He Did it and Now is Lying About it: Why Michael Flynn is desperately trying to cover up his call for a coup in the US


The second-most revered figure in the QAnon conspiracy firmament called for a military coup in the United States. Again. Retired three-star general and former Trump campaign national security advisor Mike Flynn called for the end of democracy during a question-and-answer session last weekend at a QAnon conference in Dallas.

“I’m a simple Marine,” a grizzled audience member said, “I wanna know why what happened in Minamar (sic) can’t happen here.” The room erupted. Flynn waited for the cheering to subside and said, “No reason. I mean, it should happen here.”

Flynn reportedly called the conference organizers to backtrack. He’s now denying that he said what we all saw him say, but let’s get one thing straight: Mike Flynn is a liar.

Trump fired him for lying to Mike Pence about Russia. He pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, but he lied in his plea deal, so Trump had to pardon him. Now he’s lying about how he called for a military coup in the United States. On video. This is nothing new for Flynn. After the 2020 election, Flynn privately urged then-president Donald Trump to send troops to “re-run” the election, an idea he’d previously floated in the media.

It’s nothing new for QAnon either. QAnon supporters have been cheering on the coup in Myanmar since the military overthrew the democratically elected government in February. The junta has killed over 800 people, including more than 40 children, but QAnon supporters don’t know anything about Myanmar’s internal politics. They just like coups. After Trump’s failed coup attempt on January 6, many of them found it comforting to know a military still could overthrow a democracy somewhere.  read more…



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  1. The pathway to General is not a spiritual journey of enlightenment, it is a guided tour of obedience and willingness to enforce obedience, and to be a master of followers. That is, to be a person who leads followers. A true sheep of sheep. Now, if a general does not like what I am saying they are unaware of what they are doing. If a general agrees then they know and are comfortable and certainly know, their place is not politics.
    Again, the 7 year period is there for a reason. Military officers are not fit for civilian leadership for a long period of time after they get out. This gratuitous love affair with waivers is not a good idea, unless you want fascism. Restore the waiting period and be very very careful with any waivers.

  2. But to tar all..

    most of this gang is way over the hill… few if any will go to jail – a few w house maid arrest and their revolving jets from afar to see a judge / are over..

    there is a bad taste from this.. and their is a new network that will grow and further infect..
    here in the west – looks like bundy and he is on solid ground about assemble and masking demands..

    Bundy is a Danite – not a gaggle of brass and prior high military rank – unelected but i am you power good to kneel !

    Bundy ? little different case ! he spent over a year up in northern Nevada (McDermit) -N2 – John Day Oregon; on dirt roads in the middle of the nite – where the sign that said pay for Ur own rescue past this point! Up against BLM(bum) Agents w machine guns – nite vision – choppers; loading up range cattle for sale in Nebraska… this has been going on out here for over 20 years; BLM claims’ a missing tag and then swipe a million buks in stock ! In the process they destroy the wells and rip out the tank’s – fifty miles from the sign… i hunt up in this region. This is not dial 911 and get rescued.. if U don’t hav a huntin tag m Ur A Poacher who just met the preachers….

    Oath keepers is part of that – they are vilified / which is fine ! Tossing the ring leader will not dissolve the origination…

    need to focus whats coming down the line..

  3. Who knows what any of the Qguys are thinuking but we do know (we hope) what they said. Was it illegal to utter I suppose is the question. Were there “predicate acts” may play into such speech issues. My opinion is that a real insurection ALA Myanmar there needs to be more than a bunch of disgruntled nobodies or former somebodies but active duty police or .military. I am not a Trump supporter. Just a guy that worries that what we are seeing is an attempt to criminalize protest as a riot or insurrection because a few bad actors do bad things that are crimes.
    Like taking a computer or pushing a cop. But to tar all the participants as rioters or insurrectionists is I believe an over reach.

    • Bullshit! These “protestors” stormed the US Capitol on January 6th with the express purpose of stopping the constitutionally mandated congressional joint-session delegated with certifying the state’s electoral votes for the Office of President. They did so at Trump’s behest. There was provable conspiracy; pipe bombs located outside the DNC and RNC headquarters, rioters including police officers from around the country, and an active-duty US Marine officer, among others, wholesale assault on Capitol police officers.

  4. I have forgone the advice to “stay off the internet”. How the hell did Flynn rise to the rank of lieutenant general, and then National Security Advisor? He is demonstrably not very bright.

    • We’re talking about someone who, by virtue of his “presidential” pardon, forfeited permanently his right to invoke 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination, and who, as a retired flag officer receiving a pension from the US government, publicly advocated a coup to overthrow that government.

    • And think, could this be illegal or libalous befote you click “post”. Don’t forget that what you think is neither illegal or libalous. Be careful who you deem what. Better if they have a closet full o skeletons A J Webberman and Michael Canfield who authored Coup De Etat In America were sued for liable by G. GorDdon Litty. They had contended he was involved in the assassination of J F K. The trial dragged on until Litty was asked some questions that left him the choice of lying and thereby purgering himself, or admitting certain things which tended to incriminate him in ways that supported the veracity of the authors.. What did Liddy do? He dropped his complaint, and if I remember correctly, he had to pay the authors legal fees. A great example of how the guilty cannot so easily harras truth telling journalists and researchers. It’s dangerous.

  5. My opinion is that there is a difference between “called for” whatever and broken the law, which should be proved first so it does not become in a witch hunt .

  6. Just as with the Talmudniks, the QAnon cultists consider lying to “unbelievers” to be just part of their repertoire of dirty tricks. If it advances their nefarious cause it must be a good thing. They found a willing disciple in Mike Flynn who just like Trump lies about everything. I don’t think they even know what a lie is.

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