COVID Vax Safe for Pregnant Women Despite ‘Medical’ Warnings by Creepy Preachers


America’s preachers, the social misfits, sexual predators and pillow peddlers have been feeding off stoking fears in women that they will lose the ability to breed successfully, thus producing more progeny…

though Evangelical Christianity is strong proof that eugenics might have been a good thing after all…

Fact check here

Washington (AFP) – US health authorities urged pregnant women on Wednesday to get inoculated against Covid-19, arguing that the data demonstrates they do not increase the risk of miscarriage.

Rochelle Walensky, director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the agency “encourages all pregnant people or people who are thinking about becoming pregnant and those breastfeeding to get vaccinated to protect themselves from Covid-19.”

“The vaccines are safe and effective, and it has never been more urgent to increase vaccinations as we face the highly transmissible Delta variant and see severe outcomes from Covid-19 among unvaccinated pregnant people,” Walensky said.

According to a recent study, only one in four pregnant women has received at least a first dose of a Covid vaccine.

The CDC said an analysis of current data had found there was not an increased risk of miscarriage among nearly 2,500 pregnant women who received an mRNA Covid-19 vaccine — the type of shots made by Pfizer and Moderna in the United States — before 20 weeks of pregnancy.

It said miscarriage rates among women who received a Covid-19 vaccine were around 13 percent, about the same as the typical miscarriage rate of 11-16 percent of pregnancies.

“The benefits of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine for pregnant people outweigh any known or potential risks,” the CDC said.  Read more..


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  1. Part 1
    So, to be the devil”s advocate:

    A group of women, part of the “normal” miscarriage statistics, of 11-16% miscarriages, is now facing an additional 13% chance of miscarriage. Just thinking out loud of course.

    What is the biggest problem with this hole vaccination affair, is the endlessly politicized information coming from vax and anti vax groups.

    Of course this leaves the huge group of vax-skeptics swept in the antivax bag. For someone like myself, who has been vaccinated from here to kingdom come over his years in the airline industry, but hesitant towards vaccines on an experimental platform, with a somewhat bitter taste in his mouth, specifically when some of this comes from a site he trusts and is written by people who are high on his “respect for” list.

    Sometime ago VT published a little article stating that they had been mandated with protecting freedom.

    Time to start doing that in a manner which not only allows people to have a different opinion, but also to create dialogue based on science and observations from people in the arena of these vaccines. If these vaccines are so efficient, non vaxed people have more to fear from vaccinated people than people vaccinated have to fear from not vaccinated people.

    A vaccine does NOT prevent you from getting infected, but it primes your immune system to deal with the infection efficiently. It does not prevent a vaccinated person from infecting a not vaccinated person.

  2. Part 2
    The crux of this matter is not pro-vax, anti-vax or vaxskeptic, the crux is that FDA, CDC and NIH have a history of “less straightforward” dealings.
    That the US lawmakers (as in many many other countries) are listed as having received accumulative huge amounts of funds from big pharma industries, many of which have lost court cases with huge settlements in favor of their clients, does absolutely not help us to feel confident about their promotional material.
    Place Mr. Fauci”s connections and exposed emails on top of that, and he too, does not inspire much confidence.

    So, I urge VT, to stop the moronazation on an indiscriminate basis and the celebratory posts about another antivaxer or political different thinker’s demise. These people too have kids, parents and spouses staying behind.
    if people would start posting exuberant posts about US military personnel (who joined the military for pay) killed in a country illegally invaded for the big banking and oil industry you would be highly offended, I take it.

    Both are unbecoming!

    Instead assist in opening a door to express concerns and point towards platforms where dialogues can lead to better knowledge and a stop to politicize of efficient vaccines which are “not approved” based on political issues.

    Personally I don’t give a flying fuck if a vaccine is approved or not, I am going for a vaccine which has a proven high percentage of protection based on a non experimental platform.

    • Nice try….a poorly written pack of excuses. Because you love conspiracies, science is wrong and utter assholes paid by the KH are ok. I do love the arrogant tone.

      Put that with a CD and history of being right, which we have, a long history, and then try again.

  3. Remember, COVID-19 was a bioweapon, folks! The new Delta variant is most likely also a bioweapon that is being deployed in red states, especially in Florida and Texas. It is far more effective, as it is dramatically more infectious and goes after children, not just Granny in the nursing home.

    These Republican governors who are banning masks in the schools most likely are members of the Rapture-me-outta-here crowd who also think the Earth was created exactly 6025 years ago and the Sun is its planet. Trump can tell these folks anything and they will believe it. If he tells them to jump off a cliff, they will do it. I hope US citizens are paying attention to who these crazies are come 2022 and the next election.

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