McGahn testimony a slam dunk Obstruction of Justice Conviction for Trump


Top 5 Reasons Don McGahn’s Congressional Testimony about Trump’s Obstruction of Justice is Important

…from Glenn Kirshner

[ Editor’s Note: I often find myself wanting Glenn to not repeat material so much, but in the end I have to give him a break. His style has been formed over many years for communicating with juries, often during long and complex trials.

He knows that key points need to be hammered into the volunteer jurors. He doesn’t want to go to fast, or gamble that they will all ‘get it’ in the first pass, hence the repetition.

This was a cheery five key points that Trump is toast on the obstruction of justice with Mueller. I certainly had not expected McGahn to go down with the Trump ship. He has set the bar now for the others to follow…”Save Yourselves”.

I might be dreaming, but we might even see a few years from now when Trump accepts that he is toast, he will offer to testify against all those that testified against him. What a circus that would be.

So Mr. T. will continue with his grifting act, because keeping money flowing is his main survival focus. But a time might come when his campaign funds get frozen somehow… Jim W. Dean ]

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Don McGahn

First published …  June 04, 2021

Here is a discussion of the top 5 reasons former White House Counsel Don McGahn’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee about Donald Trump’s obstruction of justice is both a consequential legal development and a significant step on the road to justice.


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  1. Whether it’s obstruction of justice in the Mueller investigation, inciting a riot on the US Capitol, or conspiring to commit election fraud in Georgia (11780), please arrest and indict this bum for something!

  2. The DOJ is dragging its feet, and everyone knows it. It is not to its credit that many actionable things are simply shelved as if some “veiled purpose” is being served.

    Garland is not a leader, and his hesitancy will be exploited to a damaging degree. Actually, is being, present tense. How many insurrections have we had at the capitol and how long is a reasonable time to respond with a closed fist ? When you need a fighter, you do not hire a sleepy whiner. For cryin out loud. You are losing the stay behind crew. Wake up Garland. Tuck your nads in your sock and get to work.

    • The public being anxious has no effect on the speed. The new DoJ inherited a huge mess. Before it knows what it is going to do, it has to make sure it knows what has happened, including inside the DoJ. Any left behinds have to be uncovered and gotten rid of. They also have the issue of looking into prosecutions of DoJ people, like Barr. The public was also be angry if they rushed the job and muffed it up. It is not a point of prosecuting a few people and moving on. They will be replaced in two seconds (the Trump Republicans). It’s not just Trump, but a number of his entourage that have to be carefully looked. Is anyone even thinking of RICO charges based on just what went on in the Whitehouse, as is “running a continuing criminal enterprise”. An example has to be set for all future administrations what the penalties will be for anyone trying this again. And lastly. If a president and his lackies can be prosecuted, how do you think that is going to make all those who think they are untouchable feel? This goes way beyoung Trump the puppet.

    • The charge of incitement is actionable and has nothing to do with public anxiety, which if that is a factor , is not unwarranted, given the common people are immediately charged, without hesitation and later other investigations and charges are added after the fact in the cases of complex investigations. Incitement could have been charged on January 7, and was fully warranted. If that is not the case, then the question becomes whether incitement is an applicable charge in ANY case. Case history of charges of incitement are not hard to find, particularly for federal prosecutors. Even when they don’t have that, they have not hesitated in trumping up charges to ensure “stability”. Trumping up charges is a US tradition.

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