America’s Treasonous Generals: Why there’s reason to fear a military coup against America’s democracy


Raw Story: Back in 2016 when Trump brought former General Michael Flynn onboard his fledgling campaign, most people outside of military and national security circles had no idea who he was. And because very few people took the Trump campaign seriously, I don’t think many cared.

My first clue that we were dealing with a Strangelovian Jack D. Ripper character, however, was when Flynn appeared at the GOP convention and led the crowd in “lock her up” chants about Hillary Clinton.

It was clear: He was afflicted with the right-wing disability called Fox News Brain Rot. So when Trump unexpectedly won his upset that November, one of the most unnerving of his early decisions was to make this unbalanced former general his national security adviser.

I wrote about Flynn several times in 2016, gravely concerned that such a man was being tapped for such a powerful post, noting that he was so far submerged in the right-wing fever swamp that he had practically grown gills:

That was a week after the election. By that time, Dana Priest at the New Yorker had written a hair-raising profile of Flynn’s descent into madness at the Pentagon and everyone knew he’d had some very odd interactions with the Russian and Turkish governments.

Suffice to say that Michael Flynn was nutty from the get-go and the mere fact that he was once the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and then became the White House National Security Adviser should make all Americans question the quality of our national security system overall.  read more…


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  1. As Lindsey Graham said following the 2020 election, “Republicans will never win another election in the USA if they don’t do something about mail-in voting.” What he was really saying is that the traditional methods of suppressing the vote in our major cities aren’t working anymore. Long lines at polling stations don’t happen in the suburbs, only in cities like Detroit, Atlanta, and Phoenix. Mail-in voting overcame that.

    • It’s apparent that many Republicans have given up on the idea of democracy. The only way Trump can hope for a come-back is by a military coup by Dominionists in the US military. That’s why they were out in force on January 6th. That’s why they held back for hours when they were tasked with putting it down. And, ominously, that’s why they stood down on 9/11. Zionism is behind all the wars of this century and will be behind the military coup they all hope for.

  2. They voted to allow the waiver. Enough has been seen. No more waivers to military personnel to place them in cabinet positions. It is not necessary and it is a very bad idea. The people who set the time limit were very smart and thinking of the future.

  3. Dominionism is the notion that the USA should be governed by Christians based on their understandings of biblical law. According to Gordon back in 2011, “their real purpose, one not so public, but one clearly understandable based on what has been seen and proven: Undermine civil authority and overturn the Constitution, creating a theocratic military dictatorship.” It is part of their faith-based belief system that Trump actually “won” the last election, no matter how many votes he got. As Steve Pearce, chairman of the ReTrumplican Party of New Mexico said, “Trump is our president FOREVER and no one can take that away from us.”

    • Don’t blame Christianity. What does love each other like i have loved you with picking up a gun, the complete opposite? Blame the Republicans for their capacity…love of evil. You can bet the satanic dominionists are in league with the Bolsheviks and its blacks & brown that are to be exterminated. Oh and Jews. That’s what rethugliklan has been doin for centuriee in one guise or another.

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