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[ Editor’s Note: This seems to be a “Trump-like muff” by Biden, calling for a redoubling of US efforts to find China responsible for the virus. What makes it bad for Biden is that he does not need to cover his butt like Trump for the abysmal non-effort he made in not dealing with Covid-19 at the time.

The make-believe former President entered the presidential history book with Kung Flu, UV light enemas, and taking shots of bleach to kill Covid.

Trump was all in on the fear of anything that would hurt the economy and endanger his being re-elected, and hence increase his chances of losing presidential immunity where the prosecutors could begin tearing down his fake empire.

As for Covid investigations, VT never got a call from anyone wanting to know anything, nor was our work challenged by anyone with a reputation to lose. To date there still is no coverage of the US participation in Wuhan Army games during the month before the pandemic outbreak, where local coverage had the US coming in near the bottom, which could account for the blackout here.

If Biden wanted to play the great historic president, he could have called for an international commission to investigate ALL bioweapons lab work performed over the last 20 years, to see if a new treaty is needed.

The path he has taken has the appearance of exploiting the pandemic to create more support for his anti-China campaign by building it up as a big threat, when a good case can be made that the NATO warmongers were out of the starting blocks first on wanting to stimulate a new Cold War.

Left out of Biden’s logic is his plan to boost US wages, and cutting Chinese imports where it has a significant lower wage cost basis, which benefits US buyers of China’s parts of finished products.

Take computer chips for example. Sure, Biden can advocate for chips to be made in the US, but that will push prices up causing inflation, which will be passed on to the next president to deal with. We have all seen this game before.

We need to let Biden know that playing a mini-Trump game, by declaring the success of everything that he proposes in advance, is risking his ending up as a Democratic mini-version of Trump.

Remember how during Biden’s vaccine roll out fix, Trump whined about Biden taking credit for “his vaccine”? The scientists later shredded Trump to ribbons on his claim.

The so-called Trump vaccine was the work of TWO decades of US pandemic research to be ready for what all the virologists knew was coming. That and the huge breakthroughs in ultra fast genome sequencing is what gave us the historic vaccine. It was America’s vaccine, but it was in no way a ‘quick trick’ that Trump can claim for himself.

Trump was caught once again stealing the laurels of others. I suggest he always be referred to as the “Former Commander-in-Thief”.

Biden’s challenge will be in not replacing Trump’s version of the ‘forever wars’ with his own version… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … June 01, 2021

China has lambasted a newly-announced probe by the administration of US President Joe Biden whether the deadly coronavirus escaped from a laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, warning that Washington “could meet its Waterloo in this battle.”

China’s Global Times daily made the warning in an article published on Sunday and said the Biden administration was taking a “dangerous stance” by calling for a full investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden ordered US intelligence officials last week to “redouble” their efforts to investigate the pandemic’s beginnings and determine whether it came from a lab accident in Wuhan or emerged from human contact with an infected animal.

He directed US national laboratories to assist with the investigation and the intelligence community to prepare a list of specific queries for the Chinese government. Biden called on US intelligence agencies to report back within 90 days.

The Chinese paper said the investigation by US intelligence officials was entirely political and predicted that the team would likely “produce a slanderous report that is in line with the US’ anti-China campaign.”

The state-owned newspaper called the US government “full of arrogance” for disrespecting a previous report issued by an expert group of the World Health Organization (WHO), which conclude after its mission to Wuhan in late January that the coronavirus outbreak was not likely to have been caused by a leak from the lab in the Chinese city, and that the virus was most probably transmitted to humans from bats via an intermediary animal.

“Washington is too arrogant to realize that its vicious accusations against China have become a political gamble for itself,” the article added. “The US could meet its Waterloo in this battle” by abusing its soft power to an extent that it would lose all credibility.

Virus likely jumped to humans from bats through ‘missing link’ animal: WHO report

An international expert mission to Wuhan says it was very likely that COVID-19 first passed to humans from a bat through an intermediary animal.


The Chinese paper compared the virus probe with US efforts to find Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq and also stressed that the US had placed itself in a “dangerous status.”

The article pointed out that Washington was totally wrong on the issue of WMD in the early 2000s and the invasion of Iraq on that pretext, insisting that US leaders “have lost their credibility at the very beginning of this race.”

“It will be difficult for the US to do what it did 18 years ago when Washington fabricated evidence of Iraq possessing WMDs to fool the international community,” the Chinese daily said.

“So far, the US intelligence agencies can ask only the US media to help spread those rumors anonymously because they do not have any real proof that can be shared with the whole world. This traditional strategy of a frame-up is powerless in today’s environment.”

Meanwhile, Zhao Lijian, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, said last week that Biden was not interested in “serious” scientific origin tracing and did not care about “facts or truth.” Zhao also called on Washington to open up its own labs for investigation.

The theory that the contagion had leaked from the Chinese lab was originally hyped up by, among others, the administration of former US president Donald Trump as part of his hawkish anti-China policies.

Since infecting its first victims in the central Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019, the pandemic has spread to nearly every country across the globe, killing more than 3.4 million people so far.

China also called on the US to give a full clarification on its bio-military activities at home and abroad, a matter of concern shared by Russia and others.


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  1. In terms of anomalies, I would start with the selection process by which the military games were awarded to the city of Wuhan. I am just going on the official press releases, but have noted that the games involve world-class-athletes from the militaries of nations around the world.

    Wuhan is especially noted for the poor quality of its air. That was a major element of the story of why it (the virus) spread so fast – i.e., among a population with compromised heart and lung functions caused by the low quality of the air from industrial pollution.

    No one in their right mind would choose to host such an event at such a problematic venue. You can’t set world records in an environment where the athletes have to breathe in a soup of toxic chemicals.

    So far all I have seen is the ongoing presumption that the games being at Wuhan was a given, and that someone may have opportunistically used the fact of it to release this virus.

  2. Did the US intentionally bring infected military athletes over in Wuhan, or was it unintentional. Thats a question the CIA commision might look into of course never be public what they find.
    Unintentionally is only cover story the US can give and its hard to believe Trump, Pompeo, perhaps Bolton did not do it intentionally…. not that it matters what people believe when biological warfare hits your neighborhood.
    And were there other ways of spreading it through Wuhan; infected sex workers for example…one Chinese report says a single sex worker at the military games was responsible for 7000 infections …being it a designer bioweapon designed to exponentially increase its infections over a 14 day cycles, it seems very likely that report is true.
    Iran travelers gave 81 countries its first cases….included are Canada, NZ, Belarus…you would think Chinese travelers would be doing it, not Iranian, so this indicates a second “deployment” this one probably intentional for sure, (revenge for Iranian missle attacks on two US bases) and then simply using the Wuhan epidemic as a cover story.
    Biological warfare seems to have surpassed covert nuclear warfare (911 as example) as the most effective means to destroy populations, cities, economies worldwide – its the new normal…keep your masks on you dont know whats coming up next.

  3. The eventual report will stir up a hornest nest and then there will be a call for a Congressional investigation, when they have too much on their plates to do anyway, especially with members on so many committees, where that is designed to give them a bigger funding base. And then the ‘investigations’ give them more media coverage.

    • I don’t know.
      But has any really big scandal in Washington ever been solved, or resolved down to the irrefutable truth? I doubt this will either.
      At least it keeps a lot of people employed.
      No offense intended.

  4. Covid was loose in Europe, the US and, probably, India long before it reached China. Read “Who Had Covid First?” https://johnmenadue.com/who-had-covid-first/

    The CDC found Covid-19 in the US before it was in China, agreeing with findings in Italy, Spain, and France. 
    Tests of archived Red Cross blood samples taken in the US from December 13, 2019, revealed high levels of antibodies nationwide for the virus. 

    “Serologic testing of U.S. blood donations to identify SARS-CoV-2-reactive antibodies: December 2019-January 2020”. Sridhar V Basavaraju, MD, et al. https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciaa1785/6012472

  5. Biden’s commission to investigate the origins of COVID-19 will run into the same brick wall that investigating 9/11 did. It’s a simple fact that the real perps behind this bioweapon will never come clean about it. Gordon informed us in back in March of 2020 that “COVID 19 was first deployed against China, then Italy, then France, then Iran and Spain and then the US as a ‘fund raiser.'” Also, “John Hankey reports that Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.” That makes everything Trump has since said about COVID-19 is a lie. Once again, his based has been conned, but true believers don’t pay attention to evidence or facts.

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