…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

Listen to this headline, which was published by the Daily Mail: “Secretive Israeli army Unit 9900 dispatched to Florida has built 3D CGI images of Miami condo collapse in an effort to project where victims may be buried to guide rescuers.”[1] Part of the article read:

“The Israeli military has created 3D images of the Miami condo and then collapsed them to help rescuers identify where victims and even survivors might be.

“They were developed by Unit 9900, a secret element of the Israel Defense Forces, that gathers geographical data from satellites and planes.

“A team of rescuers from the Israeli army are on the scene of the tragedy at Champlain Towers South in Surfside, Florida where 147 people are still missing.”[2]

As Culture Wars Magazine has aptly asked, “Where was the Jewish rescue team when the twin towers came down? Dancing in New Jersey?”

Well, they were nowhere to be found because as Benjamin Netanyahu himself declared, the attack on 9/11 was good for Israel. “We are benefiting from one thing,” the former prime minister said, “and that is the attacks on the twin towers and the pentagon and the American struggle in Iraq. These events swung American public opinion in our favor.”[3]

Thousands of people were dying and mourning for their mothers, fathers, and children, and the mad man in Tel Aviv was celebrating. If that was not diabolical, then nothing was. Moreover, we have enough evidence which clearly suggests that Israel was behind the 9/11 attack.

And now the Israelis are going to pretend that they care by sending their rescue mission to Florida? Complete Balderdash. They actually care about their own kin. They don’t give a damn about whether your sons or daughters live or die. If you doubt this, then take a look at what is actually going on in Gaza.[4]

  • [1] “Secretive Israeli army Unit 9900 dispatched to Florida has built 3D CGI images of Miami condo collapse in an effort to project where victims may be buried to guide rescuers,” Daily Mail, June 29, 2021.
  • [2] Ibid.
  • [3] “Report: Netanyahu Says 9/11 Terror Attacks Good for Israel,” USA Today, April 16, 2008.
  • [4] For scholarly studies, see for example Sara Roy, Hamas and Civil Society in Gaza: Engaging the Islamist Social Sector (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2013); Unsilencing Gaza: Reflections on Resistance (New York: Pluto Press, 2021).


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  1. WTC 1 and 2 turning to microscopic dust and leaving no floors pancaked was either nuclear or else something more advanced and not publicly known like satellite based lasers of some kind (?) But before the collapse/disintegration, the footage of melting steel seems to be nanothermite. Using both keeps people arguing about which one it was. Also debating about how planes or missiles disguised as planes could do what they did, when there were no planes at all. As one elderly gent with little book smarts but lots of common sense said when watching a “plane” disappear into a building on TV: “Beer cans don’t go through thick steel and concrete.” 911planeshoax. com

  2. TFS…totally fucking stupid….pure disinformation….purposeful…and obscene

  3. Notice that when the israelis fired missiles at gaza apartment buildings killing over 200 people it barely registered in the media. but this condo collapse has dominated headlies for two weeks!

    I think Florida was karmic retribution for Gaza but the lamestream media will never admit it.

  4. We did contact the manufacturers of nanothermite based on a recommendation from Bollyn. One tablespoon was made on the ISS, at 6 microns, for the DOE and Darpa and tested as a propellant. It was found to be ineffective. The story was that someone stripped the WTC of its cladding and interior walls…elves and painted it with 300,000 tons of nanothermite powered by 100,000 ignition devices using 9 volt batteries with those little snaps on them.

    The evidence, misconstrued by Jones, who worked at Los Alamos as a weapons trigger designer for nuclear weapons, proved a nuclear explosion, not use of a non-existent thermitic compound and tens of thousands of greedy little elves.

    Seems we have struck a nerve again at VT and that Israel’s boy on the comment boards has done us another favor.

  5. silly. The nanothermite myth is typically peddled by Israeli shills. Curious.

  6. The zionist unit just is taking advantage of collapse for test their software, they not help anyone if at same time they are not taking advantage in some way

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