Texas Anti-School Mask Mandates trigger intense litigation

…from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: It appears that the litigation may save a lot of unvaccinated kids, as the delays may get us through the worst of the Covid Delta surge. As the body piles grow higher, including the school kids, the anti-mask Republicans will have their feet in the fire.

But even worse, the body count is going to be carved in stone for the Republicans in future elections. This is not an issue, like so many others (like 9-11), that will fade away.

Kids from unvaxed families can be bringing it to school, and without masks, passing it to staff and other kids who then go home and spread to their families. One could view this a possible push for herd immunity to wash the country over with Covid by the 2022 elections.

Those that get sick have the risk of delayed health issues emerging in the future with long Covid. The non-vaxers are focused on a similar threat, but different in that they fear that the vaccine can trigger an excess inflammation response to the normal circulating viruses.

That the vaccine is still under an experimental waiver fuels that concern. The CDC full approval is anticipated in September. If it comes through, it is no guarantee to change the minds of those concerned with long term damage from the vaccine.

Studies are being done all over the world, so we will have a growing pool of data, but that will be complicated by the different kinds of people for whom both good and bad results and after effects can vary, not to mention the co-morbidity issue.

Based on the competing views, one could view this as a choice of two forms of Russian roulette, where you have a choice of two weapons. Depending on which one hits you first will effect your future thinking, if you still have a life.

The hospital ICUs are telling us that almost all the anti-vaxers regret not getting vaccinated, with many making videos. On the other hand, lab testers say they are seeing large spikes in other death causes that they link to excess inflammation from the vaccine.

I assume that all of their concerns have been going into the CDC and NIH. But that said, the mask issue is a simple one.

Wearing masks sure as hell can’t hurt the kids, but where they don’t wear them we see Covid spreading quickly, not only in the schools but in their homes. Does that leave the Repub governors trading off letting Delta spread, versus pissing the Trumper base off to the detriment of their personal political careers? … Jim W. Dean ]

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Governor Abbott

First pubished … August 20, 2021

The Texas Supreme Court on Thursday denied Gov. Greg Abbott’s request to block temporary restraining orders on his ban on mask mandates, allowing schools that are requiring face coverings in defiance of the state to proceed.

The court, whose justices are elected and currently all Republicans, cited a provision of the Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure for why the request was denied. The one-sentence order provided no additional details.

…The Travis County judge said she was concerned that Abbott’s executive order was “prohibiting a requirement that the schools and the local authorities and the people who generally Texas relies on to make decisions for its citizens think are necessary.”

…The Texas Supreme Court’s order comes days after it sided with the state on another case, granting a request for a temporary, emergency stay of an appellate court ruling that would have allowed schools to require masks.

…The move from the state’s high court happened the same day the Texas Education Agency suspended enforcement of Abbott’s ban in the state’s public school systems. The TEA noted in a public guidance letter that the ongoing court challenges pushed the agency to drop enforcement.

… Abbott’s executive order did not suspend a chapter in the Texas Education Code that gives school districts power to oversee health and safety measures.


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  1. The heart inflammation issue in young people is very concerning, and it’s being masked somewhat by studies that divide them only by age. It’s necessary to divide by GENDER too. Teen boys have something like 10 times the risk of girls, and this narrows only a little into the 20s, and the gender difference narrows more into the 30s. I have a good recent study that I collected in a file, which shows all that, with real numbers. If I find it, I will post the link… The inflammation issue also pops up with chronic diseases in all ages, but I’ve seen those managed with steroids.

    Risk / benefit of vaccine: Young people and their parents should look at the good studies, and do the math. My opinion: Males >30yrs, and Females >20yrs are generally OK for the vaccine. However, those who already had Covid19, especially in the last 3 months, are at High risk getting the vaccine. If they had Covid already and know it, they have natural immunity already.

    Tests: An Antibody/Serology test will show levels of the short-term Covid antibodies. And a test called T-Detect will show levels of T-cell long-term Covid antibodies. People who already had Covid could use these before they get the vaccine, if they want to get vaccinated.

  2. I would like to see a source for this quote in the article if at all possible and hopefully a study or some hard data.

    “On the other hand lab testers say they are seeing large spikes, in other death causes that they link to excess inflammation from the vaccine.”

    The dangers from taking the vaccine or minuscule vs. the risk of being unvaccinated and acquiring covid. Anti vaxxers cling to statements like the above quote like a drowning person clinging to someone trying to rescue them to justify their decision not to get vaccinated.

    • Here you go Tyler. This was forwarded to me by people I have known for a long time, that they did not think I had seen, which I had not. There was also the tie in the the CDC pending full approval, which I assume will cover some of these issues as now is the time to have all the cards laid down on the table for people to see and evaluate. We certainly are going to have a lot of Delta surge stats by then, also.

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