A History Lesson for the Pope, on Freemasonry, War and Zionism


By David Pidscock for VT

Dear Pope Francis, Peace be with you.

It would appear from your current range of activities that you are completely unaware that the events unfolding in today’s Middle East (Iraq & Syria) are, according to the only reliable prophecies, the prelude to the Second Coming of Christ Jesus the Son of Mary – May Almighty God’s blessings be showered upon them both.

These events were triggered in 1666, when the penultimate false Messiah Shabbetai Zevi/Zvi tried to retake control of the Holy Land without the credentials and or the authority to do so.

Zev/Zvi was a Sephardic ordained rabbi, of Greco/Romaniote origin and a kabbalist, who was active throughout the Ottoman Empire and, as mentioned, claimed to be the long-awaited Jewish Messiah. He was the founder of the Sabbatean movement, and subsequently the Dönmeh i.e. crypto-Jews who were primarily based in Salonica / Thesalonica, from where – in July 1908, according to the British Embassy in Constantinople – 70,000 “YOUNG TURKS”, all of whom were illegitimate Semitic (Masonic) Jews (i.e. Sons of Isaac) actually seized control of the Ottöman Empire on July the 8th of that year and with it took control of Palestine and Jerusalem. I covered this event in my book -Satanic Voices – Ancient &

Modern – which was our response to SATANIC VERSES by Salman Rushdie. In which we were able to highlight the importance of recognising and understanding the significance of the prophetic guidance provided by Almighty God, through His final Messenger Muhammad – whose advent was announced by Christ Jesus the son of Mary Peace be upon them – Muhammad being the final Messenger with the final Message to all mankind who establish his credentials by fulfilling all the criteria set out for him in Deuteronomy 18:1820 right upto the Day of Judgement – Which, God Willing,  we will illustrate shortly. Note: Tell Aviv was founded the very next year by the Yishuv in 1909.


The road to hell is paved with bad intentions

  • By our mockeries and our attacks upon them, we shall make their priests ridiculous then odious, and then their religion as ridiculous and as odious as their clergy. [‘The Luciferian Doctrine’, better known as ‘The Protocols of the learned elders of Zion’ or ‘Sion’]
  • There must be no let up in the war against religion, because as long as religions exist, communism cannot prevail. We must intensify the destruction of all religions, wherever they are being practiced and taught. [Mikhail Gorbachev, on the 25th of November 1986 to officials and military personnel in Uzbekistan]
  • Film, the most expensive art form, is the least subversive. Bergman, Fellini and others made the most successful secular revolts into the territory of the sacred; I prefer the greater possibilities of the novel.” [Salman Rushdie via Harold Pinter]
  • Marx will surely chase God from his heaven, and will even sue Him. [George Jung ’Conversations with Marx & Engels’]
  • Satan is the first freethinker and Saviour of the world. He frees Adam and impresses the seal of humanity and liberty on his forehead, by making him disobedient. [Bukharin: Anarchist Satanist and associate friend of Marx in the First International]
  • Then answered Jesus: “Verily I say unto you, Satan ever seeketh to annul the laws of God; and therefore he with his followers, hypocrites and evil doers, the former with false doctrine, the latter with lewd living, today have contaminated almost all things, so that scarcely is the truth found. Woe to the hypocrites; for the praises of this world shall turn into the insults of hell.” From The Authentic Canonical Gospel of Barnabas (Banned however – since 325 AD)



Revised Edition

By David [Daud Musa] Pidcock ISBN 1-871012-03-1

 In our chapter entitled CARVED TURKEY –  HOW THE EAST WAS LOST I set out the following 1910 account, courtesy of the British

Embassy in Constantinople

CARVED  TURKEY or How  The  East  Was  Lost SECRET.

From  Sir  Gerard  Lowther  to  Sir  Charles  Harding

(Private  and  Confidential)

British Embassy


May 29, 1910

“Dear  Charles, Gorst’s  telegram  of  the  23rd  April  about  the  rumored appointment  of  Mohamed  Farid  as  delegate  in  Egypt  of  the Constantinople  Freemasons,  “said  to  be  intimately  connected with  the committee  of  Union  and  Progress”,  prompts  me  to write  to  you  at  some length  on  the  strain  of  continental Freemasonry  running  through  the Young  Turk  movement. I  do  so  privately  and  confidentially,  as  this  new Freemasonry  in  Turkey,  unlike  that  of  England  and  America, is  in great  part  secret  and  political,  and  information  on the  subject  is  only available  in  strict  confidence,  while those  who  betray  its  political secrets  seem  to  stand  in  fear of  the  hand  of  the  Mafia.

Some  days ago  a  local  Mason  who divulged  the  signs  of  the  craft  was  actually threatened  with being  sent  before  a  court-martial,  sitting  in  virtue  of our state  of  siege. As  you  are  aware,  the  Young  Turkey  movement  in Paris  was quite  separate  from  and  in  great  part  in  ignorance  of  the inner  workings  of  that  in  Salonica.  The  latter  has  a population  of about  140,000,  of  whom  80,000  are  Spanish Jews,  and  20,000  of  the sect  of  Sabetai  Levi  (Zvi/Zevi) or Crypto-Jews,  who  externally  profess Islamism.  Many  of  the former  have  in  the  past  acquired  Italian Nationality  and  are Freemasons  affiliated  to  Italian  Lodges.  Nathan,  the Jewish Lord  Mayor  of  Rome,  is  high  up  in  Masonry,  and  the  Jewish Premiers  Luzzati  and  Sonnino,  and  other  Jewish  senators  and deputies,  are  also,  it  appears,  Masons.

They  claim  to  have been founded  from  and  to  follow  the  ritual  of  the  “Ancient Scottish…The inspiration  of  the  movement  in  Salonica  would  seem to  have  been mainly  Jewish  while  the  words  “Liberté,”  “Equalité”,  and “Fraternité”, the  motto  of  the  young  Turks,  are  also  the device  of  Italian Freemasons… Shortly  after  the  revolution in    Ju l  y    19  0  8,  when  the Committee  established  itself  in Constantinople,  it  soon  became  known that  many  of  its leading  members  were  Freemasons…  it  was  noticed that  Jews of  all  colours,  native  and  foreign,  were  enthusiastic supporters  of  the  new  dispensation,  till,  as  a  Turk expressed  it,  every Hebrew  became  a  potential  spy  of  the occult  (Balkan)  Committee,  and people  began  to  remark  that the movement  was  rather  a  Jewish  than Turkish  Revolution…”

The  Gorst,  mentioned  by  Sir  Gerard  Lowther  to  Sir  Charles Harding was  none  other  than  Sir  Eldon  Gorst,  who  in  1907  had replaced  Lord Cromer  as  Chief  British  Agent  and  Consul-General  in  Cairo,  a  post

Cromer  had  held  from  1883. Cromer being – Evelyn Baring of the Baring Banking dynasty.  Gorst had  good  reason  to  be  concerned  about  the activities  of  the “Committee  of  Union  and  Progress”,  because, according  to ‘The  Times  History  of  The  War’,  [Vol  3,  pages  281-3], during his  tenure  of  office  the  Christian  Premier,  Butros  Pasha Ghali, was  assassinated  by  a  student  connected  with  that same  JudeoMasonic  organisation,  which  as  we  now  know, according  to  Sir  Gerard

Lowther,  was  serving  strictly  Occult Secular Jewish ambitions.  The ‘Times  History’  goes  on  to  say:-  “After  the sadly  premature  death  of

Sir  Eldon  Gorst,  Lord  Kitchener  was appointed  in  his  stead.”

Sir  Gerard’s  warning  from  his  vantage  point  at  the  British Embassy  in Constantinople  endorses  Lady  Queenborough’s contention  that  the powers  that  had  taken  over  Turkey constituted  an  anti-Torah Occult (Masonic)  Theocracy.  In  her  book  of that  title,  in  the  section concerned  with  Associations  of the  20th  Century,  Chapter  CXIII,  page 585,  entitled  ‘The Young  Turk  Movement’,  she  makes  the  following observation:- “Not  till  1900,  when  the  Grand  Orient  virtually  took  over the Young  Turk  Party  which  was  composed  chiefly  of  Jews, Greeks and  Armenians,  did  this  movement  assume  a  serious aspect.”

Vicomte  Leon  de  Poncins  in  ‘The  Secret  Powers  behind  the

Revolution’  [page  66],  giving  the  history  and  origin  of  the ‘Young  Turk’ Movement,  adds  the  following  information,  taken from  the  Masonic organ  of  the  Grand  Orient:- “The  Acacia  October  1908: A  secret  Young Turk  council  was  formed  and  the  whole movement  was  directed  from Salonica.  Salonica,  the  most Jewish  town  in  Europe  –  70,000  Jews out  of  a  population  of 100,000  –  was  specially  suited  for  the  purpose. It  already contained  several  Lodges,  in  which  the  revolutionaries  could work  without  being  disturbed.  These  Lodges  are  under  the Protection of  European  diplomacy.  And  as  the  Sultan  was without  weapons against  them,  his  fall  was  inevitable…  On the  1st  May,  1909,  the representatives  of  45  Turkish  Lodges met  in  Constantinople  and founded  the  ‘Grand  Orient Ottoman’.  Mahmoud  Orphi  Pasha  was nominated  Grand  Master…) Mustapha Kamal Ataturk was from Salonica.

“To  complete  this  information”,  says  Lady  Queenborough,  “we may  add that  two  of  the  Salonica  lodges,  those  of  Macedonia and  Labour  & Lux  were  connected  with  the  Grand  Orient  of Italy  and  France.”

The  above  extracts,  are  from  official / authentic  documents,  one  from Sir  Gerard  Lowther  of  the  British  Embassy  in  Constantinople, the other,  from  an  official  Masonic  publication.  Both confirm  that  the  City of  Constantinople  fell  to  an  army  of between  70,000  and  80,000 occult  Masonic  Jews  and  20,000 crypto-Muslim  Jews,  without  a  shot being  fired.

Furthermore  these  events  had been clearly foretold by the

Prophet  Muhammad  (Peace be Upon him) some 1300 years  beforehand,  who  also  warned  of The  Great  War (Jihad Akbar)  following it within  6  years  of  its  occurrence,  with  the emergence  of  the  Anti-Christ  one  year  later. In  Sahih  Muslim,  Abu Hurairah (RA),  reported  that  the  Prophet Muhammad  inquired:  “Have you  heard  of  a  city,  of  which  part is  in  the  sea?  Yes, they said [understanding  him  to  mean Constantinople]. He said: “The  Last  Hour shall  not  occur until 70,000  of  the  children  of  Isaac  shall  attack  it. When they  will  come  to  it  they  will  land  down,  but  they  will  not fight with  arms,  or  shower  it  with  projectiles.

They  will  simply say:  ‘There is  no  god  but  Allah,  and  Allah  is  the  Greatest’, and  one  of  its  sides/ defences  will  fall.  They  will  recite  it  for  the second  time:  ‘There  is  no god  but  Allah,  and  Allah  is  The Greatest’,  and  another  side/level  of the  city’s defences will  fall. Afterwards  they  will  recite  for  a  third  time: ‘There  is  no god  but  Allah,  and  Allah  is  the  Greatest’,  and  then  it will be  opened  to  them,  and  they  will  enter  it  and  acquire  booty. While  they  will  be  dividing  the  spoils,  a  proclaimer  will come  to  them and  say:  Verily  Dajjal/Anti-Christ  has  come out. Then they will leave everything  and  return (to him).”

In  the collection entitled Mishkat  al-Masabih the same Hadith  is  quoted with  the following  addition:  “Within  six  years  of this occurrence  watch for/expect  Jihad Akbar ‘The  Great War’.  Then  after  one  more year  the  emergence  of  the  Dajjal (or Anti-Christ)  and  Revolution  which would  enter  every  Arab House,  followed  by  mutual  hatred and hostilities  between  the  Arabs.”

Exactly within the six years prophesied from the fall of Constantinople  to 70,000  (Sons of Isaac) Semitic Jews – the Great  War, i.e. “Jihad Akbar” began right on schedule. As it was exactly 6 years from July 1908 – to July 1914 in which the Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand occurred, which led to the Declaration of War between Britain and Germany which lasted from 28 July 1914 to 11 November 1918. By  November  1st  1914, Britain  had declared  war  on  Turkey  – in response to this came the Caliph Abdul Hamid’s declaration of Jihad Akbar in 1914 against the United Kingdom in favour of Germany and, as previously mentioned,  exactly  within  the  time frame specified  by  The  Prophet  Muhammad  –  peace  be  upon  him – which is what Jesus told us to expect from RasuluLah i.e. Muhammad God’s final Messenger – His Peace and Blessings Be Upon Them Both!

John 14:16, Gospel

[For] I will pray the [Creator], and He will give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.

John 14:26, Gospel

[And] the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, whom the [Creator] will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said to you.

John 15:26, Gospel

[And] when the Comforter has come, whom I will send to you from the [Creator], [even] the Spirit of Truth, which proceeds from the [Creator], he will testify of me.

John 16:7, Gospel

Nevertheless I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Comforter will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send him to you.

John 16:8 – 12, Gospel

And when he has come, he will expose the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgement. Of sin, because they do not believe in me; of righteousness, because I go to my [Creator], and you see me no more; of judgement, because the prince of this world is judged.  I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.


Other significant  events  resulting  from  the  fall  of  the  Islamic Caliphate and  the  rise  of  the  Jewish  Caliphate  are  as follows:-

On  January  5th 1915  the  Turkish  army  was  defeated  in  the Caucasus.

On  August  29th  Italy  declared  war  on  Turkey.  On December 13th

French  and  British  troops  occupied  Salonika. The  Arab  Uprising  in 1916,  the  Balfour  declaration  in  1917, and  the  Bolshevik  revolutions  in the  same  year,  brought  with them  terror  on  a  massive  scale.  Following the  fall  of Jerusalem  on  December  9th  1917,  came  the  destruction  of the Turkish  army  at  Megido  (the eventual place of Armageddon)  on September  19th  1918, culminating  in  the  ‘Peace  to  end  all  peace’conferences  on January  18th  1919,  and  here  again  we  see  the  same well-tried conspiracies  at  work. Before  moving  on,  I  wish  to  give  a third  and  final  account of  the  Young  ‘Turk’  revolution.

This  time  from ‘The  Times History  of  the  War’  [Vol  XIV,  Chapter  CCXVII,  page  308]. This  establishes  conclusively  and  contrary  to  Professor Norman  Cohn’s statements  in his  ‘Warrant  for  Genocide’  that there  is  and  always  was a  Judeo-Masonic  Conspiracy  with  a strong  anti-Islamic,  anti-Orthodox Judeo/Christian  tendency at  work  in  the  world; responsible  for practically all  its past  and  present trials  and  tribulations “the ongoing leaven of the Pharisees”.

The  Times  History of The War – reminds us that :-  “In

European  Turkey  the  Spanish Jews,  or  Sephardim,  as  they  call themselves,  found  two conditions  essential  for  their  prosperity  –  a benevolent government  and  a  country  in  a  low  state  of  economic development.  They  settled  in  the  chief  commercial  centres  Constantinople,  Uskub,  Sarajevo  and  above  all  Salonika  –  and rapidly supplanted  Greeks,  Venetians,  Genoese  and  Ragusans.” “The settlement  of  the  Sephardim  in  Rumelia  was  a noteworthy  epoch  in the  history  of  the  Jews,  for  it  marked the  first  retracing  of  their  steps in  the  direction  of  Zion. But  these  Sephardim  never  girded  themselves for  the  final stages  of  the  road.”

“Salonika, with its 80,000  Jews  [70,000.  on  page  11,  Vol XII]  speaking their  inherited  Spanish  dialect,  was  already  a Jewish  home;  and  who could  expect  a  Jew,  with  his  history  of wandering  behind  him,  to abandon  lightly  so  fair  an  asylum? Loyalty  and  material  interest combined  to  make  the  Sephardim stay  where  they  were  and  stand by  the  Turks.  They  became linked  to  the  Turks  more  intimately through  a  crypto-Jewish Moslem  community,  the  Dönmeh,  descended from  Sephardim converted  in  the  seventeenth  century.”

“The  Dönmeh  were  represented  by  [Turkey’s  finance  minister] Djavid Bey,  the  financier,  on  the  Committee  of  Union  and Progress,  and through  Oriental  Free  Masonry,  which  they controlled,  the  Salonika Sephardim  were associated  from  the beginning  with  the  Young  Turkish movement.  In  Turkey  as  in Hungary,  and  from  the  same  mixed motives  of  gratitude  and ambition,  they  threw  in  their  lot  with  the ruling  race,  and they  supplied  the  intellectual  element  in  the  new Turkish Nationalism.”

“The  author  of  the  standard  exposition  of  the  ‘Pan-Turanian Movement’,  who  calls  himself  by  the  pure  Turkish  name  of ‘Tekin Alp’,  is  believed  to  have  been  a  Salonika  Jew;  and there  is  also reason  to  suppose  that  the  secularising,  anti-Islamic  tendency which  is  so  remarkable  a  feature  in  Pan- Turanianism  was  partly the  effect  of  this  Jewish  influence.”

In  1881  the  Ottoman  Debt  had  been  consolidated  and  reduced to £160,000,000  Sterling.  It  was  administered  by  a commission  of  the Public  Debt,  representing  the  creditors and  under  the  control  of France  and  England.  The  Commission ran  the  State  Monopolies  on Salt,  Tobacco,  etc.,  as  well  as the  collection  of  various  taxes.  “ The whole  system  impaired Turkey’s  sovereign  rights.”  [The  Diaries  of Theodor  Herzl, page  139]

On  June  17th  1896,  on  the  Orient  Express,  that  other wandering

Jew,  Theodor  Herzl  wrote  in  his  Diaries: “Nevlinski  believes  that  the Sultan’s  only  salvation  lies  in an  alliance  with  the  Young  Turks  who  for  their  part  are  on good  terms  with  the  Macedonians, Cretans,  Armenians,  etc., and  in  putting  through  reforms  with their  help.  He  had  given this  counsel  to  the  Sultan  in  a  report.  I [Theodor  Herzl] said,  that  in  addition  to  this  program  he  should provide with  Jewish  help,  the  means  to  carry  it  out….Let  the Sultan  give  us  that  parcel  of  land  [Palestine]  and in  return  we would  set  his  house  in  order,  regulate  his finances,  and influence  world  opinion  in  his  favour…”

“Unprepared  as  I  was,  I  merely  said  to  him  that  we  were figuring that  we  could  give  some  20  million  pounds  for Palestine…We  devoted 20  million  Turkish  pounds  towards  the regularisation  of  the  Turkish finances.  Of  that  sum  we  give two  millions  in  exchange  for  Palestine –  the  amount  being based  on  a  capitalisation  of  its  present  annual revenue (T80,000).  With  the  remaining  18  millions  we  free  Turkey from the  European-controlled  Commission.”  [Sir  Vincent  Henry Pensalver Caillard  was  one  of  the  heads  of  the  Ottoman Public  Debt  Council]

“The  first  four  categories  of  bond-holders  are  induced  by the privileges  we  grant  them  –  viz:  increased  rates  of interest,  extension of  amortisation period,  etc.  –  to  agree to  the  suppression  of  the Commission.”  [The  Diaries  of Theodor  Herzl,  pages  140-141]

The  above  confirms  the  following  statement  by  the  former Bank  of England  director  Lord  Stamp:  “Banking  was  conceived in  iniquity  and born  in  sin.  Bankers  own  the  earth.  Take  it away  from  them,  but leave  them  with  the  power  to  create credit,  and  with  a  flick  of  the pen  they  will  create  enough money  to  buy  it  all  back  again.  Take this  power  away  from them,  and  all  the  great  fortunes  like  mine would  disappear, and  they  ought  to  disappear,  for  then  this  world would  be  a happier  and  better  world  to  live  in.  But  if  you  wish  to remain  the  slaves  of  bankers  and  pay  the  cost  of  your  own slavery, then  continue  to  let  bankers  control  money  and control  credit.”

T.E. Lawrence admitted that his betrayal of the Arabs was: “unfortunate but necessary for a Cheap and Speedy Victory over Petroleum rights/revenues in Mesopotamia.”

Regardless of which school of thought they may adhere to – the abysmal failure of all Muslims to join up the dots set out in the Sahih Muslim collection of Hadith explains why they were so convincingly deceived by the British French – American & Judeo Masonic forces running Turkey and “influencing world opinion” and the rest of the so-called civilised world to always act in Israel’s favour.

Note that it was not until the year 2000 that the Prophecies/Hadith covering the time after 1908-1916 and covering the intervening period upto and beyond 2019 were uncovered in a Library in Turkey, having been compiled in the year 300 Hijri / 913 AD in Medina in what is now referred to as Saudi Arabia, but like the original Aramaic Gospel of Barnabas were similarly secreted in Turkish archives, which your predecessor Pope Benedict XVI expressed considerable interest in obtaining, which I will come to following the completion of these all important prophetic revelations involving the following pertinacious individuals.


The source of this narration, is a rare hand-written book (manuscript), dated around 300 years after the Hijra (circa 916AD) and is found today, in Istanbul,

Turkey, in the *Süleymaniye Library, under the section listed as “Islamic Manuscripts 3664/ Al-Medina Al-Munawara”.

14- In a rare hand written book dated around 300 years after the Hijra, in the Islamic Library *Süleymaniye “Kitab Khana” of

Istanbul in the book Al Mehdi on the Doorstep, there is a narration reported from Abu Huraira [RA] who said ” The war at the end of time will be a world war and will come after two previous ones in which much will perish. The first will be started by one whose nick name will be the “great one” (Kaiser/Emperor), then the world will speak the name Hitler…..after the Hijri year 1300 and a few tens of years the ruler of the Romans will see that that a world war must happen (World War 1 occurred 32 years later in 1332 Hijri/1914 AD), and Allah shall will it to happen.

Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941), Germany’s last Kaiser, was born in Potsdam in 1859, the son of Frederick III and Victoria, daughter of Britain’s Queen Victoria.

Wilhelm’s upbringing was strict and authoritarian.  He was educated first at the Kassel Gymnasium and then at the University of Bonn.

Wilhelm became emperor of Germany in 1888 following the death of Frederick II.  At the time of his accession Otto von Bismarck was still German Chancellor; however he was effectively dismissed from office by Wilhelm II two years later.  The elderly Bismarck proved unable – or unwilling – to manipulate the new Kaiser as he had his predecessor.

Wilhelm was an overtly militaristic man, and believed fervently in increasing the strength of Germany’s armed forces.  In particular he was keen to develop a German navy the equal of Britain’s Royal Navy, encouraged by Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz; the latter desire prompted the Liberal administration of the 1900’s to finance rearmament of the Royal Navy.

Wilhelm’s policy towards Britain was by turns contradictory.  Whilst supporting South Africa during the Second Boer War of 1899-1902, he attempted a reconciliation shortly afterwards.  He held a senior position within the British armed forces; and he confessed that he could not envisage a war with Britain.  Yet he publicly criticised King Edward VII, [his cousin and Grand Master at the Grand Lodge of England] whom he described as Satan.  Even after war was declared in August 1914 he wrote that war would never have occurred had Queen Victoria, who died in 1901, still held the British throne.

Wilhelm suffered a nervous breakdown in 1908, consequently playing a lesser role in the government of Germany for the following few years.  Wilhelm was, however, no friend of democracy.

Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on 28 June 1914, Wilhelm and his Chancellor, Theobald von BethmannHollweg, incited Austria-Hungary to exact revenge against Serbia.  Events spiralled throughout July resulting in the First World War [Jihad Akbar] (click here to read Wilhelm’s views of the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum).

Wilhelm appeared not to foresee the consequences of an Austro-Hungarian attack on Serbia, pulling France, Russia and Britain into the war.  Too late he attempted to scale back German involvement: he was firmly dissuaded by the German military.  (Click here to read Wilhelm’s account of the events of July 1914.) Reproduced from the English translation of his memoirs.

After the arrival of the news of the assassination of my friend, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, I gave up going to Kiel for the regatta week and went back home, since I intended to go to Vienna for his funeral.  But I was asked from there to give up this plan.  Later I heard that one of the reasons for this was consideration for my personal safety; to this I naturally would have paid no attention.

Greatly worried on account of the turn which matters might now take, I decided to give up my intended journey to Norway and remain at home.  The Imperial Chancellor and the Foreign Office held a view contrary to mine and wished me to undertake the journey, as they considered that it would have a quieting effect on all Europe.

For a long time I argued against going away from my country at a time when the future was so unsettled, but Imperial Chancellor von Bethmann told me, in short and concise terms, that if I were now to give up my travel plans, which were already widely known, this would make the situation appear more serious than it had been up to that moment and possibly lead to the outbreak of war, for which I might be held responsible; that the whole world was merely waiting to be put out of suspense by the news that I, in spite of the situation had quietly gone on my trip.

Thereupon I consulted the Chief of the General Staff, and, when he also proved to be calm and unworried regarding the state of affairs and himself asked for a summer leave of absence to go to Carlsbad, I decided, though with a heavy heart, upon my departure.

The much-discussed so-called Potsdam Crown Council of July 5th in reality never took place.  It is an invention of malevolent persons.  Naturally, before my departure, I received, as was my custom, some of the Ministers individually, in order to hear from them reports concerning their departments.  Neither was there any council of Ministers and there was no talk about war preparations at a single one of the conferences.

My fleet was cruising in the Norwegian fjords, as usual, while I was on my summer vacation trip.  During my stay at Balholm l received only meagre news from the Foreign Office and was obliged to rely principally on the Norwegian newspapers, from which I got the impression that the situation was growing worse.  I telegraphed repeatedly to the Chancellor and the Foreign Office that I considered it advisable to return home, but was asked each time not to interrupt my journey.

When I learned that the English fleet had not dispersed after the review at Spithead, but had remained concentrated, I telegraphed again to Berlin that I considered my return necessary. My opinion was not shared there.

But when, after that, I learned from the Norwegian newspapers – not from Berlin – about the Austrian ultimatum to Serbia, and, immediately thereafter, about the Serbian note to Austria, I started without further ado upon my return journey and commanded the fleet to repair to Wilhelmshaven.

Upon my departure I learned from a Norwegian source that it was said that a part of the English fleet had left secretly for Norway in order to capture me (though peace still reigned!). It is significant that Sir Edward Goschen, the English Ambassador, was informed on July 26th at the Foreign Office that my return journey, undertaken on my own initiative, was to be regretted, since agitating rumours might be caused by it.

Upon my arrival at Potsdam I found the Chancellor and the Foreign Office in conflict with the Chief of the General Staff, since General von Moltke was of the opinion that war was sure to break out, whereas the other two stuck firmly to their view that things would not get to such a bad pass, that there would be some way of avoiding war, provided I did not order mobilization.

This dispute kept up steadily.  Not until General von Moltke announced that the Russians had set fire to their frontier posts, torn up the frontier railway tracks, and posted red mobilization notices did a light break upon the diplomats in the Wilhelmstrasse and bring about their own collapse and that of their powers of resistance.  They had not wished to believe in the war.

This shows plainly how little we had expected – much less prepared for – war in

July, 1914.  When, in the spring of 1914, Czar Nicholas II was questioned by his Court Marshal as to his spring and summer plans, he replied: “He resterai chez moi cette année parce que nous aurons la guerre” (“I shall stay at home this year because we shall have war”).  (This fact, it is said, was reported to Imperial Chancellor von Bethmann; I heard nothing about it then and learned about it for the first time in November, 1918.)

This was the same Czar [and relative] who gave me, on two separate occasions – at Björkö and Baltisch-Port – entirely without being pressed by me and in a way that surprised me, his word of honour as a sovereign, to which he added weight by a clasp of the hand and an embrace, that he would never draw his sword against the German Emperor – least of all as an ally of England – in case a war should break out in Europe, owing to his gratitude to the German Emperor for his attitude in the Russo-Japanese War, in which England alone had involved Russia, adding that he hated England, since she had done him and Russia a great wrong by inciting Japan against them.

At the very time that the Czar was announcing his summer war program I was busy at Corfu excavating antiquities; then I went to Wiesbaden, and, finally, to Norway.  A monarch who wishes war and prepares it in such a way that he can suddenly fall upon his neighbours – a task requiring long secret mobilization preparations and concentration of troops – does not spend months outside his own country and does not allow his Chief of the General Staff to go to Carlsbad on leave of absence.  My enemies, in the meantime, planned their preparations for an attack.

Our entire diplomatic machine failed.  The menace of war was not seen because the Foreign Office was so hypnotized with its idea of “surtout pas d’histoires” (“above all, no stories”), its belief in peace at any cost, that it had completely eliminated war as a possible instrument of Entente statesmanship from its calculations, and, therefore, did not rightly estimate the importance of the signs of war.

Wilhelm operated as Commander in Chief of the German armed forces throughout the war.  Notwithstanding this, the German military operated under its own effective control: Wilhelm was essentially a figurehead.  Wilhelm opposed the replacement of Erich Falkenhayn with Paul von Hindenburg in August 1916, but the dismissal of Falkenhayn took place nonetheless.

Despite the great push of Spring 1918, which nearly won the war for Germany, Germany’s ability to win the war in 1918 collapsed, as U.S. involvement took on real form, and shortages at home in Germany spun out of control.  It became clear that Germany was set to lose the war.

With revolution spreading to Berlin, Wilhelm was forced to abdicate on 9 November 1918.  Chancellor Max von Baden pre-empted Wilhelm’s decision by announcing his abdication to the public.  Wilhelm sought exile in Holland, where he lived for the rest of his life.  Holland refused to extradite Wilhelm as a war criminal to the Allies following the Armistice.

The text of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s abdication proclamation: “I herewith renounce for all time claims to the throne of Prussia and to the German Imperial throne connected therewith.  At the same time I release all officials of the German Empire and of Prussia, as well as all officers, non-commissioned officers and men of the navy and of the Prussian army, as well as the troops of the federated states of Germany, from the oath of fidelity which they tendered to me as their Emperor, King and Commander-in-Chief.  I expect of them that until the re-establishment of order in the German Empire they shall render assistance to those in actual power in Germany, in protecting the German people from the threatening dangers of anarchy, famine, and foreign rule”. Proclaimed under our own hand and with the imperial seal attached.

Amerongen, 28 November, 1918

Signed WILLIAM With Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, Wilhelm harboured hopes of restoration of his throne, and made tentative representations to that effect; they came to naught.  Even so, Wilhelm supported German nationalism as personified by Hitler.

Wilhelm wrote two volumes of memoirs during the 1920’s.  Memoirs 18781918 was published in 1922, and My Early Life followed in 1926.

Kaiser Wilhelm II died in 1941. Click here to view film footage of the Kaiser in 1913 at a military gathering; click here to view footage of him meeting with his Generals the same year; click here to view footage of the Kaiser with his generals after war had been declared in August 1914.

Click here to read the Kaiser’s views on the use of force in northern

France.  Click here to read Wilhelm’s letter to U.S. President Woodrow Wilson on the use of ‘Dum Dum’ bullets in Belgium in 1914.  Click here to read his telegram of congratulation to Crown Prince Wilhelm following the French failure at the Aisne and Champagne in April 1917.

Click here and here to read Wilhelm’s appeals to the German Army as defeat approached in October 1918.  Click here to read Wilhelm’s proclamation announcing a representative form of government in late October 1918.  Click hereto read the Kaiser’s views on seeking exile in Holland.

https://www.google.co.uk/search? q=kaiser+wilhelm&aq=1&oq=Kaiser&aqs=chrome.3.57j5j0l2j62l2.5624&suge xp=chrome,mod=10&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

HADITH “….And a few more tens of years shall pass and a man will appear (1351Hijri = 1933) as a scourge on the Romans who will come from the land called German, his name is like “Herr”, he will wish to rule the world, and will fight all in the land of ice and bounty (Russia), and then the wrath of Allah will reach him after years of fire, he is then killed by the secret Russians (or secret forces of the Russians NKGB/KGB) – In the Observer October 6th 2002, Ellena Reskvaya published an account of how she took Hitler’s jaw for dental records and part of a skull, to Stalin in 1945. After the death of Stalin, she informed Marshall Zukov, of their existence in 1965, apparently Stalin had withheld this information from Zukov, maliciously chiding him for having failed in finding Hitler, in 1945, this was confirmed in 2009, by Josephine Bacon, who co-translated the original KGB archives – published in that same year – under the title: HITLER’S DEATH).










“Only one enigma remained, that could not have been guessed at. The fact that the top of Hitler’s skull, which had been concealed immediately the Russians found it sometime later, contained a bullet hole. HITLER’S DEATH explains why the wound was in a position which, according to some forensic experts, would have been difficult, if not impossible to reach by a person committing suicide. HITLER’S DEATH is the final word on the subject, the sort of material that any lawyer would want to see as conclusive evidence when preparing a case.

It has taken 60 years to uncover the truth”.

Josephine Bacon




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