State’s Rights Bullshit, it was a Civil War Over Slavery and Stupidity, Just like this One

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For millions who call themselves “Americans,” the shame of a nation, “freedom” is represented by supplication and surrender to bible toting pedophiles, corrupt racist police and TV clowns who decry “science and fact are tyranny.”

For decades now, quelling the tender sensitivities of America’s south required rewriting history to make them look like something other than toothless hillbilly morons during the Civil War.

Revisionists cite bans on the importation of British made tractors, combines and light aircraft used for crop dusting.

Then it was the Rothschild bankers running the North and how the hillbillies were armed to the teeth to prevent the Federal Reserve from sending then to war with Germany as well.


We are seeing it all today, particularly with the attack on the government on January 6.  Hoodathunk the folks who were beating police with flag poles would all have “cop sucker” flags on their lawns?

Let’s get a couple of things out there.  One of the biggest problems in American today involves families where parents have sex with their children.  How many of you out there were sexually abused by parents?

Who does this?

  • Religious sects in the Midwest, generally offshoots of German cults who shun technologies
  • Southern and Western rural families, invariably “Evangelicals” where “Conservative values” are espoused
  • Members of churches where “charismatic” big haired blowhards rant politics and hate
  • Anti-vaxx and science denialists who place themselves and their genitalia beyond the scope of law
  • Those who love the old testament and, with that love, tend to align themselves with Israel
  • Those who consider themselves “born again” or “saved” after a lifetime of debauchery, a new “habit” which they think god will overlook for them…”because they’re special”

This was the exact same rationale that allowed slavery or that pushed millions of ignorant and hateful fake Christians into fighting a war for the “possible privilege” of raping slaves.

There was no struggle for “state’s rights” other than the right to buy and sell humans and work them to death without pay and have sex with their children “in the name of Jehovah.”

For men who grew up in the rural South, sex was generally a subject that involved standing on a wooden box behind a farm animal.  You don’t think things are still that way?

Do remember, Hitler took his laws involving suppression of Jews along with euthanasia and forced sterilization from the State of Virginia.  From the BBC:

Lawmakers in the US state of Virginia have agreed to pay compensation to people who were forcibly sterilised by the authorities decades ago.

Victims will be paid $25,000 (£16,000) following a legal fight by campaigners.

Along with more than 30 other US states, Virginia once operated a sterilisation programme for individuals deemed undesirable or mentally unsound.

More than 8,000 Virginians were operated on between the 1920s and 1970s.

The state’s programme was said to be the model for the Nazi eugenics policies introduced by Adolf Hitler when he aspired to create a master race.

Several countries practised forced sterilisation during the 20th Century, including Sweden, Canada and Japan.

 ‘They took my rights away’

In the US, about 65,000 Americans were sterilised in 33 states.

More than a fifth of those sterilised in Virginia were African Americans.

Two-thirds were women, many of whom went in for other procedures and were unaware of what was happening to them, reports the BBC’s Rajini Vaidyanathan.

In 1927 the US Supreme Court upheld Virginia’s Eugenical Sterilisation Act law. It remained in force until 1979.

Did you read that?  Abortion was banned but forced sterilization, often done as punishment for what was seen in the South as “anti-social behavior” was considered a reason for sterilization or castration.

Do you think sex with white women was high on the list?  I do…and so it goes…

However, our Russian friends, or rather our Kosher Nostra friends at RT want you to believe they are looking out for our toothless buggerers…

For our rural pedo readers, join your commie friends and start a crying bash over your honorable slave fucking heritage:

Southerners were ‘the first victims’ of American imperialism and have been ‘slandered,’ claim the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Southerners were ‘the first victims’ of American imperialism and have been ‘slandered,’ claim the Sons of Confederate Veterans
The Sons of Confederate Veterans rose to prominence after the BLM movement swept the US, seeking to change perceptions of the South and explain why they proudly fly the Confederate flag, even if some think it’s a toxic symbol.

The snap impression of the Sons of Confederate Veterans isn’t a good one. A rudimentary glance at their mainstream media portrayal is far from flattering and their badge proudly features the controversial Confederate flag. Terms that spring to mind are: racist, exclusionary and backward.

So, it was with some surprise when the organization’s Chief of Heritage Operations, Walter D. Kennedy presented what he says are a rather different set of values. He, like all members of the SCV, has a direct lineage to a soldier or member of the political establishment of the confederate states. They claim to have African American, Native American, Hispanic America and Polynesian American members. Kennedy’s great-grandfather fought in the War for Southern Independence, which is what the SVC call the American Civil War of 1861 to 1865.

Speaking to Kennedy said: “A Yankee is someone who sits upon his stool, points his finger and says you ought to do things the way we say it needs to be done. ‘Ugly American’ is an old term that used to be applied to Americans who went around the world saying you ought to do things the way we do them back home. That wasn’t Southerners saying that, it was a bunch of damn Yankees. He is at pains to differentiate between Southerners and ‘Yankees.’ ‘Yankees’ are not all Northerners, but ones, he claims, who hold particular opinions.

“That’s the attitude they’ve had from the inception of this country. After 1865 our side has lost its voice, we are a defeated, conquered and occupied people.

“I don’t say they have guns running around forcing us, but our heritage is on the back burner and if it’s used at all, it’s used to insult, to show the South as ignorant, racist, mean, backward, cruel, and it makes good movie fodder but it’s not reality.”

The SCV have become more prominent over the last year in the wake of George Floyd’s killing and the Black Lives Matter movement.

They have been part of the debate over removing Confederate monuments and statues, something they do not disagree with, if the local community wants to see these relocated.

They’re currently involved in exhuming the body of Confederate Army general Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife, as the city of Memphis no longer wants the graves to be located where they are.  Controversially, Forrest was a Ku Klux Klan member and on Wikipedia it claims he was the Grand Wizard.

Kennedy disagrees: “He was not the Grand Wizard; he was a member of the original Klan, but they have absolutely nothing to do with the Klan of the 20th and 21st Century. 

“The organization he was part of was a guerrilla movement to get rid of Yankees, carpetbaggers and scallywags who came down South to continue plundering the South after we were defeated.

“We condemn and condemn strongly the KKK of today and all racist activity.

“People talk about him being a slave trader, they never seem to come to grips, that the greatest slave traders were in New England, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and even in New York – they were the great slave traders and not the Southerners. 

“It’s somewhat hypocritical to condemn one person but not condemn a whole society of slave traders.”

ALSO ON RT.COMCritics remind Cuomo of the First Amendment after he bans sale of Confederate flag & ‘other hate symbols’ on state propertyThe same logic applies to the Confederate flag. The SCV feel it honors their ancestors who struggled for Southern independence and object to its portrayal as nothing more than a symbol of hatred and racism.

Kennedy said: “The Confederate flag has been slandered but who was saying that but the guys that defeated us. No slave ships of the millions of slaves brought from Africa to the Western hemisphere, none of those slave ships flew a Confederate flag, they did fly Spanish, French, English and United States flags. The Confederate constitution forbid the importation of slaves from Africa or anywhere else other than the slave holding states of the United States. 

“It’s obvious they don’t want our side of the story told because that would embarrass the hell out of those Yankees, if people around the world understood they invaded and conquered our people out of a profit motive.

“The Yankee empire has been going around the world for a profit motive ever since then, it just happens our Confederate states of America were the first victim. 

“The flag is not a symbol of racism. 

“Just because a small number of people misuse an icon doesn’t mean you have to destroy that icon. You condemn the misuse of that emblem; you don’t condemn the emblem.”

Talking to Kennedy, it’s clear he and the SCV feel they are being marginalized. They don’t feel they have anyone looking out for them in positions of authority. In fact, Kennedy compared Southerners in today’s United Sates to the Jews in Nazi Germany.

He said: “We are what is known as a stateless people. If you’re familiar with the Armenians in Turkey, they were stateless, and you see what happens to stateless people. 

“The Jews in Nazi Germany were a stateless people, they did not have a state to protect them and their heritage. We are not suffering anything like they did, the potential is there. Any time you’re dealing with big government potential is there. Once the Nazis took control of Germany, they did not have a state to protect their interests, their rights, their liberties, their property – we Southerners do not either, we have to depend on the Yankees to be gracious to us, as it’s at their volition, not our volition.

“We have no government that will represent our interests and defend our history. We are American, my family is all proud to be part of the United States, we’ve served in the military, the South has bent over backward to prove to the North that we want to be loyal citizens. All we ever asked was that our heritage be respected like their heritage is being respected. For a long time that happened after the war but that is no longer the case.” 

But what of Donald Trump? He is a hero to the Republican base, what does the SCV think of him? And surely George W. Bush, former Governor of Texas was one of their own in The White House?

ALSO ON RT.COM‘Never Forget’ means facing history, not erasing it. If we can’t handle statues, we’re helpless against living, breathing fascistsKennedy said: “The older George Bush is from New England and came to Texas during the oil boom, his kids were raised there but they are pure breed, 100 percent Yankee.

“Bill Clinton was a Southerner from Arkansas, Jimmy Carter was from Georgia, these people are Southerners but not like I am. 

“They would trade in their Southern heritage any time for a fistful of votes in order to promote their political means.

“And with Trump, I said I will hold my nose and vote for that loud-mouthed, arrogant, New York Yankee and I will not be disappointed when he gets in office and he’s a loud-mouth, arrogant New York Yankee.”

The SCV have also taken issue with Nascar, the car racing series, which is extremely popular in the South.

In the wake of BLM, the sport banned the Confederate flag from its events.

So the SCV has flown a ‘Defund Nascar’ banner and a Confederate Flag overhead at races to rally against that move.

It’s all part of what they view as the powerful part of the US painting them as a toxic culture.

Kennedy said: “We feel the narrative has been taken away from us, the truth about the South and why that war was fought. Why our Confederate ancestors were noble heroes and patriots, not traitors and slave beaters.

“Any winner of a war, he writes and enforces history. How would England report the Battle of London if Adolf Hitler and the Nazis had won that war and ruled Great Britain right now? That’s what has happened to the South, our point of view has been excluded. There is no law that says you must exclude the Southern view but everyone in power, money and prestige will not allow our point of view to be exposed, or a very limited exposure. We call it censor by exclusion.”

Part of trying to change that, the SCV have built a $5-million heritage center. It’s on these grounds that Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife will be reburied.

Kennedy also feels the way slavery ended was all wrong – he added: “Nathan Bedford Forrest promoted the idea of black education and black voting rights. You don’t hear about things like that? All you hear was, he was a Grand Wizard. He and many other Confederate officers were in favor of black civil rights, if we had followed their line of reasoning all the problems we see today would be gone, but the country did not.  

“Great Britain ended slavery in the Caribbean by gradual emancipation and compensation for the loss of the slave, the economy was not destroyed and the people there were brought into society a little at a time, That’s how it should have been done, slavery was ended in the worst possible manner in the United States.”

Through all their campaigning and attempts to speak in the media, the SCV hope to promote a comradeship about Southerners. Kennedy stresses that divisions of color are irrelevant.

ALSO ON RT.COMToo capitalistic! Axing Andrew Jackson on $20 bill for abolitionist Harriet Tubman isn’t woke enough for social justice mobHe said: “We don’t see color; we see fellow Southerners. Not only are the Southerners out there my kin, if they happen to be a different color of skin, they are my kith, they are just as worthy and valuable as my blood relatives. We have a common heritage. 

“The South is the poorest region of the United States, but Southerners donate more money to charity per capita than those arrogant, rich New England Yankees – we’re different and we’re proud of that difference.”


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  1. Any way you slice it, the Civil war was fought for money’s sake.
    Of course it didn’t hurt that the high moralizing face of freeing slaves could be put on it.
    And thank God, the black slaves were freed, and allowed to take their place along side all the rest of the white, brown and yellow ones.

  2. P.S. Gordon and Jim:
    You should seriously consider hiring ME as a Writer. As the very least, you would have constant True, Accurate AND Correct information about WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON in the Black Community. You all and your Readers (some who are ALSO looking for accurate, true & correct Info) are SERIOUSLY being intentionally mislead by the RED-party Nocturnal Animals and the BLUE-party Nocturnal Animals (for the reasons stated before)! I believe that I can now Let You In On a Little Secret: Black people do NOT appreciate being directly or indirectly referred to as “monkeys.” “Just Trying to BE Helpful…”
    Now, I must leave to create a List of Black Licensed Professional “Lawyers and Accountants” that apparently the current President has been unaware of that have existed to help Black people and all people in the Last Sixty (60) Years!

  3. And FINALLY, Gordon!
    Black people are Fannie Lou Hamer-like SICK and TIRED and SICK and TIRED of the Nocturnal Animal Republicans and the Nocturnal Animal Democrats! The Nocturnal Animals claim to speak for Black people, but you couldn’t get 50 people that didn’t know them to sit in a room and listen to them – THANK GOODNESS! They are what Malcolm X referred to as “What’s-The-Matter-Boss-We-Sick?”-type of Nocturnal Animals who work ONLY For the respected political parties who signs their checks. They are narcissists who don’t care about Black people, but only for personal fortune, TV fame, & interracial sex.
    Now that the US empire is coming to an end (in 20 years, perhaps?), and White Supremacists are open about wanting the Fascism for the US of the Hitler, Mussolini, & the “Businessmens’ Plot” type, black people have the opportunity to do what’s best FOR US – not what’s best for White Supremacists. White Supremacists’ enemies & the White Supremacist Nations i.e. the surveillance-state ‘Free Nations’), the majority of the time, AREN’T Black people’s enemies! Black people, like most US citizens of good sense, don’t want to fight Chinese or Russians or Iranians or Syrians or Venezuelans or Africans or Palestinians
    I’ve always said (to everyone): Not all White Supremacists are white PEOPLE, and not all white people are white SUPREMACISTS. Malcolm X said that Black people DID need Allies, but ONLY those of the type Dr. John Henrik Clarke described.

  4. Hi Again, Gordon!
    My heroes include Malcolm X, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, John Horse, Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, John Brown and Marcus Garvey. They are NOT pedophile slave owners hypocrites like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, Yet, the White Supremacists want Black people to recognize them as OUR heroes! You know, like “white Jesus.” The last time I voted for a Democrat was in 2008, and I’ve NEVER voted for a Republican. I want to know what a politician is going to do SPECIFICALLY for Black people – just like every other race wants to know what is going to be done specifically for them. Black people have HAD IT with The Black “AND BROWN” coalition, “MINORITIES”, people “OF COLOR.” Black people are put out there as the FACE of “Affirmative Action”, yet we get the smallest benefits, and WHITE WOMEN get the majority of benefits. Black people are put out there as the FACE of welfare, BUT the MAJORITY of welfare goes to Rural White communities. “Percentages” OR “Numbers.” Which ever works best for White Supremacist propaganda.

  5. Hi Again, Gordon!
    I truly understand why Chris Hedges said he came to hate Liberals. BUT, as evil as the last 50 years of the Democratic party has been, it PALES besides the evil of the last 50 years of the Republican party. It’s time to move away from “EVIL.” Black people reject ‘Critical Race Theory’, because it’s a Red Herring to provide a target for White Supremacists to attack us as they promote their “Patriotic History” and continue to leave out Black contributions to creating Civilization. As Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, “Black people don’t want so-called ‘Revisionist History’, but we DO want TRUE and CORRECT history.” But I am here to tell White Supremacists that Black people don’t NEED ‘your approval’ (OR PERMISSION) to teach OUR children OUR history (which started in Ancient Kemet, NOT in ‘1619’). Brown v. Board of Education was NOT about integration; it was TURNED into that by people who meant us no good. It started as our rights to EQUAL education (i.e. dollars and resources).

    • Of all the rich actors that everyone knows cheats on taxes, Wesley Snipes just happened to be VERY publicly tried and jailed for it, with the coincidence being, 1)- He was a strong black lead actor who refused to be emasculated, and, 2) He produced and narrated, John Henrik Clarke’s – A Great and Mighty Walk.

  6. We Black people are the ONLY race in which the Federal government has actually conspired with laws and actions to keep us in a state of servitude or one kind or another. Slavery could have only been maintained with the help of the Five Civilized Tribes, who actually owned and fought in the Civil War to maintain slavery. The reasons that the ‘Treaties’ were ‘broken by the US’ was because they refused to abide by the 1866 Treaty to free and compensate their former black slaves. There is a movement for Black people to abandon BOTH political parties. We realize that we are NOT ‘Americans’ and have never been treated as such – and will never will. We don’t want our children exposed to concepts that ANY child is not mentally ready to process, like sexuality, homosexuality, and trans-sexuality (have you noticed now that the Right-Wing no longer rails against this, AS LONG AS it’s being taught in BLACK schools, and NOT theirs).

  7. Hi, Gordon!
    It’s amazing the BS that comes from the Propagandists and the Willfully Ignorant! “The Civil War was NOT fought over slavery.” “That low-down Red Army had NO reason to exact vengeance on Germany and the Wehrmacht in WW2.” “Michael Shrimpton is a racist even though I’ve referred to Black people as ‘monkeys’ on at least 2 occasions.” “Those NEEE-Grows should just ‘Get Over It’.” ” ‘THE Blacks’ all want Marxism and Communism (even though you couldn’t find 1,000 Black people in the US who have actually READ ‘Das Kapital’, or could even tell you what Marxism IS, just like everyone else).

  8. Grant didn’t turn to treason when slavery was ended but a million armed hillbillies attacked the United States to defend their right to own and screw slaves and for NO other reason. Your version of history doesn’t hold up at all. Let’s drive to Mississippi even now. The issue of punishing tariffs only applied to purchases from Britain, as I point out, tied to trade that didn’t exist. I was sick of teaching this crap to college students 50 years ago when it was apologist crap. You are showing that you as with so many others, are infected with liberal third rate education and fake history.

    Up here…in the North…our cemeteries are filled with the graves of possibly the only Americans to ever fight for their country and for human rights and this continual ass kissing of traitors, which is still going on, is despicable. You want to know about the South, think Selma, Alabama. Think Tulsa. Think Montgomery. Think about Old Miss. Think about lynchings and treason and despair at the hands of the worst of the worst of America.

  9. It’s obvious after Trump’s performance in North Carolina last night that he and most ReTrumplicans have given up on coming back into power by legal means. As Lindsey Graham famously said after the 2020 elections, “Republicans will never win another national election in the USA if we don’t do something about main-in voting.” The hidden message in this statement is that the traditional method by which the vote in major cities is suppressed, providing way too few poling sites causing blocks-long lines, is overwhelmed by mail-in voting.

    • That’s why mostly Southern states are introducing voter-suppression bills that will ultimately be declared illegal by US courts. The South will only rise again by some kind of coup d’etat that will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of a pseudo-Christian theocracy. That seems to be Trump’s only hope at this point.

  10. Thousands of sealed indictments, huh? Lol…who told u that, Q? Lol

    Btw, 2atchin a YouTube video yesterday i saw a map of at least 50 more massacres in impunity like Tulsa. You really are lost.

  11. These dividing lines of Black vs White, etc. are intentionally created by the CIA, U.S. Mainstream Media, etc. as divide and conquer tactics and are not based on factual reality.

    You are extremely disinformed. Maybe you should stick to Russian history, Mihail. We have Nixon’s 2 aides admit that the war on drugs was never about drugs. Roger stone confirmed that. Chip Tatum later reconfirmed it with Daddy Bush’s own words. These hypocrite Southerners going from “jigger, sniggers, jigger” to “tough on crime” was no coincidence.

  12. Your rebuttal is superficial. The Confederacy granted autonomy to the native Americans in exchange for them fighting on their side. And it is true that cotton and lack of proper soil usage during planting required new land for more cotton all the time. It is also true that the south wanted to enslave Latin America and force them to become cotton farmers. At any rate, from the passage of the civil rights and voting rights in the sixties, the south has been fertile ground for skull n bones evil ploy of using the war on drugs to wage war on blacks. All those evil drug warrior republiklans knew that the cia, the Pentagon, the bushes were the real drug cartels. It is a fact that they have used the state to wage terrorism on minorities, to reinstate slavery thru the 13th amendment with the truly wicked supreme court of crap winking and nodding, fully complicity (not just because Rehnquist was in Daddy Bush pocket).
    See, this is the real debate no one wants to have in this country except us black and brown people. The Republicans like bush, asa Hutchinson, Bennett, all the drug warriors need to be held accountable. And they will. No evil critter escapes God’s justice. Hahahaha..SC um BA gs

  13. Would have been better have left to southern states have won the war and splitting up and left them build a separate country

  14. And the reason that he voted for Trump (loud mouth arrogant Yankee) and vowed not to complain is…….. preservation of heritage ?
    It is painfully obvious the movement to quash the vote is not policy related, nor financially related, but the sneaky, cowardly ways of the racist who never admits it, but is constantly proving it. The future of the US and the world for that matter, is full integration. It’s a species behavior and a direct result of invention/travel, and laws of attraction. The human species will have equity. Monarchy, religion and isolationism are archaic notions of elitism that are going through anxiety as they become aware of the impending future without their precious “traditions”. These groups would destroy the planet and our own species.

  15. The only thing that comes to mind after scanning this entire piece, from editorial lead in to final word, is a phrase used recently by someone; “garbage in, garbage out.”
    No offense intended; it is what it is.

    • Don’t be too hard on Gordon for jumping to conclusions about the “South” and about the lumpenproletariat in the good old US of f-ing A. He’s no doubt aware that fully one quarter of Americans think the Sun goes around the Earth. If you don’t believe me, Google it. This fits right in with 50 million Christian Zionists who want to turn the USA into some kind of Zionist theocracy. The First Amendment specifically prohibits that, but that little detail doesn’t keep these folks from trying. May Heaven save us all from the wrath of the dominionists and the chosenites.

    • Pretending the South was nothing but screwing slaves and farm animals is ‘lipstick on a pig.’ Pretending there was more to the South than grits and slavery is a waste of time.

  16. Nice article, Gordon. As they say, – behold the root. It seems to me that some terrible social experiment is being carried out over the United States. Even Putin said at the international economic forum in St. Petersburg today that the United States is likely to repeat the fate of the USSR if things continue this way. But the triggers will be completely different. We are watching them now. And in this article, some of them are reflected. I think this creepy experiment will be worse because the foundations of society, the institution of family, marriage, moral compass, political contradictions are undermined. There are a lot of them.

    • You have to remember, Andy, that Russia is collectivist by nature. The “rugged individualism” that characterizes the USA would be anathema to the Russian character. You also were not invaded and conquered by an expansionist empire that was all about racism, domination, and exploitation like what is now called the USA was, although Lord knows the AngloZionist Empire tried numerous times. You can thank Putin for saving Russia from the Zionist oligarchs and lackeys after the fall of the USSR. Just like Israel has no real borders, so also does the AngloZionist Empire, ever expanding until the rest of the world says no more.

  17. This is the problem of trying to reason with republiklans, since they know that what they’re advocating for is immoral, they’ll just lie to your face like when they say they’re not racist. One of the reeason the north went to war against the
    South was that the Southerners wanted a cotton growing empire from Mexico to chile. It was the headline inthe 1861 richmond times.

  18. The South will rise again, and again, and again… The racist notion that Europeans were destined by God to come to this continent, displace the indigenous, steal their land and resources, and in the case of the former American Confederacy, own them, is built right into our national DNA, Gordon. Manifest Destiny is the fancy word for this, just as Zionism is the fancy word for what the European Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine. This is why US Christian Zionists get along so well with Likud in Palestine. If you don’t believe me, just ask any Native American or any Palestinian.

  19. For what it’s worth, I came across the following last night while reading The Intimate Papers of Colonel [Edward Mandel] House:

    November 7, 1914:… ‘He [President Woodrow Wilson] began to speak of a flexible or fluid constitution in contradistinction to a rigid one. He thought that constitutions changed without the text being altered, and cited our own as an example. At the beginning, he thought, there was no doubt that there was no difference of opinion as to the right of the States to secede. This practically unanimous opinion probably prevailed down to Jackson’s time. Then there began a large sentiment for union which finally culminated in our Civil War, and a complete change of the Constitution without its text being altered. (The Intimate Papers of COLONEL HOUSE (arranged as a narrative by Charles Seymour), Boston and New York, Houghton Mifflin Company (1926), p. 121/2.

    • Edward Mandel House (the title “Colonel” was fake) was a lifelong agent of the New York Jewish bankers who hand-picked Woodrow Wilson as their stooge in signing the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and bringing the U.S. into World War I on the side of Rothschild-controlled Great Britain. Wilson was a reliable southern bigot from Staunton, Virginia, who revered the faux southern narrative of the Lost Cause. Going back to Washington and Jefferson, the southern oligarchy was always allied with and used by the New York banking trust who had the planters neck-deep in debt and had forced them into a bind where Negro slaves were literally the largest form of capital collateral available. This historical fact accounts for the weird alliance between New York’s Donald Trump and the present-day hillbillies who stalk the halls of Congress looking for someone to hate.

    • I remember when I interviewed Jeff Davis, a relation descendent from number one, both the future Union and Confederate generals were taught at West Point that secession was always on the table. People pick and chose which parts to focus on. One of those near the bottom was Lincoln’s deporting newly freed slaves to one of the Carribbean islands. They were landed on the beach with a year of supplies and material to build housing. They built the housing, and ate the food, but never planted crops. They sent pleas to be rescued and were brought back. Another major ‘unknown’ story is how Britain bought the Jamaican slaves, so the planters were not wiped out by taking the loss. It was passed on to the British working class with ramped up taxes, legions of them living in poverty themselves. The debate will never be settled, and hence will be exploited for the “divide” and conquer opportunities it presents. When is the last time you have seen and internationa call for Italy to pay reparations for slavery, forever, the Greeks, and then all the Islamic countries that never had any problem with slavery if they are non-Islamic. I worked with a Harvard group for a while that was buying slaves out of slavery in Ethiopa…all Christians. Within a year the effort ran the prices up from $20 to $100, and more Christians where being captured to make more money. Welcome to the reals would, which Gordon says is a nasty place, with history proving so, over and over.

  20. When I was 14, our family moved from Michigan to Virginia when my father was transferred by Dow Chemical to a textile plant co-owned by Dow and the Badische Corp. of West Germany.
    The first day of school, the rednecks formed a cordon across the hallway so the rest of us would be late for class. Ha ha. No teachers or administrators in sight. The rednecks had their own restroom for smoking that everyone else was afraid to go in. I played football for two years. One night our starting running back was late for the game because he had been engaged with the blacks in his neighborhood in a shotgun battle. The schools were still segregated then.
    I don’t think the South has changed at all.
    Thanks Gordon….

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