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Directed Energy Weapons and Electromagnetic Bombs 

(U.S. Air Force)
The nascent technology of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and Electromagnetic Bombs (E-bombs) will revolutionise many aspects of modern warfare. While immature, this technology will permit new offensive and defensive techniques against a wide range of targets. These non-nuclear weapons provide tactical options which did not exist decades ago, when nuclear High-altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse (HEMP) weapons were the principal capability in this domain.

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Microwave Directed Energy Weapon and E-Bomb Topics
Carlo Kopp AOC and IOI: IO/EW/Cyber Operations International Conference Oct 2012 E-Bombs vs. Pervasive Infrastructure Vulnerability
Carlo Kopp Air Power Australia Jan 2012
E-Bomb Frequently Asked Questions
Carlo Kopp
Air Power Australia
May 2008 Ranets E High Power Microwave Directed Energy Weapon
Carlo Kopp RAAF APSC WP15 Jul 1993
A Doctrine for the Use of Electromagnetic Pulse Weapons [PDF]
Carlo Kopp Air & Space Power Chronicles, Maxwell AFB 1996
The Electromagnetic Bomb – a Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction
Russian Translation Part 1,  Part 2
Mirror@GlobalSecurity.org, Mirror@APA
Carlo Kopp InfoWARcon 5 Conf Washington DC Sep 1996
The E-bomb – A Weapon of Electrical Mass Destruction [PDF Slides]
Carlo Kopp RAAF APSC WP50 Jun 1995
An Introduction to the Technical and Operational Aspect of the Electromagnetic Bomb [PDF]
Carlo Kopp
Journal of Electronic Defense Mar 2003
E-Bombs Away! (EC Monitor)
Necati Ertekin
Naval Postgraduate School MEng Thesis
Sep 2008
E-Bomb: The Key Element of the Contemporary Military-Technical Revolution
Robert J. Capozzella, LtCol, USAF
Research Report
Air War College
Feb 2010
High Power Microwaves on the Future Battlefield: Implications for US Defense
Eileen Walling, Col, USAF
Center for Strategy and Technology
Air War College
May 2000
High Power Microwaves: Strategic and Operational Implications for Warfare
Alexander B. Prischepenko 
Popular Mechanics Seminar
Nov 2010
Video (Russian language): 
Electromagnetic Weapons: Myths and Reality
HPM E-Bomb / NCIS LA Episode 3.11 (Dec 2011) Higher Power
Nuclear High-altitude Electro Magnetic Pulse Topics
William Graham et al EMP Commission
Apr 2008
Report of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack
Irving Mindel Defense Nuclear Agency Oct 1977
EMP Awareness Course Notes, 3rd Ed
Philip Dolan
Defense Nuclear Agency
Jul 1978
Capabilities of Nuclear Weapons: Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Phenomena
Conrad Longmire
June 1986
Justification and Verification of High-Altitude EMP Theory
Tesche F.M. et al
Defense Nuclear Agency Feb 1992
Magnetohydrodynamic Electromagnetic Pulse (MHD-EMP) Interaction with Power Transmission And Distribution Systems
Steven Chavin et al
Defense Nuclear Agency
Aug 1979 MHDEMP Code Simulation of Starfish
Barnes P.R. et al Defense Nuclear Agency Sep 1993
MHD-EMP Analysis and Protection
Edward Conrad et al
Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Aug 2010
Collateral Damage to Satellites from an EMP Attack 
Steven McGrath, Capt, USMC Naval Postgraduate School MSc Thesis Mar 1992
The Electromagnetic Pulse Environment and its Influence on Tactical Electronic and Communications Equipment
Ralph Johler
Dec 1966
Electromagnetic Pulse Propagation in the Normal Terrestrial Waveguide Environment
Technical Report
Office of Technology & Standards
June 1988
The Effects of High-altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) on Telecommunications Assets
Kruse V.J. et al
Department of Energy
Apr 1991
Impacts of a Nominal Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse on Electric Power Systems
Kevin Cogan U.S. Army War College Sep 2010
“IN THE DARK” Military Planning for a Catastrophic Critical Infrastructure Event (HEMP/Solar)
Robert Oreskovic, Col, US Army
U.S. Army War College
Mar 2011
Electromagnetic Pulse – a Catastrophic Threat the the Homeland
Thomas Riddle,LtCol, US Army U.S. Army War College May 2004
Nuclear High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse: Implications for Homeland Security and Homeland Defense
Colin Miller
Center for Strategy and Technology
Air War College

Nov 2005
Electromagnetic Pulse Threats in 2010
Vincent Ellis
Harry Diamond Laboratories
Jun 1989
Consumer Electronics Testing to Fast-Rise EMP
Pierce J.R. et al
National Research Council
Aug 1984
Evaluation of Methodologies for Estimating Vulnerability to Electromagnetic Pulse Effects
Antti Pulkkinen
University of Helsinki
Aug 2003
Geomagnetic Induction During Highly Disturbed Space Weather Conditions: Studies of Ground Effects
Carlo Kopp Air Power Australia Jan 2012 Operations Hardtack and Fishbowl High Altitude Test Imagery [HEMP Primer]
Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack
EMPACT America Website

Nuclear E-Bomb Primer

Laser Directed Energy Weapon Topics
Carlo Kopp
Air Power Australia
May 2008 High Energy Laser Directed Energy Weapons
Carlo Kopp
Defence Today
Dec 2008
High Energy Laser air defence weapons [PDF]
Carlo Kopp
Defence Today May 2006 Directed Energy Weapons Part 1 [PDF]
Carlo Kopp
Defence Today Jul 2006
Directed Energy Weapons Part 2 [PDF]
Carlo Kopp
Defence Today Nov 2006
Directed Energy Weapons Part 3 [PDF]
Carlo Kopp
Australian Aviation
Dec 1981
High Energy Laser Weapons

(U.S. Air Force)
ABL (U.S. Air Force)

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The first experiments using an airborne High Energy Laser (HEL) were performed by the US Air Force between 1975 and 1984, using a modified NKC-135A equipped with a carbon dioxide Gas Dynamic Laser (GDL). Despite its limitations the ALL system destroyed several AIM-9 missiles and a BMQ-34A drone (US Air Force).
The development of compact E-bomb warheads, especially using HPM emitters, will permit their integration in a wide range of weapons. To date bombs, cruise missiles and artillery rounds have been proposed for the delivery of such devices. Depicted are some representative non-Western delivery systems and the most likely warhead packaging we can expect to observe (C. Kopp).


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    It seems that it is this microwave weapon like a flying gas factory aboard a modified B747 which was tested in the USA and then during a NATO exercise over Europe, which is the real responsible for the crash of Germanwing 9525 as well as the serious incident of a commercial flight in the USA a few months before.
    Too bad for the corpse of the poor German co-pilot accused of the worst! Our media have always shown themselves ready to be complicit in the worst crimes when it is the honorable power that kills. We will know everything when this affair is “released”, ie when the USA ( and France!) Will regain democracy and freedom of information on big crimes, whoever the perpetrators are!
    Far in a very uncertain future, then, or in a very daring SF novel.

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