“Death by a thousand cuts” for Iran—or Israel?


Israeli chief of the army staff, Aviv Kohavi has told reporters that the Israeli military is accelerating its operational plans against Iran. He says the recent military budget has earmarked funds to expand military capabilities against Iran. Israeli war minister Benny Gantz also echoed the same threat on Wednesday. He said Israel has the means to act and won’t hesitate to do so. Gantz did not rule out the possibility of taking military action in the future to thwart what he called a nuclear Iran. Who’s a threat to regional peace and security? Which country is really the nuclear outlaw? Is a war looming?

“Death by a thousand cuts” for Iran—or Israel?

Interview with VT Editor Kevin Barrett, published in Farsi at ANA Press—originally published in English at https://kevinbarrett.substack.com

How do you evaluate Bennett’s comment about Iran, the “a death by a thousand cuts strategy”?

By blathering about “death by a thousand cuts” (Israeli PM )Bennett is tacitly admitting that he doesn’t have a strategy. Since Biden won’t go along with Israel’s plans for a major war in the region, the Israelis have no choice but to keep doing what they’re already doing. They are going to just keep harassing Iran the way they always have. If they escalate their harassment, Iran will of course escalate its retaliation. So Bennett’s slogan “death by a thousand cuts” is a way of disguising Israel’s strategic failure for an Israeli domestic audience. He is implying that the ongoing Israeli policy, small-time harassment, will somehow succeed in the future, even though it never has in the past. That of course is not true; the policy will continue to fail. But Bennett has to put an optimistic spin on the situation for political reasons.

What reasons have forced Israel to change its strategy?

Israel is facing the reality that its post-2001 strategy of trying to orchestrate a US war on Iran will not be successful any time soon, if ever.

Since the Zionist-inspired Israeli-assisted neoconservative coup d’état of September 11, 2001, Israel has intended to hijack the US military to overthrow its regional enemies in general and Iran in particular. When Gen. Wesley Clark revealed that the real purpose of 9/11 was to “overthrow seven countries in five years,” he explained that the last and most important country on the list was Iran.

In 2007 the Israelis were close to their objective of dragging the US into a war on Iran. But Gwenyth Todd, an advisor to the Admiral in charge of the US 5th Fleet in Bahrain, alerted the State Department to a neocon plan to stage an attack on US ships in the Gulf and blame Iran-backed Bahraini Shia forces. Though she was forced to flee for her life, Todd succeeded in derailing the false flag attempt and the planned US attack on Iran.

Again during the Trump-Bolton-Pompeo era, the Israelis once again nearly succeeded in inciting a US-Iran war. Their agents in the Trump Administration, Kushner, Bolton, and Pompeo, had dialed up tensions. The assassination of General Soleimani nearly triggered the war Israel wanted. Iran’s devastating but fortunately non-lethal retaliation managed to deter Trump and derail Israel’s hoped-for US attack on Iran.

Today, with risk-averse Biden in the White House and the US in full retreat from empire after its crushing defeat in Afghanistan, Israel recognizes that its chances of tricking the US into going to war against Iran are essentially zero.

How do you see the United States’ role in the Israel’s new strategy?

The US will continue to verbally and materially support Israel, as it always has. Rich Zionist Jews dominate the US media and financial sectors, and provide about half of the bribes to politicians (euphemistically known as “campaign contributions”) that fuel the ultra-corrupt US political system. So even though many middle-class Jews and other liberal Americans are gravitating away from Israel and toward support for the Palestinians, the domination of the heights of power by billionaire and multi-millionaire Zionist Jews ensures that the US will continue to undermine its own interests by throwing away its money and reputation propping up the Zionist entity for the foreseeable future.

But the US defeat in Afghanistan has dramatically lowered the already-low probability that the US could be tricked into fighting a major war against Iran for Israel. Instead it will support Israel’s continued acts of small-scale terrorism against Iran, including cyber-terrorism, sabotage of energy infrastructure, and so on.

This policy, of course, is not in the US interest. The Americans would do much better for themselves by cutting off aid to Israel and befriending Iran. But that cannot happen for domestic political reasons.

What do you suppose Iran will do to neutralize the Israelis’ new plot?

Iran will undoubtedly continue with its policy of steadfast patience in the face of provocation, inflicting limited, proportionate retaliation for Israeli attacks. It will not give the Israelis any hope of arranging a dramatic incident aimed at changing the US and international reluctance to support major escalation against Iran.

Like China vis-a-vis the US, Iran gets stronger every year in its face-off with Israel. Iran’s and Hezbollah’s ever-improving, ever-more-numerous rockets are becoming an ever-more-effective deterrent to Zionist adventurism. And the slow erosion of US power in the region works to the advantage of independent Iran, and against countries that are dependent on the US, above all Israel.

In the short term, Iran will defy Zionist and American plots and send fuel and other relief to suffering Lebanon. Israel cannot stop those shipments, because they are a vital interest for Lebanon and any attempt to stop them would be met by Hezbollah rockets.

By continually countering the Zionists’ anti-Iran moves, and drawing red lines where necessary, Iran will outlast Israel. In the end, it will be the Zionist entity that dies the “death of 1000 cuts.”


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  1. Very poinyent presentation by Kevin. I think he makes a big mistake by downplaying how dangerous this nuclear armed outlaw state is. Some rash move could make could trigger a superpower confrontation that would end life as we know it. Also I don’t see why he dosn’t emphasize their moral depravity more prominently like Killing young children because they were close to some fence. And the “One Shot Two Kills” visible acts of glorifying shooting pregnant Palistinian women is too horrendous for words and the mad Zionists have provided us with pictures. Just Google it to see who these people are under all their smooth talk.!!!!!

    • Israeli actions remind me of the pre WW1 anti-German propaganda. Ads & posters of beasts with bayonets, women & children sacrificed.

  2. By deception thou shalt, C___d by chemical warfare; a false flag right into some peoples’ veins, skin and lung their gas scheme deception. Peoples dependent on emoluments for housing, cars and such, to gas thy neighbor, under a code of silence. Fear gas fearing fear.

  3. No Denijal Jegic, do not correct Kevin by injecting that Israelis or should I say Jewish voices of dissent against Israel exists in the US. The ship jumpers flip when they are in Israel or in their own circles in the west. All their dissenting voices is just posturing to make the so called “the only democracy in the Middle East” a not so delusional phrase.
    At best they are dormant sayanims.

  4. Crime and Power.
    The Control Agents of the Power Elite (MSM, Political Bodies, Legal System, Academia) present a background of murder, rape, robbery, and theft, done by a foreground of (disorganised) lower-class criminals. Predatory street crime becomes the focus of a collectively ignorant populace, whilst the root of it is remains hidden in Corporate Crime. Here killing, robbing and destruction is perpetrated on a vast scale, but is morally elevated in the minds of a public who see the State as pursuers of Evil in a conceptualization of an ideological version of Serious Crime and who commits it.

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    And in many cases, the victim isn’t even fully aware of the abusive dynamic of the relationship.
    Victims are kept in a constant state of anxiety and fear.
    Compartmentalization- Victims pigeonhole the abusive aspects of a relationship in order to focus on the positive aspects.
    Projection- Victims project their traits of compassion, empathy, caring, and understanding onto their abuser, when in fact, emotional abusers possess none of those traits.

  5. Sorry, Kevin, most Zionists in the USA are so-called Christian. 50 million of them have become the heart and soul of the ReTrumplican Party. These are the Rapture-me-outta-here folks, who look to WWIII as the apocalyptic conflict between “good” (them) and “evil” (everyone else.) We’re just one horrible false-flag event away from that happening. The MyPillow dude thinks it will happen this fall. He’s planning a big party for Trump’s reinstatement as President.

    • I’m sorry to burst your bubble Tommy, but that so-called “50 million Christian Zionists” canard bears a remarkable resemblance and hint of origin to its anti-Christian big brother, 6 million Holocausted Jews.

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