Robert David Steele, VT Editor, Friend, Dead


    The Senior Editor

    We have a guest suite off the main entry, it’s his room.  When judging people, there are ways and there are ways.  He is or rather was a great houseguest, disturbingly honest and insightful and the pets loved him.

    Right off, Steele is being attacked.  What was Steele’s game?  What I can tell you is that he kept his cover right up to the last.  He was something very different than he seemed, than he sounded.  I would laugh, watching him on InfoWars, dragging Jones around by the nose.

    Steele had other plans.

    Steele, of course, says he isn’t dead.  But he would say that, wouldn’t he?

    Our talks…he was always walking his poor little dog to death it seemed…mile upon mile.

    I watched Steel put on his many hats, QAnon promoter, Trumper, always part of his long game to work the “Trump base,” the only available and moldable political unit that could be turned around to save America.

    Steele delved into that sewer, he immersed himself tirelessly in it but he did it for us.  Steele wasn’t the fool some are saying but rather a martyr though that was never by choice.  He wanted more…a chance to make things right.

    His “right” and my “right” are identical, a world without fear, without war, without rule by the real threats to mankind, manifested in Google Corporation and the pedophile rings he hated.

    Few, perhaps none of you, ever saw the real Robert David Steele.  There were  layers there, games within games.  Steele was “taking his shot” at gaining the presidency, playing one side against the other but trusting in his own ability to, once he made it, to fix what is wrong.

    We spent hundreds of hours on that one…always agreeing in principle and seldom in method.

    He felt Trump had to get into office…and then fail, leaving a power vacuum that would allow a clean sweep of the very real sewage we all see every day in Washington.

    I was going to be Secretary of State or National Security Advisor.

    I think he could have done it.

    Inside…Robert was a nice little kid.  Few saw it.  He was demanding, sometimes oddly so and often confrontive with people he didn’t respect.

    His passing leaves a hole few will understand, one none can fill.

    Maybe Trump would have listened to him, quite a gamble.  Steele had to hide so many of his core beliefs, particularly about Zionism which he found utterly revolting, in order to gain the promised financial support that would have, he believed, turned this country around.

    His vision of what America needs to be is one I share.  He would have cleaned out the military industrial complex, emptied Washington of special interest money, the varying lobbies, Kosher Nostra most of all and stepped on the slithering creatures who make up congress and the political parties.

    Likely I would have wielded the hammer.

    He did what he did because he cared…not because he lived for power or fame.

    What he really wanted was to buy a boat…and sail south and beyond, but he wanted to finish things beforehand.  They will never be finished.

    His name goes with so many others, a list so many of us will be joining sooner than we imagine.

    I always saw the kid inside Robert…a very nice little kid.  Behind the gruff exterior…and few could do “gruff” like RDS…was the soul of a poet warrior.


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    1. It is really pathetic that the mainstream media exploits the death of Robert David Steele to humiliate self-thinking individuals. Their patterns and techniques are ALWAYS the same: Framing, swinging the club of antisemitism and denunciation.

      It is impertinent, unethical and impious to abuse his obituary to do this.

      We’ve lost one of the greates intelligence reform visionaries of our time. For me, he was the brightest mind and a signboard of truth, justice and integrity. With him as DCI, 9/11 would never have been happened. His outstanding work will reverberate for decades. Phi Beta Iota – The Public Intelligence Blog was his brainchild. Today it is one of the most valuable Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) blogs on the net. Its creed states as follows: ‘The Truth At Any Cost Lowers All Other Costs.’ – Maybe here we go:

      In deepest sorrow

      R.I.P. Robert David Steele

      • I loved Robert like a red-headed step son (what I told him regularly) but he was no fucking Einstein on intel issues. Much of what he learned…I taught him. Sessions went on hour upon hour. What Steele was…an enigma. Stick to my obit…the one that will follow him. Steele allowed himself to be used by those around him…but he wasn’t blind. He had a plan.
        We will never see the results.

        I believe he would have failed…but I might be wrong on that.

        Now we will never know.

    2. The woo woo additive, or if you want to say, reserve intelligence that never finds an outlet, held within, and most analysts have a healthy reserve. Life has woo woo. Crazy town.
      And everyone has some, and this dude did too. He poured his heart into his work, and did what he do.
      The life of the observer comes with few rewards. For the observer. The message must not come with attachments to outcomes upon delivery.

    3. [” EVIDENCES–WHERE ARE THE PROVE CRIMINAL RECORDS, that he passed away and how, or that he was murdered, signed by the High Supreme Court that ? Autopsies? Forensic? Pathology ??? Just a headline—-no more no less….and YES “ADOLF HITLER” shot himself… so the given brainwash-story…so, many high criminal ACTORS are disappearing so suddenly in the right moment, when the hidden life comes to the light and the artificial COVID-TRAIN is picking up all ACTORS, who shall be still in the Glamour-hell of fame to keep the BUSINESS FEAR and “good Guy” Sorry running…..This train is the quick way, not to be brought on the Court-Ship of the High Sea to be charged private and unlimited for all crimes against Humanity, Liberty, Sovereignty and existing Constitutions, be rape by ToTs of the United States Corporation of America, this ACTOR was very active as a PERSON and EMPLYOYEE of the DeepState and he knew all about what was on the Agendas all his career and… So..where are the proven evidences…that..and how.???? How many ACTORS just disapeared and not in the msm anymore having made all this Scamdemic Plandemic possible???”]

    4. If true, this is a HUGE loss for humanity ! I’ll miss him deeply… despite my

      And I suspect a PTB assassination coup by some capable hidden means as were assassinated three country presidents that opposed the pandemic narrative (Tanzania, Burundi and Haïti).

      Covid-19 is a perfect pretext to get rid of inconvenient people these days…

      • Two of the most important reasons to make Robert David Steele AWOL :

        1- his stance on election rigging
        2- his war against “Pedophilia inc.’ and child abuse/kidnaping
        3- his Trump stance ? Humm ? not sure…

      • Newt, you’d think the date of death would be easy to get right, but apparently NOT. The French site says “Robert David Steele, born on July 16, 1952 in New York and died on August 30, 2021 in Florida”. The English site says “Robert David Steele (July 16, 1952 – August 29, 2021) was an American CIA officer and conspiracy theorist.” Which was it, Aug 29 or 30, and why can’t they get this one small thing right?

      • Yes, a hit piece. I saw another hit piece today at Both of them fixated on his ARISE USA tour as being anti-vaxx. Not true; the tour was about #UNRIG of elections, as a previous reader has noted. The fact that they are publishing hit pieces about him is a dead giveaway that the tour was successful. The pedos are very nervous, too, as there is more coming down the pike, stuff started by Steele.

    5. My Condolences. Didnt always agree with RDS, but he was honest. Something that not many people have. I wish he had been able to fullfill his ambitions. Perhaps whatever good he has done will live on in having inspired others to change the world for better.

    6. We keep 3 guest rooms….for kids…or others who don’t really visit…all overfurnished, overdecorated and always closed off. Cat hair.

    7. I’ll miss him. When he asked me if he should go visit you, Gordon, I highly recommended the experience (and the espresso). Glad it worked out. I figured you guys would hit it off. World’s biggest pro-Trump extremist visits world’s biggest anti-Trump extremist—what could go wrong ; – ) Seriously, RDS seemed to have a pretty accurate take on the biggest problems. But he sure had some goofy, over-optimistic “solutions.” Oh well, at least he tried. Allah yarhamhu.

    8. Vonnegut once wrote, Be careful who you pretend to be because we are whom we pretend to be. I am glad that you shared that Mr. Steele was quite the character with a great deal of character.Thank you

      • I knew vonnegut. He souveniered me a copy of what was his ‘new book’ about his experiences in ww2…slaughterhouse 5

        got that before going to vietnam…read it on the USS cleveland

    9. If youre supposed to be a spy and you dont know that the american medical system is a satanic system designed to bankrupt you before killing you, you really suck at “intelligence”.

      • “but the bottom line is my lungs are not functioning” – Dear folks, We all cheer on anyone, including a complete stranger in his situation fighting for his life, but take a lesson. He was playing tough guy to the end. He was smart enough to know that lung failure at the point he was in the disease was terminal, so the ‘I will be back at work soon’ was denial that he knew he was dying because he did not get vaccinated. A lot of the people in this situation, vax deniers, have repented and told friends and family to ‘get the damn shot’. And then there are the hard heads. If you are a family man in this situation you need to be making peace with your family and asking their forgiveness for what you did to yourself and not try to take them with you. A real man can always own up to when he has been wrong, especially when it impacts those that he says he loves. If he had taken a different fork in the road he would still be singing happy birtday on the phone to his grandkids, and Merry Christmas this year. Meanwhile we have an epidemic of PTSD in the frontline hospital workers over watching people die horrible deaths from a preventable disease. The Trumpers have shown zero concern for them. They don’t give a shit about them.

    10. I’ve had RDS’ BigBat website bookmarked on my computer for months, and checked the tour schedule occasionally. Tour’s end was always scheduled to be Labor Day, Sept 6. The sked says: “Labor Day, Resurrection Day, Game Over”. Labor Day also happens to coincide with Rosh Hashanah this year.

    11. Isn’t it obvious by now that the new Delta variant of the original COVID-19 bioweapon is being deployed right up to the present day, especially in Trumpster super-spreader events and evangelical churches? The same fiends who first deployed the virus in China are always on the lookout for ways to maximize its effectiveness. Sadly, David was one of their prime targets.

      • Lollapalooza, the annual music festival in Chicago, was a superspreader event. 400,000 people attended this year over a period of 4 days. Last time I checked, Chicago is not Trump territory. If you think otherwise, you might want to call Mayor Lori Lightfoot and tell her.

      • The fiends who first deployed the bioweapon COVID-19 in China are now targeting Trumpsters, as they’re more likely not vaccinated and refuse to wear masks. The kill rate is much higher that way. If the Delta variant doesn’t work, it’s back to the lab to find another one that works better.

    12. This sad news wouldn’t have anything to do with all those state legislators signing the petition in Maine, would it? His oxygen levels were improving and he was put on Remdesivir/ventilator tx. Kind of reminds one of the George S. Patton story in Germany with the NKVD. It’s inescapable to assume he was anything other than marked. They have their ways of ‘silencing’ you know.

    13. Sorry about your loss Mr. Duff, seems COVID has become the weapon of choice to silence dissention among the children of Abraham. I’ve warned them repeatedly about bringing a water gun to a gun fight but I’ve reconciled myself to the fact that none of them will survive this. When they are gone their gods will die with them, then we can settle this among the new Gods…

    14. This was a nice tribute to the man. His heart was in the right place and I’m sad to hear of his passing.

    15. Died today? Shocking news. I contributed a small amount financially to his tour, but I never had the chance to meet him on the tour. I got really busy about 2 weeks ago and missed the news about him being in hospital. In my opinion, his tour was successful. But I don’t understand him doing such a public tour without having got the vaccination first. Alternately, once he got Covid, if he got the Regeneron right away, he could have probably avoided a trip to hospital. It makes no sense.

    16. Very strange. Mr Steele thought he might have understood what was going on because he understood Luciferians ruled the world but he didnt. Thats just scratching the surface. Its a much more complex, nuanced and ephemeral thing to understand how the ones infested by demons have compromised millions of “Americans”. To describe the luciferian matrix, the spiritual war being waged against all of us by the devil and how coming together to overcome the devils strategy is the only way that God will save us, he was lost in space about that as are the vast majority of sheep.
      I once told him i had no respect for him (because of his coddling these right wing fascists) and he threatened to sick the FBY on me. As if the fby scared me or i had any respect whatsoever for any law enfarcement institution or judiciary in this country when i can expose the sickening, genocidal mockery they are before you can say gesundheit. Ithink his main flaw was a lack of individualism. Since uis mother was colombian, he wanted to be more american and patriotic than the next guy and thats an error when dealing with an enemy whose spiritual manipulations of the Amer8can psyche has been ongoing for centuries. Cant fight demons wid da cuntstitution written by satanists.

      • @Mihail
        We’ve been lied to about everything, and those whose long time goal being to “overthrow throne and altar” have for centuries made sure the most amount of mud was slung at the Catholic Church. They hated the Jesuits because they did so much good and inhibited their diabolical plans. The Jesuits didn’t become corrupt until the mid-20th C. and now are mostly homosexuals and servants of the NWO. The Jesuits would not have been suppressed in the latter 18th C if it weren’t for extreme pressure put on a relatively weak pope by the growing Judy O Masonic powers, the powers that rule the world today, beginning with control of the money supply. See, e.g., Seven Lies About Catholic History by Dr Diane Moczar. E Michael Jones at Culture Wars Magazine is excellent too, although he is oblivious to the takeover of the Church by its enemies.

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