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[ Editor’s Note: The Pentagon is scrambling to structure resources to get US people out of Kabul faster, as the huge wave of contractors is waiting behind them. Everyone wants to be at the head of the line, which can never be the case.

When the Pentagon made its initial estimate of getting 5000 to 9000 out a day, that signaled to me that they must have had a plan for this. To move that fast would have required that they had already concentrated the military airforce assets for the task.

But we see now they really had not prepared for the abruptness of the Afghan army collapse. So plan B is emerging, a wise one, to use civilian aircraft to pick people up at the staging bases where the military planes are dropping them off at from the Kabul flight. It will be easier to do administrative visa work at those locations not under Taliban threat.

No matter what Biden does, he is going to be attacked from the rear, as the Repubs are burning the midnight oil to stick the Trump withdrawal monkey on his back. I watched some of the Trump drivel at the Alabama rally where he was doing just that.

Anyone expecting that this evacuation would be anything other than chaotic was simply dreaming. Six figure evacuations do not happen quickly.

The good news is we can clearly see that the Taliban has not been impeding the evacuation. Why would they? They want the US troops and people out. And they also want to keep some of the trained people to run the government, with the problem being they don’t want to stay.

I don’t think the Taliban will be aggressive, as it has no money other than whoever its secret funders have been to keep them on the offense. But those funders will prefer to move that burden over to the US taxpayer red ink teat, the preferred funder by everybody.

The pressure from on Biden from all sides is designed to trip up everything he is trying to do. And it is working, with Biden down in the polls when he is dealing with an emergency, the kind we have seen pop up over and over.

Trump knows he has been sinking, being viewed more and more as a bad joke. So the Trumpers and the Congressional hangers on view this Afghanistan withdrawal as a godsend for reversing their poor reputation on Trump’s long list of crimes that make Biden look like a choir boy in comparison… Jim W. Dean ]

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There is no pot at the end of the rainbow

First published … August 22, 2022

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has ordered the activation of a program that will use 18 commercial airplanes to aid the U.S. military evacuation of American nationals and refugees in Afghanistan.

The activation of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet will provide the Defense Department with “access to commercial air mobility resources” in the evacuation efforts, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said in a statement Sunday.

The activation is for 18 aircraft: three each from American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Air Lines and Omni Air; two from Hawaiian Airlines; and four from United Airlines.

The commercial planes will not fly into Kabul airport but instead be used “for the onward movement of passengers from temporary safe havens and interim staging bases,” the statement said — probably from Persian Gulf Arab nations such as Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, where many Afghans are awaiting next steps.


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  1. I wonder where the billion tons of heroin is going to go to now?
    China doesnt want any of it….nor Iran….only those in the US and NATO “occupier” countries would drool over thought of one making billions by turning people into drug addicts.

  2. I don’t believe that anything happening in Afghanistan is a surprise to the real decision makers, even if Biden made the call. In fact all of it is always thought out or even planned to the effect that they don’t want anything unexpected to happen. Now granted, it is a “war time” scenario, and the “enemy” is theoretically unpredictable. But seeing as we’ve been there 20 years, it would make sense that it unfolded just as we either planned it would or knew it would.
    “Everything” in these overly dramatic events could easily be put down to the “effect” affect.

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