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Blinken and Austin in Kiev. Washington has named a new ambassador,...

Zelensky met Austin and Blinken in Kiev yesterday. Bridget Brink named as US Ambassador to Ukraine.

Day 60: US leaders on first wartime visit to Kiev with...

Zelensky gave little detail about logistics of his meeting with Antony Blinken and Lloyd Austin, but said he expected concrete results.

Defense Sec. Austin thinks China has no right to respond to...

Jim W. Dean - The last time I looked, I did not find any current US Defense media about China's threatening US border areas.

Breaking: Pentagon orders commercial airlines to provide planes

Jim W. Dean - No matter what Biden does, he is going to be attacked from the rear, as the Repubs are burning the midnight oil to stick the Trump withdrawal monkey on Biden's back.

General Austin defends Milley following Trump book revelations

The four-star general did say “with certainty” that he and the members of the Joint Chiefs had “maintained our oath of allegiance” to the Constitution.

Austin backs change in military sex assault prosecution

General Austin: “As I made clear on my first full day in office, this is a leadership issue. And we will lead,” he said. “Our people depend upon it. They deserve nothing less.”

Pentagon chief: Next major war very different from Middle East conflicts

In his first major policy speech on Friday, Austin stressed the need for the US military to move forward a faster and more innovative approach by harnessing emerging technological advancements and computing powers.

Did the Biden regime go fully in the bag for Israeli...

Our experinence is that Israel usually plays both parties off against each other, in a bidding game to see who will be the more supportive.