A Complete Explanation of How Human Aliens/ETs Live on Planets in Star Systems within Our Galaxy


By Michael Dargaville for VT

For those who really want to understand the New Age, you must know how human galactic alien/ETs live on their home planets.

This article of journalism/philosophy will outline these galactic human alien civilizations that make up the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation now surround our Planet Earth in their spaceships demanding the alien/ET truth and a world government based on love, freedom, truth, peace and absolute sacrosanct nation sovereignty.

About 60% of alien/ETs in the good and benevolent Galactic Federation are look like you and me and their civilizations are spread across the Milky Way Galaxy living ages and lifespans ranging from just 200 to 400 years to massive long lifespans of 30,000. High level Galactic Federation humans are hugely, hugely advanced.

The other 40% of the Galactic Federation is comprised of good Reptoid reptilian aliens, Dragon aliens, insect aliens and others. Reptoid aliens can be both good and bad, while the bad Luciferic Reptoid reptilian aliens have been waging an horrific war against the good Galactic Federation for millions of years. Reptoids have 30,000 year lifespans.

Understanding this war is critical because bad reptilian aliens attacked this planet from a moon base right up to 1999 when the Galactic Federation destroyed the bad Reptoid base of 6000 shapeshifting Luciferic reptilian Reptoids and thus essentially saving Planet Earth from destruction. Earth owes its very existence to the Galactic Federation.

A lot of the following information comes from human aliens much higher than me with vast super powers of telepathy and much else.

Humans evolved on the Vega star system from primates more than 7 million years ago. By 6 million BC humans of this Vegan planet developed to a high sentient level after being “enhanced” by powerful creator forces and positive angels. About 6 million BC these early galactic humans started space travelling and established human civilizations across the galaxy. This was an absolutely critical time for the development of the human species as they started amazing space based and advanced spiritual civilizations.

About 4 million BC the galactic human planets started being attacked by these bad reptilian Reptoid aliens mentioned earlier so they banded together and formed the Galactic Federation. They also got the support of  loving good Reptoid, Dragon aliens and insect aliens that gave them the ability to fight off these bad evil Reptoids aliens. The Leader of the Galactic Federation is Archangel Michael and the leader of the bad evil reptilian Reptoid aliens is Archangel Lucifer. Thus, this galaxy has been in a huge war, led by two towering archangels leaders, one working for good and love via Archangel Michael and the other working for fear and evil.

To really understand the nature of the Universe/Multiverse you must understand the nature of Spirituality. To understand human galactic societies and how advanced they are via their technology and spaceships, understanding spirituality is key.

Before looking at and studying galactic societies, it should be mentioned here Earth was first colonised 2 million BC with a civilization called Hybornea. This was destroyed by bad reptoids. The Galactic Federation came back and founded Lemuria in 900,000BC which lasted until 20,000BC until it too was destroyed by bad reptoids. Humans in these civilizations could live for 5000 years. When Lemuria was destroyed the surviving humans left mutated to live just 40 to 70 years. And importantly “young souls” were created for these mutant human bodies as it was unfair to put “old souls” of ancient human aliens in these bodies. These mutant “young soul” Earth humans then collectively reincarnated up until present time with the good archangels creating new “young souls” as Earth’s population grew. Thus, Earth humans are not “aliens” as they have never lived on advanced human planets yet use human alien templates for their bodies. A massive change has happened with all of Generation Z (those born 2002 and after) being starseeds. A starseed is a human alien from an advanced human planet who dies on their home planet and are reborn on Earth to help out. I am an early starseed. Throughout history starseeds have incarnated on Earth.

All planets have a Spiritual Hierarchy or spiritual government. Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy consists of amazing beings some of whom can take human bodies in the form of Ascended Masters. This is critical to understand. Everyone has the ability, even Earth, to become an Ascended Master. And this of course is the same for higher level galactic human planets within the Galactic Federation. If you can clearly understand this you will learn how advanced human alien civilizations of the Galactic Federation function, operate and live. It is the key.

To become an Ascended Master a human on this planet or a Galactic Federation planet needs what is called a Light Quotient of between 78% to 83%. That means matter is vibrating at 83% of the speed of light, which is the measure of an Ascended Master. Basically, this explains how advanced galactic HUMAN alien planets of the Galactic Federation are “rated” in their advancement plus, and very importantly, the length of their lifespans as well as their technology. The higher a galactic human alien planet is, the higher the Light Quotient of humans on that planet.

So, starting with earth humans. Earth humans have a Light Quotient of between 40-50%. They have a very long way to reach that 78%-83@ figure. So let’s go to the next level of galactic human alien planets living ages and human lifespans of between 200 to 400 years. So there are galactic human planets where the entire planet has lifespans of just 200 years. Then there are human planets having lifespans of 250 years. Then there are advanced human planets having lifespans averaging 300 years. Do you understand? Altogether thee are 500 of these planets, all ranging between having lifespans of just 200 years to whole planets with 400 year lifespans. Roughly, the Light Quotients of these galactic human planets ranges from 50% to 55%.  Thus, they are higher than Earth. When they die on their planets they then usually reincarnate back on to their home planet although some are sent on a mission outside.

Some of these lower level but more advanced than Earth galactic human planets with lifespans ranging between 200 to 400 years and with Light Quotients ranging from 50% to 55% also use OXYGEN and many speak English. English is widely used by the Galactic Federation and is the lingua franca of the galaxy. These planet’s atmosphere’s have all been revamped because all of them were attacked by bad reptoid aliens in exactly the same way that Earth was. Earth humans can go to these planets once Earth governments tell the alien-ET truth. You can also live there.

The bad reptoids are famous for using psychotronic mind control machines to attack planets plus highly advanced laser technology. This is how Earth was attacked from their base on the moon. That base was destroyed in 1999 and thus saved this planet.

So these lower level human planets of the Galactic Federation living lifespans of 200 to 400 years are basically just higher versions of Earth. Many still have cities, industrial and functional infrastructure areas similar to Earth but everything is more technologically sophisticated with no fossil fuel use and their planets treated as Living Souls where these galactic humans are custodians. Green hydrogen technology is widely used. These planets still have problems and the much higher HUMAN Galactic Federation planets living vast ages of 5000 to 15,000 years have different infrastructures where their planets are much more decentralised with mainly forests and a perfect green ecology is where they dwell. The higher the planet the more decentralised their civilizations, especially with urban design. Imagine, if you will, a hippie commune township such as Australia’s Nimbin (which is  famous worldwide) surrounded by lush green rainforest and harmonious communes. That is how very higher level human Galactic Federation planets live. YET, of course, they do have their “industrial” spaces, spaceports, military installations, and other core infrastructure but it is narrowed into much stricter areas. Do you understand?

So these only slightly higher human alien Galactic Federation planets living 200 to 400 years are much more urban and city orientated while the much higher level human alien Galactic Federation planets living ages of 5000 years and more are ecologically decentralised pristine green (PLUS many other colours) spaces but with extremely high level industrial centres for space travel and infrastructure. My own home planet has lifespans of 10,000 years, oriental looking, with a similar decentralised ecological infrastructure. More on my home planet later.

If we move up a bit to the Hydrans and Pleiadians we will get another picture. Hydran human aliens live for 500 years lifespans and they look African. They are quite very advanced. The Pleiadian human alien planets have lifespans of 700 years. When the Hydrans and the Pleiadians die they usually reincarnate back on to their home planets unless they are sent on a mission as a starseed to a lower planet. The Light Quotients of both the Hydrans and the Pleiadians are higher than those human planets living between 200 and 400 years and range between 55% to 58%. They are higher level civilizations with a larger proportion becoming Ascended Masters. Still the number of Ascended Masters is not great but more than those planets living 200 to 400 years.

At this point it is extremely important to point out that Galactic Federation spaceships at Pleiadian level (they have 700 year lifespans) and under, including those human planets living 200-400 years, have DIFFERENT space technology to the much higher level human lien planets The Pleiadians and under have spaceships that have bio-crystal energetic computers (living computers) where a captain must be telepathic to give a telepathic message to this computer in the spaceship that guides the spaceship into SUPER ENERGY. Super energy is simply MIND or thought faster than light that was founded on this planet by a brilliant British New Age physicist called David Ash with his revolutionary book Science of the Gods published in 1992. The leading scientists of the New Physics on this planet from David Ash, David Bohm, John Wheeler, Paul Davies, Amit Goswami, Jack Sarfatti, Geoff Chew, Fritjof Capra and many others have been saying MIND or thought creates matter (E=mc2). So Ash just said if mind is creating matter, why restrict it to the speed of light. Ash said energy faster than the speed of light  (or super energy is simply MIND or thought as well. The Galactic Federation call super energy plasma energy. This is how our ships space travel from star system to star system at Pleiadian level and under. Their spaceships are three times the size of a Boeing 747 jet.

I did two masters theses and worked on a PhD for 10 years researching super energy. Super energy explains chi energy or prana energy and fully validates Chinese medicine and acupuncture. When an acupuncture needle goes into the body it pierces the super energy body (or etheric/spirit body) surrounding humans. Super energy, or plasma energy explains the power of angels, the teleportation abilities of world famous Indian guru Sai Baba (who incidentally comes from an ultra high level Galactic Federation planet), plus much else. My PhD is called The New Idealism. Idealism in philosophy says Mind creates Matter and has a long intellectual history on Earth from Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian philosophy to the Romantic European philosophers of the Romantic period such as Hegel to the modern day hippies and to many indigenous cultures.

Moving on now to advanced human planets within the Galactic Federation living ages ranging from 800 years to 4000 years. These planets are more developed than the Pleiadians at all levels. Remember at all levels ENGLISH is widely spoken. These human planets at this stage living between 800 to 4000 year lifespans have light quotients ranging from 59% to 63%. Their infrastructure is a mixture of decentralised cities but also with a more ecological “hippie commune” aspect. I thought I would mention here that 50% of all Galactic Federation planets live in monogamy and the other 50% live in polygamous marriages. Marriage is seen as a very sacred tantric event that happens when souls become emeshed. So there are extended families and polygamous marriages.

The Sirians are famous in Earth New Age alien-ET folklore. And there are many Sirian spaceships surrounding Earth as part of the Galactic Federation human space fleet here. Sirians live on average 5000 year lifespans and look European. When they die on their home planets they usually reincarnate back onto Sirius. Sometimes they may go as starseeds to other lower level human planets to help out as starseeds. Sirian spaceships are very advanced as the entire ship can literally transsubstantiate matter itself through the speed of light. Can you imagine?

Sirians look European,, as mentioned, and have a long connection to the world famous American Galactic Federation contactee Sheldon Nidle who wrote the brilliant book You are Becoming A Galactic Human in 1994 outlining the true history of the Galactic Federation. Sirians have Light Quotients ranging from 63% to 67%. An increasing minority are reaching Ascended Master level (Still a minor level of 4%).

So we move to what I call the Middle Level Galactic Federation human planets who have lifespans of 7000 years to 15,000 years. My home planet, as I explained earlier, falls into this range. My planet is highly advanced spiritually and technologically and is oriental looking. I was born on earth as a starseed to help Earth understand the New Age and have major skills in physics, philosophy, spirituality, medicine, psychic abilities and much else. We have 10,000 year lifespans on my home planet. When we die we reincarnate back onto my home planet. Then we have another 10,000 year lifespan. The reincarnation process is done in perfect sync so that it aligns with our highly advanced spiritual civilization. Of course some of us are sent to lower level human planets to help as starseeds. I am an ancient soul and have worked for the Galactic Federation for 3 million years.

Those living on advanced human planets of the Galactic Federation living 7000 years to 15000 year lifespans have Light Quotients of ranging from 65% to 72%. Some are very high level spiritual beings. A larger percentage of their civilizations are reaching Ascended Master level. Up to 10-15% of those living on human planets of 13,000 to 15,000 year lifespans are Ascended Masters with teleportation skills, bi-location, materializations and much else. The way to increase Light Quotients includes meditation, spiritual decree work, visualisation, galactic yoga and chi gung processes plus much else. Because Galactic Federation human planets are based on love, that is critically aligned to Light Quotient level. The 3 rules of the Galactic Federation are. 1: Never invade another’s sovereignty 2: What you resist you empower 3: There is only Love or Fear in the Multiverse.

Or course all galactic human civilizations have access to a machine that can heal and rejuvenate their bodes for up to seven years. These machines operate to the level of each human civilization’s ability to live their relative maximum lifespan through their atmospheres, makeup and much else. Do you understand? These machines exist on our spaceships surrounding Earth and can heal ANY disease. Only your governments are stopping this.

Galactic Federation human alien civilizations are all based on some form of “spiritual socialism” or “spiritual communism”. There is no need for ownership as planets are a living sovereign body unto itself that cannot be bought and sold to the highest bidder. They are absolutely anti-materialist and everyone works together for the advancement of their planet and Galactic Federation. Of course total individual sovereignty is absolutely sacrosanct and freedom (from materialism) is the name of the game. Completely different from post-Soviet planet Earth with uncontrolled neo-liberalism and billionaires shoved down everyone’s neck.

The Galactic Federation supported Gorbechev style Soviet Union communism of “glasnost”(openness) and “perestroika”. We believed this was an admirable form of communism and were horrified when the Soviet Union fell apart. This paved the way for the Western Empire led by the USA of imposing Illuminati super capitalism on the planet creating endless wars and killing millions on Planet Earth. The Galactic Federation is highly critical of western governments especially their hypocrisy of “democracy” and “freedom” as they create untold death ad destruction around the world with their invasions, wars and western multinational corporations that rape and plunder the Third World and developing countries.

There are many forms of socialism and communism and generally within the Galactic Federation human civilizations the higher and more advanced the planet is, the more communist in its structure. At the same time freedom and freedom of expression is sacrosanct as sovereign rights that is never impeded,

As I developed as a high level starseed on Earth and my activation as a starseed expanded, my commitment as a socialist-communist activist on Earth increased. I have been committed to all forms of socialist-communist countries, states and ideologies on Planet Earth from the Soviet Union, China and Vietnam to Latin American socialism. I realise that no country is perfect, nor should they be. Also, I have given vast support to the entire development of the western counter culture developed by the Beat Generation writers such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac that expanded into the tens of millions of western hippies advocating socialism, the New Left movement, peace, anti western militarism, anti-imperialism, communalism and communes. The later Punk Generation (born 1956 to 1979) was also part of the famous western counter culture that promoted socialism and a movement I was strongly involved in. Also the socialist-communist movements in Africa from the 1950s have achieved much, plus European governments and parties such as the British Labour Party before the Blair Government.

Let’s move on the highest level of human alien civilizations. They have lifespans of between 15,000 years and 20,000 years. Their technology is mind boggling. They are civilizations of love, compassion, miracles and God Consciousness. Human planets living lifespans of 20,000 plus years are developing into Ascended Master planets. We have a good example here. Sai Baba, the world famous Indian guru on this planet, who lived from 1926 until 2011, came from a highly advanced alien Galactic Federation planet with lifespans of 25,000. On Earth he could do miracles of teleportation, bilocation, bring people back from the dead, heal any disease and much else. Sai Baba was a fully fledged Ascended Master as the highest level on his HOME planet with lifespans of 25,000 years. AND VERY IMPORTANTLY, many on his planet can do these feats he could do on Earth. But not al. There would be many on Sai Baba’s planet who are still reaching Ascensionhood. That figure is a Light Quotient of between 78% and 83%. Sai Baba’s Light Quotient was beyond 110%.

So those alien humans living on Galactic Federation planets of lifespans between 15,000 years and 30,000 years have Light Quotients of between 75% and 100% with top leaders all past 100%. They are Spiritual Masters of the highest level.
The highest alien human civilizations in the Galactic Federation are the Arctureans. They look Oriental and can live for 30,000 years for a lifetime. When they die they reincarnate back to another 30,000 year lifespan on their planet. The majority are Ascended Masters at various levels. Their spaceships can RIVAL and beat ANY Luciferic REPTOID alien spaceship. THEY ARE OUR HUMAN ALIEN LEADERS IN THE MULTIVERSE. They are completely loving, completely magnificent societies living in bliss and wonder. All Galactic Federation planets call GOD the “Great ISness of Being”. The Arctureans have mastered positive Godhood technologies at the highest levels, able to teleport their huge spaceships via consciousness itself. They are truly astounding civilizations and they are urging ALL earth governments to stop lying and tell the full alien-ET truth.
The Galactic Federation spaceships surround our planet DEMANDING TRUTH. They have saved this planet from Luciferic Reptoid alien destruction. The Galactic Federation totally control this solar system and closely monitor the grey aliens extremely closely but have not interfered as the greys are so low level and only have lifespans of 200 years. The USA did a deal with the greys in the 1950s and since then tens of thousands of whistleblowers ranging from CIA spies, USA soldiers at the highest level, journalists, politicians, diplomats and countless others have exposed this. Even Hollywood films such as ET have exposed this. Still, despite this, no official truth.

We want you, citizens of Earth, to join the Galactic Federation. But you cannot join until there is a united world government based on the principles of the United Nations. This world government would be based on the complete sacrosanct sovereignty of each country and nation. That means no country can use its hegemony in any way to colonise, control or invade in any way. And our Galactic Federation spaceships would give ion to any country who seeks it. Each country keeps its sovereignty, languages, cultures, education system, judicial system, ideologies and complete independence. Yet at the same time all countries work together with the Galactic Federation. We suggest the best world capital site would be in the western province of China’s Sichuan Province, somewhere south of Chengdu. Sichuan is extremely close to the Indian border and is virtually in the very centre of Asia, the most populated centre on the planet. Plus China and India are the two most populated countries, thus this would be much fairer.

The Galactic Federation currently will and can stop all nuclear missiles on this planet. We are urging governments to start co-operating, join the Galactic Federation and come for a joyride across the Galaxy. On a sadder note, we are announcing that Christ Maitreya, the Master of Masters of Ascended Masters on Planet Earth, who was in a human body based in London since 1977, (and was the Christ of this planet) is seriously thinking of leaving the planet because governments will not let him come forward. Yet the hope of this planet is this. 40% of people KNOW the full alien-ET truth and saga, 40% BELIEVE it and just 10% undecided. These figures come straight from Galactic Federation leaders. So everyone knows. The Internet has exposed everything despite lying websites and newspapers still publishing hogwash. My own internet journalism on the Galactic Federation has been read by tens of millions of people in the past 25 years. The time is now for action.
My closest friend on this planet is a top Galactic Federation alien leader in a human body with vast super powers. She is 30,000 years old and is a “walk in” alien who had a soul exchange with a human. Most governments know of her and her powers. She can telepathically read my mind half way around the world and send a message. Believe it. I have known her for 25 years and she is my soulmate. her knowledge of the Galactic Federation is vast and she has greatly supported me with a lot of information here in this article.

Michael Dargaville is a poet, punk poet, performance poet, philosopher, journalist, publisher, singer/musician, mind-body medicine and natural medicine doctor, academic/teacher, novelist, quantum theory scientist, pioneering skateboarder, surfer and artist. He has been a professor at seven universities and worked in colleges and universities in three countries. For 20 years he was based in East Asia where he taught in more than 20 universities. He has also been an international journalist with many stories going outright viral on the Internet. He has worked for leading world publications and also widely for underground, independent and alternative media. Michael ahs published more than 100 books/pamphlets of poetry, journalism, fiction and philosophy. He has performed widely as a poet and singer with many punk bands around the world.


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