Nutcase QAnon cardinal placed on ventilator after spreading microchip conspiracies about vaccines

god has spoked


Raw Story: A right-wing Catholic cardinal who expressed skepticism of the coronavirus vaccines has been placed on a ventilator after his infection with the potentially deadly virus.

Cardinal Raymond Burke was hospitalized in Wisconsin, where he was a bishop from 1994 to 2005, and receiving breathing assistance from a ventilator, reported the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

“Doctors are encouraged by his progress,” someone close to the cardinal tweeted from his Twitter account. “(His Eminence) faithfully prayed the Rosary for those suffering from the virus. On this Vigil of the Assumption, let us now pray the Rosary for him.”

The 73-year-old Burke lives in Rome but became ill while visiting Wisconsin, where he was raised and founded a church in 2008, according to Elizabeth Westhoff, a friend and his former press secretary.

“He certainly is a good and faithful son of the church,” Westhoff said. “He has been a wonderful spiritual father to me and to many, many other people around the world who look to him for orthodox teachings when it comes to issues concerning the church.” Westhoff said she is praying for his full and fast recovery. “Knowing him, I’m sure that he is offering this up, as we say in the church, for those who are suffering from COVID right now along with him.”

The cardinal has expressed skepticism for social distancing and opposed mandatory vaccinations against COVID-19, which he called the “Wuhan virus” in a homily, and in May 2020 spread false claims that vaccines contained microchips that would allow governments to track recipients.  read more..



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  1. Baby boomers – a generation grateful to their parents for not stupidly politicizing vaccines for polio, measles, chicken pox and more – for the most part got the COVID-19 vaccinations. Cardinal Burke, however, refused to be vaccinated. Inevitably, the unvaccinated will soon be paying higher premiums for health insurance than the vaccinated. It’s perfectly legal for private insurers to do this.

    “There’s precedent for raising insurance premiums on individuals who are deemed a greater health risk. Take smokers, who are more likely to die of cancer and tend to face higher health costs than nonsmokers.”

  2. The Cardinal is just a few years too early, saying, predicting, what is in store for Mankind! What I call, ‘The High Tech GULAG’ is descending on us! Orwellian ‘1984’ and “Animal Farm” is going to be a reality, and the ‘PIGS’ will rule over Humanity unless WE Wake UP and adopt, ‘The Golden Rule’! At the ROOT/CORE of ALL Major Religions is the, G.R.! ISLAM: “Not one of You truly believes until You wish for others what You wish for Yourself!” JUDAISM; “What is hateful to You do not do to Your Neighbor!” HINDUISM; “This is the sum of Duty; do not do to Others what would cause pain if done to You!” CHRISTIANITY; In everything, do to Others as You would have them do to You; for this IS the Law of the Prophets!” On down the line! YET? In the name of Religion what Bloody-Barbarity We have done to each other our Sad-Tragic history? Just think? How many people were tortured, murdered, ‘burned to death’, in the Name of Jesus? Wars in the Name of ALLAH! In the Name of YAHWEH! Over the History of Men! Take the Golden Rule into Your Hearts and attempt to live by IT?? GOD/Creator gave US REASON, not RELIGION! Control Freaks have used Religion and the offspring of it, IDEOLOGY, (Marxist Bolshevik-Communism, Fascism, ZIONISM, and other forms of it), to divide and conquer Mankind, and they have turned Our beautiful accommodating Planet, into HELL on EARTH, to this very DAY!!

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