Breaking-Exclusive: Navy Hits Unidentified ‘Target’ off Cape Canaveral with 10 KT Nuclear Torpedo


Duff, Greenhalgh and Smith reporting…

It is extremely likely that the US Navy fired a Mark 45 torpedo with a 10 kiloton W34 nuclear warhead today at a target deemed “hostile” 105 miles off the Florida coast, curiously adjacent to the Kennedy Space Center.

Conventional explosives to create this kind of blast would cost upwards of $800 million, a bit high for a “shock test.”  One might also add that this is the last place on earth someone would hold such a test, which would normally occur in the Pacific.

There is always a remote possibility the Navy is telling the truth.  If so, we will soon see a seismograph reading that will be a “soft hump” rather than a double-spike.  The clock is ticking…

As for speculation, the first place we go is Russia and China and a response to either or both “planting” their flag offshore in one of the most sensitive regions involving potential US military deployments in space.

Would the US have used a nuclear torpedo as a show of strength?  There are a couple of answers:

  • Yes, it is all we have in our arsenal, nuclear torpedoes and nuclear depth charges, we have no large conventional explosive devices used in naval warfare
  • Yes, chances are something was doing something very wrong for this kind of response

We are all sitting on the UFO aspect, the reports of underground bases in the Pacific or of UFO’s that disappear into the water like the video above or other occasions like October 1973 off Wurtsmith Air Force Base in Oscoda, Michigan. (still classified)


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  1. [” and yes, as Andrew figured it out, it was not related to any kind of ” UFO” target. As assumed, it was a plannned orgaized ” Explosion-test” of the new Atomic-Aircraft-Vessel ” USS Gerald R.Ford. and it was a 18 Tonns TNT. So fare so good !! The First question is, who had to pay for. 2) Why and who made the between whom the Contracts to produce this terrible non-envirommental deadly PRODUCTS, which destroyed and kill Billions of innocent Organism, Fishes and Plants, without PROKURA from the Peples Nation to waste this amount of MONEY and Energy, to rape the Ocean. It can be claimed as a planned Crime against Mother Nature, just for a “test” and POWER-Demonstration ba a private comercial Corporation which has no legal rights to act in this way of demonstration. By the way, if this is true, The US-Corporation has stopped a 100 Mill.Dollar Military-SupportPakage for the UKRAINE..a successful ATMAC-Test of a turkish Anti-Ships-rocket-test, which was stated of the Corvette F514 Kinalida..The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced successful tests of an airborne laser against UAVs. The interceptions took place at different altitudes and distances… ENERGY-WEAPONS are the NewNormality to kill Humanity—just smart. Secret Militarized Armaments in Residential Technologies….5G.ELF-EHF, DEW KEW, HAARP NEXRAD CERN…Its WAR, and the call it TRADE-WAR-“]

    • The US Navy detonated a bomb during tests in the Atlantic Ocean. The experiment resulted in a magnitude 3.9 earthquake. Writes about this Daily Star.

      The weight of the explosive device was more than 18 tons. The bomb was detonated 160 kilometers off the coast of Florida, the purpose of the tests was to check the impact of the explosion on the surrounding ships.

      To do this, the bomb dropped into the ocean explosive device detonated under water. An aircraft carrier was located near the explosion site at that time. The task of the military was to determine how resistant the ship is to the action of the blast wave and whether it will be able to continue a potential battle.

      At the time of the experiment, the US Geological Survey recorded an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.9. At the same time, as the US Navy was assured, the explosion and the earthquake caused by it did not suffer any negative consequences.

  2. Alien Creatures from Out There? Why not. I kept thinking, how come no one yet made any waves, from Out There? We are not that Old, relatively speaking, compared to other parts of the Universe. Just think, how far and how fast we, the Human Race, have advanced in just ONE THOUSAND Years, in technology, and going out into the Solar system? Now, we are some Billions of years behind most of the Universe, that should TELL US Something! I hope the Outsiders, are not Hostile?

    • Some of the outsiders are hostile BUT they are forced to follow some rules too and they cannot invade worlds by force, at least in our zone of milky way, for use our planet they need enlist the cooperation and consent our Earth leaders, no matter which of them, voted or those who are not voted…

  3. [“ at the other hand, is it a coincident, that this EXP.EXPLO, was just 150 Miles WEST of the ALTOONA NAVY DEPARTMENT close to a secret Mil.Area? And yes, there is Area 51, and yes there is the suspicious underwater construction in California, 7 Miles south west of NAS Point MUGU, and of curse, NEW SWABIA Land, stolen from the German People, by GB-Illuminati-Group, the founder and owner of the still existing NSDAP-Corporation, since 1933 !!! ( TILLESSEN-Judgement from 1947) And yes, in and on Antarctica, there are many secret evidences, which shows in the direction of the possibility, that Aliens, Pleiades or other evil creatures are around us, in Human Bodies, as CLONES to force all problems, we are confronted with, known as a battle Monotheism versus Polytheism, One God versus many LORDS. BABYLONIAS versus Christians, which is BA’AL against Jesus….but look at KING NIMROD, Osiris, Horus, Seth, half-human-half ANIMAL…and this is the plan to be back in this forms, by AI-CHIPED mRNA/DNA GEN manipulated Humans, to become their robots. ( , . .”]

  4. [“….but this “Experimental Explosion took place in a area, GoogleEarth is fogging up, so it can not be investigated, what’s could be, if you recognize many interesting Infrastructures, like Highways, old towns…there are many many secrets not told, Jules Verne started with telling us from the world under the ground….but, the question is, where does all the informations and technology comes from, Hollywood is Whistleblowing everything, Industries are using and selling, as the Military Ind. Old books are telling it, not to forget the thousands of stolen books out of Libraries and Museum, which had been burned down, to tell us, gone is gone…called “ Bücherverbrennung” Old books, telling us the real secrets of former High Cultures, having knowledge and technology explained, which are now used against us Monotheists, to enlarge the WAR with the BIO-WEATHER and ENERGIE-WEAPONS to put us down.
    So, there is way more behind this extraordinary “EXPLOSION” in relation to “UFO” Story, which can also be seen as a false flag demonstration, that the private commercial MILITARY Corporation do have weapon, to demonstrate “ POWER”. But when they tell us, it was just an Champagne Bottle, than we have to buy it, as told,”]

  5. This is getting mundane. Except that now I get a little excited about being jerked off again anytime I see a “news” report with various actors pontificating about what this could, does or does not mean.

  6. Nothing in the MSN about this? All the talk about China aND it’s claiming sovergnty past its true.’recognized’ territory. In light thereof, seems it would be odd to attack some vessel “just passin by” so far out of the territorial U.S. Or am I missing something?

  7. News blurb says the Navy is conducting shock trials similar to 2016. Is there info on the 2016 trials, and were they in the same place?

    • that time supposedly in the Gulf…and probably the same thing…no such thing as a “shock trial”

      are they testing ships in real live combat conditions…to see if they sink with all aboard?

      Then the USS Liberty was a shock test as well

      so was pearl harbor

  8. Just a random brainstorm, but based on geological data of the east coast…Maine is like a handle being pulled out and downward toward the east. During an investigation of 5 simultaneous water main breaks,..many years back, it was found that movement occurs at certain times of the year rather predictably, and for some strange reason NYS regarded this information as “not public”. They were terrified. The wording shock test, however , and the placement and timing, lead me to consider, “precise geological stress relief” to avoid future stronger earthquakes on the east coast. That is one hypothesis,..but whatever it was, it is not as stated. There are several potential domestic purposes. None of which I would agree with as valid courses of action. Let’s see if there are more between now and next February.

    • As they contemplate a trillion on infrastructure, which if planning long, needs hard data.
      Bowash is not something to invest in if it is going to be segmented differently than anticipated.
      We need to know what moves, and should be honest about it. using the military avoids all the environmental everything. One more reason to reduce the budget significantly.

  9. Yup, UFO’s, UTO’s, a virus that nobody can isolate, this needs to scare the crapolla out of people and believe what’s printed. then get shot up with a vaxx that alters their genes.
    On the news strip, it was stated that congress needs to investigate this? They can’t find their ass with either hand, only the pocket where they get the graft from being puppets for the banksters!
    We need the “War on Stupidity”!!! Only problem is we won’t be able to find anyone to lead it.

  10. An Israeli nuclear submarine with nuclear warheads onboard was sunk which was planning a false flag covert nuckear attack is my uneducated guess.
    This why the double spike, first was the nuclear torpedo hitting the sub, the quick secondary was the nuclear weapon in sub exploding.

    • You you don’t need use a torpedo with nuke warhead to sink another sub and the zios they don’t have nuclear subs, those subs are conventional diesel-electrical with capability to launch nuclear cruise missiles, it’s not the same than a nuclear sub such Russia or US they have. The only one reason that comes to mind for use a torpedo with a nuke warhead is a target with some kind of force field as protection that make useless a standard explosive warhead.

    • Reply to Adrian: By policy, the US uses nuclear tipped torpedoes to go after any nuclear armed or potentially nuclear armed naval target. Wasn’t there a movie about this many years ago? The Bedford Incident?

    • Yes Gordon, there was a movie which involved an US surface destructor and a diesel-powered Soviet sub sub but that were cold war times. That Navy policy apply in peace time too or just in wa time??

  11. Here is where I’mstuck: Are these things products of Newtonian studies or Bernaysian studies?
    While I have not yet seen a mysterious flying object myself, I live in a Bernaysian public reality.
    I will just wait to see one myself to believe it is not a Bernaysian reality.

  12. This raises many questions. Why would there be such an extreme response if it were just a Russian or Chinese craft? Congressional inquiry? Were state and local officials notified of the “experimental” device in advance and that it would likely cause an exceedingly rare (in Florida) earthquake? Tsunami danger?

    Were officers on the ground given authority to act on their own initiative or did they have to get the green light from Navy brass or the WH?

    • Is there a possibility that this large US Navy off shore explosion could have contributed to the Surfside Florida Condo collapse on June 24, 2021, by increasing the weakness in a prior weak condo structure so that this US Navy explosion caused the condo to collapse ?

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