Be careful, Arizona Republicans. The DOJ just made clear your phony election audit is on thin ice.

Washington Post opinion … Jennifer Rubin, columnist

[ Editor’s Note: Maybe I am missing something here, but it seems obvious to me regarding these election audits, that due to the Civil Rights violation concerns, we need to have an independent evaluated ‘show cause’ court process on the front end to prevent partisan state governments from engaging in this abusive behavior again.

And then, if an audit were to proceed, we need official ‘audit watchers’ involved in every step of the process so we don’t end up with the circus we have now in Arizona, where the Trump election abuse machine wants to crank up these audits all across the country.

These audits are a fountain of free publicity and for fundraising. If we don’t get a handle on this during the current 2022 election cycle, we could find this post election audit mess waiting for us every time Republicans lose elections.

These election audits are actually a bigger threat to the country than January 6th, as that was a just one day event. The chaos of election fraud reporting 365 days per year obviously serves the minority party now, and if the Repubs were to gain power, they would want to stop doing audits ‘for the good of the country’.

We have to win this fight now…as the odds go down the longer it keeps running. Cross your fingers that the federal judges can save us, and in a timely fashion.

As for revenge, think conspiracy charges, that this scam was dreamed up with more than a few people involved, where we need to look for insiders who can testify to that… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … July 29, 2021

The Justice Department stepped up its visibility on the enforcement of voting rights on Wednesday, issuing new guidance on efforts by Republicans to curb access to the ballot and to stage phony election audits.

…In a swipe at the unprofessional audit underway in Maricopa County, Ariz., the department stated: “Where election records leave the control of elections officials, the systems for maintaining the security, integrity and chain of custody of those records can easily be broken.”

It added that the “risk of the records being lost, stolen, altered, compromised, or destroyed . . . is exacerbated if the election records are given to private actors who have neither experience nor expertise in handling such records and who are unfamiliar with the obligations imposed by federal law.”

The department also made clear it is prepared to enforce criminal penalties for violation of these document retention requirements. That is clearly a shot across the bow of the Arizona Republicans, who have allowed an inexperienced outfit led by conspiracy theorists to rifle through ballots and despoil voting machines.

Further, the department warned against various forms of voting intimidation that violate federal law, again signaling that phony GOP audits, especially Arizona’s, are on thin ice.

You can read the full article at WaPo here.


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  1. The GOP needs to answer for 9/11 and the insurrection. We are done. Enough is enough.

    Where are the adults ?

    • I have been thinking that some of these anti-voting new laws the opposition overplayed. The ID part should not be a big deal for the Dems as you just organize in your canvasing to make sure you help people get that done. Trickier is new arrivals as voting is not the top thing on their list when getting settled in a new place.

  2. Republicans know that because of changing voter demographics in the USA and mail-in voting, they will never win another national election. This is what Lindsey Graham actually said following the 2020 election. At this point they’ve given up on democracy and will do anything they can to suppress the Democratic vote, including these phony audits. They want Republicans to decide who should vote and who shouldn’t vote. The Department of Justice has to step in and stop this transparent power-grab.

    • At the end of the day the courts are going to have a lot to say on this, starting with clearing prosecution of the grifter election steal entourage. Losing elections is one thing, but have a lot of people and lawyers from your party getting charged, convicted and sent to jail will take all of the fun out of ‘attack on democracy’ that were are in the middle of now. The bright spot I feel will could become the key swing vote constituency. The Repubs are planning that the court issue will drag on past the 2024 election which if they do better in 2002 and 2024, whatever they lost in the interim they will just steal back again.

    • You are correct that independents are swinging Democrat in droves. This is happening especially in Arizona where they have had it with the crazy Trumpsters trying to control the elections. This will also galvanize Democrats to get out the vote in 2022.

    • It is still painful to side with ‘the lesser of two evils’. We should be so past these two corrupted parties. And these days it is inappropriate to say, like it’s a bad thing, I can’t take it I the ass anymore.

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