Hilarious: ‘Trump Just Dropped a Bombshell About the Stock Market Tanking’ (Stocks are at an all time high)


Trump Just Dropped A BOMBSHELL About The Stock Market Tanking!

Not sure if you noticed it yesterday, but the DOW took a huge dip as the mainstream media continues to ramp up fears of the COVID virus. Of course, this has investors panicking since they are being told by the suits on television that the virus is the black plague 24 hours a day.

Well, Trump has now weighed in on the stock market plummeting and it is exactly what we all needed to hear and also makes you miss the man even more.

President Trump called out China for its role in the virus and allowing it to spread the way it has all around the globe.

The theory that it was leaked out from a lab in China is continuing to grow as more evidence points to that as being fact and not just a wild theory on the internet.


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  1. Just the milking of the herd. New highs? Inflation(monetary collapse), they mean. A new threat is needed to finish the job? Some countries/economic sectors not compromised economically enough?…they’ll surely see a resurgence or even another new variant. New vaccines all around? Never let a good ‘crisis’ go to waste?, especially when there are billions to be made! Under Trump, this would likely have been a rapid collapse, with his BFFs reveling in the chaos. But, now with Biden…it’s a slow motion collapse, their cabal’s manipulations ensuring control over desirable entities as the ‘controlled demolition’ progresses. There hasn’t been an uncontrolled stock market for 100 years…just as there hasn’t been a recession or depression that was not contrived in the same period, at the very least. The fun and games are only going to get even more interesting…and the lies, well…enter Bill Casey. As for Trumps comment…just gotta keep stirring the pot and keep the scam going…and so it goes.

  2. this is the time I get up to load trades… for the last couple months (i trade on TSX – US is stupid) 70% of issues that I trak – hav been red.. in the verious serious %% red… the markets are risky.. the markets may B up.. but the storks are not delivering more than 3% ::: long -short – split board short on long — You will experience early death chasing 5 to 8%

    usual case in point about markets up – here its dividends !!

    Shell Midstream Partners has a o.46 Divident coming up in Aug-1 [SHLX].. i loaded for 100 shares around 04:30 am/MKT.. i also loaded 4 a snatch RY.PR.R (Royal Rank Ca} a side streamer [zero coupon bond / eq]… buy a little low w the owl – mabey get luky w an uptik B4 ex Date ???

    around 645 i say”’ “WTF” I “serious red in shell.. this is a pipeline w a divident / they had cut theior divident to o.30.. this is whats making the markets appear UP… also – i pay my broker service a pretty good chunk of change for multi-surce news.. i can’t open 35 or 40 storks fast enuff to keep up..

    the markets are extremly dangerous and there is simply nothing 8% about them…

    kinda like the vaccina ! Fabio provides updates from italy – he sites his sources.. and he is pretty close to the mark..

    doo Ur own Dmned DD..

  3. Here is a take on getting this (lab created virus) under control.
    Get a free vaccination and you can enter a hospital. Refuse an eligible vaccination and you are denied entry to hospitals. Make exceptions for reasonable vaccination hesitation ie immunocompromised individuals.

    • Sounds like something the fiends who developed this bioweapon in the first place would do to increase its effectiveness. This virus was created to cull the human herd of the elderly, the already infirm, and those too stupid to live. The first version was very effective. The new Delta version, will be even more so. It continues to be deployed right up to the present day in the Red states.

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