John Henrik Clarke, A Great and Mighty Walk with Commentary(video/full)


Documentarian St. Claire Bourne takes a close-up look at author and historian John Henrik Clarke, who, on camera for much of the film, bounces back and forth between a description of his own personal history, and his views on the history of Africa and of Pan-Africanism.

His points are backed up by old newsreel footage, and by images of artwork depicting Africans and their civilization over the centuries. Actor Wesley Snipes executive produced the film and serves as a narrator.

John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk was made in 1996, with Clarke suffering from glaucoma, barely able to see as he gives his sweeping account. He talks about his own upbringing, and his growing interest in Pan-Africanism, the failures of the civil rights movement and the Black Power movement, his close friendship with Malcolm X, and his critical assessment of Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March.

He also gives a primer on the history of African civilization, and argues that no conquering or colonizing power ever “brought civilization” to Africa, but rather these nations destroyed what civilization they didn’t understand, and brought many of Africa’s ideas back to their bases in ancient Greece and Rome.

He also describes how Black Africans were methodically removed from the history of the civilization of the Nile. He details how leaders like Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Du Bois, and Ghanaian Kwame Nkrumah spread the ideas of Pan-Africanism throughout the U.S. and the world.

John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk was shown at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, and won the Best Documentary award at the 1997 UrbanWorld Film Festival. Clarke died of a heart attack in 1998. ~ Josh Ralske, Rovi

From VT’s comment boards, chronologically inverted:

And FINALLY, Gordon!

You should seriously consider hiring ME as a Writer. As the very least, you would have constant True, Accurate AND Correct information about WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON in the Black Community. You all and your Readers (some who are ALSO looking for accurate, true & correct Info) are SERIOUSLY being intentionally mislead by the RED-party Nocturnal Animals and the BLUE-party Nocturnal Animals (for the reasons stated before)! I believe that I can now Let You In On a Little Secret: Black people do NOT appreciate being directly or indirectly referred to as “monkeys.” “Just Trying to BE Helpful…”

Now, I must leave to create a List of Black Licensed Professional “Lawyers and Accountants” that apparently the current President has been unaware of that have existed to help Black people and all people in the Last Sixty (60) Years!

Black people are Fannie Lou Hamer-like SICK and TIRED and SICK and TIRED of the Nocturnal Animal Republicans and the Nocturnal Animal Democrats! The Nocturnal Animals claim to speak for Black people, but you couldn’t get 50 people that didn’t know them to sit in a room and listen to them – THANK GOODNESS!

They are what Malcolm X referred to as “What’s-The-Matter-Boss-We-Sick?”-type of Nocturnal Animals who work ONLY For the respected political parties who signs their checks. They are narcissists who don’t care about Black people, but only for personal fortune, TV fame, & interracial sex.

Now that the US empire is coming to an end (in 20 years, perhaps?), and White Supremacists are open about wanting the Fascism for the US of the Hitler, Mussolini, & the “Businessmens’ Plot” type, black people have the opportunity to do what’s best FOR US – not what’s best for White Supremacists.

White Supremacists’ enemies & the White Supremacist Nations i.e. the surveillance-state ‘Free Nations’), the majority of the time, AREN’T Black people’s enemies! Black people, like most US citizens of good sense, don’t want to fight Chinese or Russians or Iranians or Syrians or Venezuelans or Africans or Palestinians.

I’ve always said (to everyone): Not all White Supremacists are white PEOPLE, and not all white people are white SUPREMACISTS. Malcolm X said that Black people DID need Allies, but ONLY those of the type Dr. John Henrik Clarke described.

My heroes include Malcolm X, Dr. John Henrik Clarke, John Horse, Nat Turner, Denmark Vesey, John Brown and Marcus Garvey. They are NOT pedophile slave owners hypocrites like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, Yet, the White Supremacists want Black people to recognize them as OUR heroes! You know, like “white Jesus.”

The last time I voted for a Democrat was in 2008, and I’ve NEVER voted for a Republican. I want to know what a politician is going to do SPECIFICALLY for Black people – just like every other race wants to know what is going to be done specifically for them. Black people have HAD IT with The Black “AND BROWN” coalition, “MINORITIES”, people “OF COLOR.”

Black people are put out there as the FACE of “Affirmative Action”, yet we get the smallest benefits, and WHITE WOMEN get the majority of benefits. Black people are put out there as the FACE of welfare, BUT the MAJORITY of welfare goes to Rural White communities. “Percentages” OR “Numbers.” Which ever works best for White Supremacist propaganda.

I truly understand why Chris Hedges said he came to hate Liberals. BUT, as evil as the last 50 years of the Democratic party has been, it PALES besides the evil of the last 50 years of the Republican party.

It’s time to move away from “EVIL.” Black people reject ‘Critical Race Theory’, because it’s a Red Herring to provide a target for White Supremacists to attack us as they promote their “Patriotic History” and continue to leave out Black contributions to creating Civilization.

As Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, “Black people don’t want so-called ‘Revisionist History’, but we DO want TRUE and CORRECT history.” But I am here to tell White Supremacists that Black people don’t NEED ‘your approval’ (OR PERMISSION) to teach OUR children OUR history (which started in Ancient Kemet, NOT in ‘1619’). Brown v. Board of Education was NOT about integration; it was TURNED into that by people who meant us no good. It started as our rights to EQUAL education (i.e. dollars and resources).

We Black people are the ONLY race in which the Federal government has actually conspired with laws and actions to keep us in a state of servitude or one kind or another. Slavery could have only been maintained with the help of the Five Civilized Tribes, who actually owned and fought in the Civil War to maintain slavery.

The reasons that the ‘Treaties’ were ‘broken by the US’ was because they refused to abide by the 1866 Treaty to free and compensate their former black slaves. There is a movement for Black people to abandon BOTH political parties.

We realize that we are NOT ‘Americans’ and have never been treated as such – and will never will. We don’t want our children exposed to concepts that ANY child is not mentally ready to process, like sexuality, homosexuality, and trans-sexuality (have you noticed now that the Right-Wing no longer rails against this, AS LONG AS it’s being taught in BLACK schools, and NOT theirs).

It’s amazing the BS that comes from the Propagandists and the Willfully Ignorant! “The Civil War was NOT fought over slavery.” “That low-down Red Army had NO reason to exact vengeance on Germany and the Wehrmacht in WW2.” “Michael Shrimpton is a racist even though I’ve referred to Black people as ‘monkeys’ on at least 2 occasions.” “Those NEEE-Grows should just ‘Get Over It’.” ” ‘THE Blacks’ all want Marxism and Communism (even though you couldn’t find 1,000 Black people in the US who have actually READ ‘Das Kapital’, or could even tell you what Marxism IS, just like everyone else).

U.S. Black people have 3 main problems, #1 being that the majority of us ACTUALLY believe that we ARE “Americans”, ignoring the advice Malcolm X gave us nearly 58 years ago…

“…America has a very serious problem. Not only does America have a very serious problem, but our people have a very serious problem. America’s problem is us. We’re HER problem. The ONLY reason she has a problem is she doesn’t WANT us here. You represent a person who poses such a serious problem for America because you’re NOT wanted.

Once you face this as a fact, then you can start plotting a course that will make you appear intelligent, instead of UNintelligent…you sure don’t catch hell because you’re an American, because if you was an American, you wouldn’t catch no hell. You catch hell because you’re a black man. All of us catch hell, for the same reason.” It’s time for us to give up the “American Dream” & find our own way.

CNN, like all the so-called “Liberal” media, is not going to do ANYTHING except run 1) their mouths and 2) a one-time story while their Blue-party black-sellouts wring their hands and lament how “SAD” it is (the Red black-sellouts will say nothing, of course as always). Their are NEVER, NEVER, NEVER discussions about actually PUNISHING the white supremacist race soldiers, or their white supremacist prosecutors or judges who orchestrate these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (apparently that definition does NOT include black US “citizens”, but they will “investigate” “the police DEPARTMENT”). U.S. Black people have 3 main problems, #1 being that the majority of us ACTUALLY believe that we ARE “Americans”, ignoring the advice Malcolm X gave us nearly 58 years ago.



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  1. I didn’t listen to the whole thing, but I saw a white woman giving a presentation to a large audience the other day explaining that white people didn’t exist in this world prior to 4oo years ago.
    I’m gonna listen to this video while I do homework and gather up all my sht from the past month.
    I’m so totally down with Mr. Clarkes first comment tho.
    My buddy came over a few weeks and must have looked up what my 2nd ever personalized plate says and thought he was gonna do with me about it because it means mixed breed of European and Carribean black & white people.
    Ha…I laughed and said “now do you understand I’m not an average white man?”.

    Clarke introduction,, thats so me.

  2. The same happened with Gaddafi, he was just about to start along other Africa countries a African Development Bank and a African common coin supported in gold as comerce exchange currency between Africa countries That’s why Killary ordered his murder.

  3. The missionaries share the tents with the gem stone addicts.
    They play Good cop Bad cop.
    Everyone else is duped into thinking the whole thing was “charitable opportunity”.
    When did it become fashion/tradition to use diamonds as wedding rings ?

  4. Thank you for this. It’s inescapable that Manifest Destiny was based on the racist notion that Europeans were chosen by God to rampage around the planet, displacing the indigenous, stealing their land and resources, and in the case of the US of f-ing A, owning them. This is exactly the same as what the European Ashkenazim are now doing in Palestine, except for the owning them thingy, although keeping Palestinians starving in concentration camps is actually worse. Those on this site who don’t believe this is true, just have any Native American or Palestinian to explain it to you.

  5. Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke (who mentored Dr. Anthony T. Browder) is my favorite hero SECOND ONLY to Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz)! Listen to Dr. Clarke’s Lectures now on YouTube, ESPECIALLY those about the TRUE origins/history of the “religions.” There are those who will mention his name for CLOUT, but their writings reflect NONE of what he was trying to teach…
    I forgot to include Earlier on my Hero List: Dr. Claud Anderson, author “Black Labor, White Wealth” and “Powernomics”, Madame Harriett Tubman, Patrice Lumumba (one of our many Black heroes MURDERED by the CIA and “The West”), Madame WINNIE Mandela, and David Walker.

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