turned up in Lower Manhattan, caught the instant attention of those who were knowledgeable about fallout.

The elevated levels of nuclear particles omitted in the news release, but recorded in those tables: Uranium and its deadly offspring of strontium, barium, and zinc. Massive levels were found of strontium: 3,130 ppms as a maximum; 378 ppms as a minimum; and 726.61 ppms as the mean. In leaching tests, strontium’s minimum was a 561 ppms; the maximum, a staggering 1,690 ppms; a mean of 1,083.10 ppms. Other elements the USGS found were significantly rare for the area.

The location with the greatest concentration of nuclear pollutants, according to the data, was the southeast corner of Water Street and Coenties Slip, near the Brooklyn Bridge. It had the greatest levels of zinc (2,990 ppms) and the second highest levels of both strontium (1,000 ppms), and barium (765 ppms). The center for the highest levels of strontium (3,130 ppms) and barium (3,670) was at the intersection of Broadway and Dey, a block from the WTC’s eastern side. Even if those elements had been found in minuscule quantities, renown radiation experts such as Dr. John W. Gofman have warned for years:
The USGS’s 33 outdoor samples do indicate irrefutable signs of nuclear materials:
Barium and strontium are banned in construction materials because of toxicity. One construction expert wrote:

“Indeed, any building with these concentrations of the highly toxic (and in this case radioactive) elements Strontium and Barium in its structure could never have been built because the construction crew would have become seriously ill first.
“….The only explanation that is possible—and indeed the scientifically inescapable conclusion—is that a large-scale fission chain reaction took place in the locality, releasing Strontium, Barium and many other radionucleides into the environment as daughter products of Uranium fission….The presence of large quantities of other well-known daughter products in correlated quantities makes the case overwhelming, beyond any shadow of a doubt whatsoever that a nuclear explosion occurred.
“The complexity of the other relationships are also what we would expect from a high-energy nuclear explosion rather than the low-energy fission in a controlled reactor. Fission did not stop with two fission fragments—many of these were fissioned in turn into smaller atoms by the intense concentrated neutron radiation in and underneath the building[s].”

The presence of high levels of vanadium, a radioactive decay product. An expert in aerosols and atmospheric sciences, Dr. Thomas Cahill of the University of California, also had studied the USGS report and pronounced the vanadium level the highest ever seen in the U.S. So were the high levels of nickel and chromium, both decay products.

During WTC cleanup. Beginning on October 3, vanadium levels increased day by day until October 26 when it was joined by a significant spike in chromium and nickel levels.
Shock and Blast Waves fissionable energy is triggered into a chain-reaction. It is followed a nano-second later by a blast wave’s shock “front” of compressed air shutting out sound, and silently “blasting” everything in its path. As it strikes the ground, the super-heated wave roars along, flattening people and objects until its force is expended. It also can rupture and ignite gas and storage tanks.

Traveling directly behind it, however, the blast wave extinguishes fires just as candlelight does when someone blows it out. Unfortunately, by then, the damage is done. If vehicles are parked close together—as they were in WTC garages and the neighborhood—one ruptured gas tank or gas leake on the ground can set off a chain-reaction of fires. That seems to have happened even to fire trucks and ambulances despite valiant efforts made by dozens of firefighting companies to extinguish them.

The Street-Level ‘Base-Surge’ Clouds

Another sign of an underground nuclear explosion is a “base-surge” cloud that also travels along the ground. The dust contained in it on 9/11 was too cool and heavy to rise to thousands of feet and accompany the lighter and hot (500º-1,500º F) “pyroclastic” main cloud.

The heavy “ejecta” from the fuel eruption falls to Earth and, still full of energy, is transformed into a dirt-and-air-filled cloud. It billows rapidly outward. On 9/11, the base surge carried particles of concrete, steel, office combustibles, asbestos, human remains, ash—and the radioactive materials revealed by USGS spectrometers.

Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs)

Another signature of a reactor “event” is an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Basically, in a nuclear bomb explosion, a side-effect is created by radiation that is ionizing. The particles’ tremendous energy sets electrons spinning at such a strong rate that it “shorts out” anything operating off a circuit such as computers, power lines, appliances, telephones/cell phones—

even Pacemakers. EMPs are a major concern for the military’s sophisticated communication systems as much as they were for First Responders on 9/11. They depended heavily on Handy-Talkies, especially for evacuation orders that were never heard by firefighters who died on the Towers’ upper floors.

Initially, the Handy Talky manufacturer Motorola was singled out for blame, but when the New York fire department’s WTC task-force interviewers made a point of asking Responders about that product, their statements indicated that blame probably should fall on EMPs:

“I proceeded to give Maydays on every channel. I had the mobile radio so I had every channel. I heard absolutely nothing. It was completely dead. … the silence, the eeriness of having no mobile communication with anything made me feel a little uneasy.”
“People were sharing cell phones to see if they could call. There were no signals. Nothing else like that.”
“I had a Motorola radio. I couldn’t get through to anybody….I was on EMS Citywide and I don’t know if my radio was clogged or the batteries [were at fault]. It could have been a hundred different things.”
There is eyewitness testimony saying the power to WTC 2 went off a second or two before WTC 2 began to come apart. I believe this is true and that it was done to isolate the WTC Towers from the power grid. Otherwise, they may have knocked out the power grid over a very large (multi-state) area. We can remember when a power surge knocked out the power grid for New York City and much of the northeast. So, I can’t imagine that a total destruction of a WTC tower in 10 seconds would not cause a problem.”

Extreme Heat in Ground Zero Cleanup
Another prime piece of evidence underpinning the nuclear theory is the extraordinary high temperatures (800-1,300º F) of the WTC’s surface heat after 9/11. It was recorded on September 16, 2001 by NASA’s thermal-sensitive cameras in aerial photographs shot at 6,500 feet.

Those data were reflected in the unusually lengthy period—September 11 to December 19—it took for extinguishing the pools of molten metals in basement levels of all three skyscrapers. In fact, the hottest surface places recorded on the “Pile” by September 16 were WTC 1 (1,376º F), WTC 2 (1,1340º F), and WTC 7 (1160ºF).

If those temperatures did not indicate additional signs of a nuclear event, the below-surface readings assuredly did. Instead of heat subsiding within a week, as is generally the case for major fires, the astronomically elevated heat levels remained for three months. Cleanup vendor Bechtel Corporation—with 40 employees at the Pile—issued this comment about working conditions:

“The debris pile at Ground Zero was always tremendously hot. Thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400ºF to more than 2,800ºF. The surface was so hot that standing too long in one spot softened (and even melted) the soles of our safety shoes. Steel toes would often heat up and become intolerable. This heat was also a concern for the search-and-rescue dogs used at the site. Many were not outfitted with protective booties. More than one suffered serious injuries and at least three died while working at Ground Zero.”
“… the rubble pile was so hot in places that it melted the soles of boots. Work shoes with steel reinforcements in the soles and toes protected feet against punctures by sharp objects, but often could not be worn because they conducted and retained the heat, causing blistered or scorched feet. One special-operations member said, “Steel toes never break in. We’d all be sitting there at night bandaging up and everybody had the same blisters. It was related to wearing the steel toe for that duration”.

In two of the chief reactor accidents in history, that 2800ºF temperature was never attained. Windscale was 2,372ºF; Three-Mile Island was 2,012ºF. True, Chernobyl registered 4,172º F, but 14 days later dropped to 598ºF. The same rapid decline was reported for the other two other reactor disasters.

At the WTC, thermal energy vaporized the rubble—concrete, steel, glass, combustibles—and emitted aerosols of chromium, nickel and other metals elements directly related to radioactivity. It was those “volcanic temperatures” and the constant simmering pools of molten metal that could not be hidden from the public.

Neither could daily changes of soil, nor hosing down the embers. These are well-known remedies for extinguishing fission’s chain reactions until their energy is expended and decay begins.

Ttrucks bearing rubble to New York City’s Fresh Kills dump did notcarry “hot” residue. Like downtown streets, trucks were hosed down before leaving Ground Zero. The city’s WTC information website explained that the purpose was to reduce “dust” from construction materials, especially asbestos.

Others believe the hosing was done chiefly to decontaminate radioactive rubble and soil loads. Some kind of chain reaction was ongoing at WTC “even after the energy field [was] removed.”

“The thermal energy available from the fuel on board each aircraft is minuscule in comparison with that required to melt the steel columns and raise the temperature of the rubble to the temperatures of 1000K [1,832ºF] recorded by the AVIRIS infra-red system at the surface, let alone the underground temperatures that were vapourising glass.

‘Cerenkov Radiation’
A highly visible signature of neutron fission is “Cerenkov Radiation” or “Cherenkov Light,” When escaping radiation particles—gamma rays—meet the atmosphere, they send up an eerie light-blue light ray nearly to outer space. The color stems from gamma particles moving more rapidly than the speed of light.

At Chernobyl, the chief mechanical engineer for Reactor No. 4 recalls the hypnotic power of Cerenkov Radiation. Minutes after the steam blew off the 2,000-ton concrete cover from the reactor, he stood for a few seconds in the road watching the death-dealing gamma rays rising from it:

“…I could see a huge beam of projected light flooding up to infinity from the reactor. It was like a laser light, caused by the [radiation] ionisation of the air. It was light-bluish and it was very beautiful. I watched it for several seconds. If I’d stood there for just a few minutes, I would probably have died on the spot because of gamma rays and neutrons and everything else that was spewing out.”

The blue glow at that Soviet complex remained for two weeks until core fissioning ended and decay of nuclear remains began.

If the exposed core in the Chernobyl accident could emit it, so could the Towers. When much of the debris field was cleared away by mid-March, a light concrete cover was poured over the WTC 1 and 2 sites. The city then placed two banks of 44 light blue spotlights atop them as a “Tribute in Light” memorial to the Towers.

Lights were switched on at dusk until 11 p.m. from March 11 to April 13, 2002. This would only be temporary, the lights were extinguished almost a month later and trucked off to a Las Vegas warehouse.

In order to cover up the blue light that would otherwise attract attention two light projectors were set up with the cover story of being a “Light Memorial”. They were used to shine up into the sky in the same place as the Cerenkov Radiation being emitted by ground zero. This was done in order mask it or at least provide a cover story to explain it.

Perhaps it was an unrelated factor, but when Silverstein rebuilt WTC 7, one of its features was a seven-story, permanent “podium light wall” at its base. The wall has a seven-story ray of light that follows pedestrians walking past two sides of the building. Its color? Light-blue.

Radiation-Related Cancer Increasing

Those base-surge clouds were deadly because the toxic dust penetrated bodies. So were the pyroclastic clouds that were not spirited away by Hurricanes Erin and Gabrielle their radioactive residue had to have settled for miles beyond the Greater New York area. What certainly is known is that millions have become affected physically either on 9/11 or in its aftermath—firefighters, rescue/recovery workers, residents, commuters—according to New York City’s health commissioner.

Respiratory and lung ailments from Ground-Zero cleanup have received the most medical and media attention because of sheer numbers (22,416 in 2003 alone). Add to those figures the class-action suit of 8,500 recovery workers against New York City and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for lying about clean-air quality post-9/11 perhaps to protect the area’s economy. Like the 2,400 Pennsylvania families suing state and federal agencies concerning the Three Mile Island tragedy, they, too, face official denials about radiation deaths and ailments.

Some 400 of the WTC litigants have developed cancer, considered highly significant by oncologists because of their relatively young ages and general good health prior to 9/11. Thirty-three died of cancer by 2006. Most foreboding of all, 75 of them have developed blood-cell cancers that could only be linked to radiation: non-Hodgkins lymphoma, multiple myeloma, thyroid cancer and myelogenous leukemia.

Today, the unexpected, rapid growth of cases strongly indicates to health professionals that cancer may be the “third wave” of WTC-linked ailments and soon outnumber pulmonary deaths. Physicians increasingly are making comparisons to Hiroshima/Nagasaki blood cancers from the 1945 atom bomb attack and that same connection to victims of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.
Bonus document to be used by those who investigate Dimonia and childish “nuclear ambiguity.”

A useful rule of thumb for gauging the proliferation of any given reactor is that 1 Megawatt-day (thermal energy release, not electricity output) of operation produces 1 gram of Plutonium in any reactor using 20% or lower Enriched Uranium.
The number of nuclear weapons Israel produced depends on how much Plutonium has been produced at Dimona. The credibility of Vanunu‘s statement is essential in trying to assess Israel‘s nuclear capability.
According to Mordechai Vanunu the Nuclear Reactor at Dimona was scaled up twice, the first was from 26 MW(t) to 70 MW(t), and the second just before he arrived at the facility was from 70 MW(t) to some higher level which produced 40 kg of Plutonium every year. This study assumes that the Dimona Reactor was operated at 150 MW(t) by 1977, which would result in producing 40 kg of Plutonium per year.
From this the maximum and minimum yearly output of weapons-grade Plutonium fuel can be estimated, and the number of Plutonium based nuclear weapons that can be produced. (see Appendix).
This is shown in the next chart in three stages:
> First being that Dimona operated at a capacity of 26 MWt from 1963 until end of 1969, then from 1970 up to 1976 it operated at the upgraded capacity of 70 MWt.
>Total Plutonium produced if the reactor was operating 60% of the time is 147 kg.
> Total Plutonium produced if the reactor was operating 90% of the time is 224 kg.
Second: Dimona continues to operate at Capacity of 70 Mega Waat from 1976 until 2008 i.e. no upgrade up to 150 MWt.
Total Plutonium produced if the reactor was operating 60% of the time is 627 kg.
Total Plutonium produced if the reactor was operating 90% of the time is 960 kg.
Third : Dimona operates at Capacity of 150 MWt from 1976 until 2008, according to Mordecai Vanunu.
– Total Plutonium produced if the reactor was operating 60% of the time is 1203 kg.
– Total Plutonium produced if the reactor was operating 90% of the time is 1791 kg.



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  1. what i read in afternoon in my mind is not what i read in the fresher air of the morning, mind’s duality, VT being consistently good and best, pin tail on donkey, the cia formula warfare/mind-body control gas to do it, gets old.

  2. I never had any doubts about the big event until my wife said to me “Do you think the P & VP did it? My reply was: “No, of course not!!! Why would they when they had everything going their way??? Then I went to a demonstration in DC against the gathering zeitgeist of war. While marching down some avenue with the crowd, I saw a woman with a big sign on a picture of Pentagon that said “Where’s The Wreckage? From that suspicion grew my quest to find out what really happened with our newly acquired Apple computer. And it was around that time I made my home page which did not then or ever to this day come right out and say nine 11 was a false flag. I was still up every night till 1 or 2 in the morning lookin tirelessly for any and everything that could either reinforce the official legend or could debunk it as I now feel has been done by so many.

  3. In 20 years no meaningful progress has been made to securing justice for this world-changing event via the appropriate established pathways, even though damning evidence has come to light.

    Is it possible to set the cat amongst the pigeons by the right people who initiate a legal suit against – decision makers of the time in the US; all who stood to benefit; people who allowed others to be repatriated out of the US in subsequent days, Israel & their agencies; obfuscating media; people who cleared a crime scene & disposed of evidence etc… Many of the important names seem to be common knowledge. Surely many have to answer for this, apart from the box-cutter wielding patsies.

    I’m sure all patriots and grieving families, if not the entire planet would like some appropriate closure, which would also de-legitimize all subsequent events conducted in its name.

    Keep up the good work VT

  4. EXELLENT ! The Cherenkov light is the most telling smoking gun (literally) proof, and the long lasting fusion level underground temperatures.

  5. Bin Ladin did 9/11 “We all know that” because we were told so by our President G.W.Bush & V.P. Cheney et al.
    After lying to us all repeatedly a dumbed down American Public believed the AMAZING official lies.
    Consortium News stood out with it’s award winning EDITOR Robert Parry SHAMELESSLY going out of its way to push the official nonsense & highly insulted ALL contrary opinions.
    Blatant lies were told to the public by President Bush such as ” no one could have imagined having a plane crash into a high rise building etc etc”.

  6. This link should be sent to every town supervisor and building and zoning office.
    In the muddy waters of “conspiracy theories” 9/11 stands very far apart from what public consciousness now considers conspiracy theories.
    It was not just a heinous day, but also the most destructive magic trick ever. I call it a magic trick, because people can watch over and over, and still not see that what they are being told is quite impossible even though several points made here, can actually stand alone in disproving the narrative. Until this is dealt with, it can happen again on any given day.

  7. Gordon, I think VT is the only site open for public comments, that allows “freedom of speech”.
    The 911 event was the largest criminal event, in my time of seventy years as a US born citizen and former Sergeant (E-5) in US Army. I do believe it was a nuclear event, but regardless how they were brought down, it was a demolition, with pre-installed explosives. I wish more time was spent on publishing the criminals that planned the treasonous crime. I did read “A Project for a New American Century” and would immediately hang all of those present. My biggest fear, is they will all continue their lavish, and respected lifestyles, and keep ever award and metal ever given. This will prove to our countries leaders, “Crime Pays.

  8. The Zionist cabal that brought us 9/11 is many-faceted. It certainly includes Israel and Likud, but it also includes dominionists and chosenites in the US government and the military. They have total control of the MSM which is why they were able to promote the “official” narrative of those attacks, that the perps were Osama bin Laden and his merry band of 19 Arabs. If you remember, this narrative came about within hours of the attacks, way before any evidence-based investigation could possibly have been done.

    All the wars of this century were planned in detail way before 9/11, as was the odious USA Patriot Act. That’s why we’ll never end these wars, as all of them are based on phony pretexts and lies. Every American president, including Biden and Trump, has had to dance around this awful truth.

    • Trying to comprehend the scale and enormity of the level of socio-politico-economic power required to pull off 9/11, boggles the mind.
      How can that kind of power have ever been consolidated by fragile, and mortal, man?
      I think he had a little help from the BEAST.

    • And by “pull it off,” I mean the total package of lies that still stand for the generally accepted 9/11 narrative.

  9. “On two occasions, the US Cyber Command and Intelligence School took down VT with illegal hacking.”

    “On one occasion, Colonel Jim Hanke had direct words with the base commander.”

    “NEO has been down for at least two weeks, after Gordon Duff published an article which was deemed a threat to rogue elements of the Pentagon hierarchy.”

    “President Biden ordered an investigation (Mr Biden asked US intelligence groups to “redouble their efforts” and report to him within 90 days.), which is to a degree predicated on this article alone.”

    -VT re-dumps VT-Nuclear-Education material related to 9/11, Tianjin and other subjects.
    It seems the going is getting tough

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