If Doctors Thought Like Anti-Vaxxers

An anti-vaxxer recently told me that she’d never change her mind, even if presented with sound scientific evidence.


Daily Beast: This will come as a surprise to exactly no one who has an IQ greater than that of a cabbage, but medical school was grueling.

The amount of knowledge that we were expected to stuff into our brains was mind-boggling, and it has only grown in size since then. As I sat in lecture after lecture, listening to a professor drone on and on about the Krebs cycle or the microscopic structure of each layer of the intestinal wall, I wondered how I could possibly remember it all. And as I dissected my cadaver in gross anatomy, I felt suffocated by the sheer volume of nerves, arteries, veins, and every detailed part of each organ.

Despite the stress, somehow I managed to get through it. My colleagues and I sat and listened diligently; we studied, we reviewed, and we learned. We came with open minds to understand each system of the body and how they worked individually and with each other. We discovered how those systems can break down, leading to every pathology imaginable.

But imagine how different the education would have been if I had already decided that I knew it all, because I had “researched” it all before.

Several recent discussions on Twitter with antivaccine advocates—none of whom were doctors or nurses—made me wonder. All of these folks claimed they were well-researched, and they held very strong opinions on vaccines, genetically-modified foods, and several other scientific subjects.

They insisted vaccines cause autism and various other diseases (they don’t), and no matter how much evidence I presented to the contrary, their opinions were set rigidly in stone. One even explicitly told me that no matter how much evidence I showed her to the contrary, she would never change her mind on the supposed evils of vaccines.  read more..



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  1. The atmosphere of distrust and disdain, is a product of constant revelations of betrayal.
    This is also compounded by the increasing distance between the average person and the upper levels of the scientific community. Doctors are quite often the best people in a community, but scientists in general, and some dentists, do have a portion that are sadistic or lack empathy in varying degrees. Between government, churches, and scientists, we find betrayal and loss of trust when we find out they have been lying and causing harm. This is warranted, and a healthy lack of trust must exist to correct it, if that is possible. There is too much secrecy. I would say any expectation of blind trust at this point would be justifiably unrealistic.

  2. Thanks for this Mihail, Social media has become a king of ongoing warped Feleni movie where anti-vaxxers who has ‘studied’ on the internet not only equate them selves was equal to doctors on health debates, but superior. And why? Because they found some one on the internet that said so and they have the tweet as ‘proof’. We are missing a core part of this whole debate, and that is the failure of our education system, that stamps people as being educated when VT could put together a very basic “proof that I am educated” test them most of them would have a tought time passing, and there would be no hard questions, and “dellusions” would not be acceptable answers, with punishment of withholding food from the offender. So instead of the idiots engaging in arguing for life we just do what modern society has been doing for a long time, go into court and get a judicial determination, and move on 🙂

  3. Mihail

    Real vets only shake their heads. Some years ago…many…the guy who wrote the book on ‘stolen valor’ asked me to contribute. One hero being used as an example was Daniel K Staggs of 3/26 Marines…one of my good friends. The story had staggs as a “prison counselor” in Jackson Michigan. I knew him as 127362 Staggs doing 60 years for murder and armed robbery. He was murdered in prison by a serial killer. I did, however, do what I could as a state official to help him.

    Now..as for the author of Stolen Valor…a young Lt. not someone I would put up as an example. Those who whined about fake vets were invariably rear echelon types like Navy Seals, Special Forces of folks to oversaw guard details on the docks in Saigon…if you get my inference. I simply feel sorry for fake vets….which is almost all of them.

  4. I wonder if the term ‘anti vax’ should be applied to those who in reality are ‘anti gene modification therapy’.
    Think about it.

    • Makes a lot of sense, as there are those who have had many vaccinations prior to this, who have adamantly refused to get this one because of it’s gene modification therapy.

    • Well Cymr…let’s take that train of thought a little further. Let’s start with how being dead as some extensive ‘gene modification’ aspects, and I would bet you a lot of money I could prove this to a jury. And then I can take a step back and show you how anti-vaccing and lead to Long Covid in children who will spend a lifetime in poor health due to parents who were medical jihadists. I use that term because I read in an article that the Taliban told a CNN female reporter that girls were going to be going to school, but the women told her that would only be ‘religious’ school, but no ‘real schooling’. The Taliban are another form of ‘anti-vaxxers’ when it comes to women’s rights. They have what the Koran says they have, that the Taliban agrees with.

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