Today’s Map of America’s ‘Most stupid, least American’


VT: We get the emails every day, some clearly funded by Russian ‘troll houses,’ others out of Israel and some simply from American haters.  They accuse Fauci, say he spread COVID himself, blame Soros, famous anti-Zionist/anti-Neocon, easy target for sayanim and they attack the vaccines.

If you resend fake studies from day old websites, fake journals or claim you know “lots of doctors” who say vaccines are evil…chances are you are a psychopath.

Analogy? Driving 90 miles per hour on a sidewalk…blindfolded….school zone…3pm…

One county we check, Ottawa in West Michigan, has 70% vaccinations and is 85% GOP but “affluent” and “educated” GOP except for backward rural areas around Zeeland and Jenison.

Tomorrow, the largest event in the world begins in Grand Haven, the annual Coast Guard Festival.  It didn’t used to be the biggest…attendance may hit 400,000 by Saturday.

It is now.

No masks, no restrictions and there is no question, of those visiting, a dozen will die, 500 will be infected, even more but none that die will be vaccinated.  Zero.

Some vaccinated may “test positive” but they won’t be sick except for the extremely old…and even they don’t get very sick. Of the dead, one will be a child, two will be under 60.

That’s a small number and numbers like that used to be a tragedy until QAnon and gang convinced many that our current 627,000 dead are mostly crisis actors or “bad people.”  You know they used to accuse lepers of “thinking badly” to make themselves sick.

The issue is simply, people who won’t get vaccinated and find reasons, like hating the computer chips, perhaps even vacuum tubes, put in vials, the mercury, the genetic reprogramming into 5 eared mice…

or who are “rebelling”… are also both ignorant and anti-social.


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  1. VT Editors: YOU and your relatives get the so-called “vaccine” if that is what you WANT to do. I choose NOT to get the “vaccine” because I DO NOT WANT IT. PERIOD.

    You have absolutely no idea of even what the “vaccine” contains. The drug companies have ZERO LIABILITY in conjunction with the use and the results of this “vaccine.”

    Brad Anbro

    • Brad…that’s fine with me. Just don’t got to school, work, shopping or visit anyone because, though your stupidity, you have become a threat to yourself and others. I ride a motorcycle that can do 200 mph…wearing NO protective gear but I don’t ride it through school zones at 200 miles per hour…with NO protective gear.(or otherwise)

      You are saying you would do this because god told you that you are more important than everyone else. I would probably take issue with that.

    • You have the Dunning-Kruger effect syndrome. You are stupid but are too stupid to realize that you are stupid.
      MR=mental retardation. Do you live in the south east?
      In 1993, an estimated 1.5 million persons aged 6-64 years in the United States had MR, and the overall rate of MR was 7.6 cases per 1000 population. State-specific rates varied approximately fivefold (range: 3.0 in Alaska to 16.9 in West Virginia) (Table_1). The 10 states with the highest overall rates of MR were contiguous and located in the East South Central (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee), South Atlantic (West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina), West South Central (Arkansas and Louisiana), and East North Central (Ohio) regions. The states with the lowest rates were in the Pacific and Mountain regions.

      For children, the MR rate was 11.4 per 1000 and varied approximately ninefold (range: 3.2 in New Jersey to 31.4 in Alabama)

  2. Hmmm. . .Interesting. I’m 82 and have only taken a tetanus vaxx when it was required when I had to go on an assignment in Yemen back in the early 90’s. I’ve stated this before, I was in China from 2001 to 2005 in the middle of the SARS-1 and in the ME in 2011 – 2012 during MERS. I never had a runny nose yet mixed with the locals in hotels, work places, airplanes, airports etc. I won’t take this vaxx either and after a yearly checkup the doctor stated based on my history, I probably won’t need to be vaccinated. The diet and holistic natural remedies are better than any chemical injected in my opinion.

  3. Bolshevist menace I see.

    What of those dear Postal Unionists not having mado vaxxes as perhaps Biden should fire them all as I say good luck with that as I remember 1970 as do we really want to go there?

    • See, at the post office even for a major offense cause must be determined before termination….

      Did one delay the mail by not taking the vaxx?

      Mail has been automated like phone calls

      except for a dinosaur like USPS…..

      We can maintain a personal touch

      last mile of delivery ultimate local logistics

      Who is writing their copy? God awful…

  4. VT “No masks, no restrictions and there is no question, of those visiting, a dozen will die, 500 will be infected, even more but none that die will be vaccinated. Zero.
    Some vaccinated may “test positive” but they won’t be sick except for the extremely old…and even they don’t get very sick. Of the dead, one will be a child, two will be under 60.”

    That scenario would certainly be preferable to the more likely described by Dr Hong using US CDC and UK PHE sources ( . Sadly there are deaths in fully vaccinated people, both in the US and UK. He describe US 28,780 hospitalisations with 5914 fully vaccinated hospitalised with serious infections of which 1141 died (CDC said 292 were not covid deaths). As CDC no longer records less severe cases in fully vaccinated, Dr Hong had to use UK data for further analysis and found the majority of deaths are in the over 50s, regardless of vaxxed/unvaxxed status, split about 50:50. Unvaxxed under 50s were the vast majority of new cases, and hospitalisations, but their death rate was very low compared to the over 50s. Full vaxx was more favourable than partial vaxx, and the Delta variant did not appear any more infectious in over or under 50s.

    • You are using fake figures and purposefully misinterpreting them. Cheap shot.

  5. I can’t state that Fauci “spread” COVID himself, but there is enough circumstantial evidence,and hard suspicions to think Fauci is deeply involved on Covid affair in some way from the beginning

    • You can tell when Fauci is lying – his mouth is open. This maniac needs to be arrested and charged with Crimes against Humanity and you need to throw in Gates and Big Pharma. Look at his HIV/AID program and AZT mess that has killed many – not much different from Covid-19 and the Vaxx.

    • Dbooger, Bill “the farmer” Gates is owner over 300,000 acres best agricultural lands in different US states through several investment funds used as front, who knows with what purpose. He’s the bigger landowner in America today….

  6. The absurdity of Trumpsters refusing to be vaccinated is beyond incomprehensible. Gordon Duff reported last June that, “Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the [bioweapon] was deployed against China.” The Times of Israel reported in April of last year that, “the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of that month and drew up a classified document.” They also reported that, “US intelligence informed the Trump administration, ‘which did not deem it of interest.’” Trumpsters, you’ve been conned again.

  7. Although it was not perfect, there was a reason for the fairness doctrine in US media pre-mid 1980s and enforcing anti-trust laws for media (recognizing that that news was still deeply problematic).

    Propaganda is just too powerful a tool in malevolent hands. I think the anti-vaxx hoax network is a grave national security threat and extreme but lawful measures need to be taken to stop it.

    The way things are going a now variant may pop up that could be vaccine resistant. One wonders if that isn’t the actual plan. Or a new even more dangerous virus could be unleashed.

    I think vaccinations need to be almost completely mandatory which is supported by the decision in Jacobson v. Massachusetts, an early 20th century US Supreme Court case, upholding mandatory small pox vaccines in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Should there be a major tax credit for vaxxed persons?

    • I am skeptical of the anti-polio vaccine backstory, especially in light of the massive disinformation campaign with covid. All I know is that hundreds of millions of people safely have received the polio vaccine and it’s saved countless lives.

      Polio has almost been completely eradicated but the anti-vaxx front groups are working to reverse that. I suspect blaming cancer on vaccines is a diversion from what’s in our food, water as well environmental chemicals, even radiation, that we are being bathed in.

  8. My WW 2 father served under Patton in that war as Patton said and Dad agreed that America was on the wrong side of that great war and as full Germans Dad said Hitler was right to destroy the Bulshivist menace.

    He saw first hand what was done to Germany. Now 75 years latter we have a new Bulshivist menace in America run by Russian Jewish Bulsheviks of course documented by VT. So, Russia can go to hell.

  9. America has become a decrepit horse, which is time to shoot? How can someone interfere with your elections, public opinion, statistics on the Internet? Or does your exclusivity prevent you from admitting that you yourself are in shit? Putin told you a Russian proverb: you shouldn’t blame the mirror if your snout looks disgusting. You yourself have become a paradoxical monster. You yourself are the creators of wars, intrigues, human perversions, moral monsters and a mentally unstable audience, LGBT bastards. Your founding fathers are spinning in their graves like a grinder from what you are doing now. Yes, this is my personal opinion. And it is correct!

    • What that Khazars have in common with Slavonic people, Mihail? Right! – Nothing. Tell me, was I wrong about my my first post?

    • Andrew, about Putin mirror proverb, didn’t he meant the Kozyrev mirror this time ?? 🙂

  10. “What gets me is the WAY they are tricking, cajoling, tempting, and even LYING to you to take the shot. If that’s not a signal NOT to take it I don’t know what is?”

    Amazing, isn’t it! The evil couldn’t be more obvious!

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