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One of the ‘other’ British Beatles pleas out on ISIS murders in Syria from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: The “Beatles” title gave me flashbacks instantly. It’s been a long time since my mind had dealt with the head-choppers in Syria, with some of the worst of them being these Brits that grew up in a democracy.

That said, the colonial Brits could be savage killers when they felt they needed to make a point. But these Muslim Brits were in the jihadi game for the ransom money and the fun of being able to play the omnipotent godly executioner.

VT covered the Syrian war closely, with the shame growing as we learned more and more about the US and some of its allies using proxy terrorists in their campaign to bring Assad down.

VT went to Syria three times.

On the last visit, we were honored with an invitation from the Grand Mufti, who wanted to meet us on the last day we were there. It was a memorable event, and we made sure we got some photos as we felt no one would believe it otherwise.

The Grand Mufti hosts VT, Damascus 2015

He told us about having a death warrant out on him from ISIS because he was a multi-faith Muslim. When the jihadis began bombing Christian churches, the Mufti ordered his imams to pray with the priests in their churches as a show of solidarity.

The jihadis could not kill him due to his extensive security, so they killed his youngest son in college, shooting him down in the street after class on the day his wedding announcement had been published. Nasty.

The new reports of US bases in Deir Ezzor closing were good news if the proxy terror baton is not just passed to Eric Prince. As for the Beatles, they have life in prison waiting for them… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … September 02, 2021

Alexanda A. Kotey, 37, pleaded guilty Thursday in federal court in Alexandria to playing a role in the kidnappings and deaths of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff and aid workers Peter Kassig and Kayla Mueller.

The three men were beheaded on camera in videos posted online. The circumstances of Mueller’s death remain unclear.

In court, Kotey read a statement in which he said he was “principally involved in every process of these negotiations” of trying to extract ransom from the U.S., including emails and the “proof-of-life videos and emails” sent to the hostages’ families.

“This role of mine required that I at times engage in acts of violence against the captives in order to subdue them, in order to compel those western governments, including the United States, to act fast and cooperate with our demands.

I had no doubt that any failure of those foreign governments to comply with our demands would ultimately result in either the indefinite detention of those foreign captives or their execution.”

From Wikipedia:

The Beatles, who were assigned responsibility for guarding foreign hostages by ISIL commanders, were harsher than other ISIL guards.[11][12] One source said: “Whenever the Beatles showed up, there was some kind of physical beating or torture.”[13]

According to a freed French hostage, they were the most feared of the jihadists because of their propensity to beat the captives, and their taste for the macabre, which included: the use of electric shock Taser gunsmock executions (including the crucifixion of Foley), and waterboarding.[14]

At one point, the Beatles were temporarily removed from their guard duties by ISIL because of their excessive brutality.[15]

The Beatles were interested in obtaining ransoms for their hostages.[15] A former hostage reported that the Beatles bragged that they had been paid millions of dollars in ransoms by certain European countries—enough to retire to Kuwait or Qatar.[16]

The group contacted the families of some UK hostages, and are believed to have maintained links with their associates and friends in the UK.[12] James Foley‘s mother, Diane Foley, said in an interview: “their requests were impossible for us, 100 million Euros, or all Muslim prisoners to be freed. The requests from the terrorists were totally directed towards the government, really. And yet we as an American family had to figure out how to answer them.”[17][18]

The Beatles’ cell held at least 23 foreign hostages, nearly all of whom were ransomed or killed.[9]


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  1. Based on European new liberal laws, they dont believe in the death penalty, we had to agree not to pursue the death penalty or they would not have extradited them. So now we the taxpayers have to clothe, feed, and take care of these (dont know what to call them) until they die. Only in America folks.

  2. In Repy to both Jim and Tommy, these two creeps are mercenaries no1 and no2…Mercenaries is what they are, instead of trained snipers or expert drone operators they are that same sort of Muslim box-cutter wielding crazy kill happy suicidal terrorist-types, throat sliting in front of family, beheadings in front of neighborhood, crashing airliners into buildings etc
    The late James Moriarty said about Libyan invasion (he was there) was from 250,000 of these guys were shipped in, they got a very good salary, topped off with $2000 bonus for every confirmed kill….the money to pay them coming from CIA Saudis Qatar and all those rich countries listed in my previous post, which is everyone from the”west” but for Russia.
    So I agree with Tommy, they are a show trial, to re confirm how bad the same Muslim terrorist types who did 911 (not) are and we all need to remain vigilante and scared of them. I went on a bit about the show trial is to also skirt around issue they did their bad shit in LIBYA first…and we are all supposed to forget about Libya…its in category of “sorry about that”
    I agree with Jim, in that these guys are very bad horrible people might be better off executing them on spot instead of “show” trial , but we are civilized are we not? We use drones and missles

    • …drones and missles, these guys get right on top of victims slit throats, get hands bloody, torture them first too for “fun” of it…so who is more evil? All soldiers who do the killing in overseas wars or invasions or genocidal ethnic cleansing operations are mercenaries in a war paid by whoever it is that pays them.
      In this trial I doubt who paid them, where did money come from will pop up in any testimony it will all be about sliting throats beheadings and torture techniques…and fact they are British of course…

  3. Being as how ISIS is a creation of Mossad and the CIA, this trial is all for show. Biden has been tasked with pulling US troops out of the Middle East, much to the chagrin of Israel and US Christian Zionists. We are just one horrible 9/11-style false-flag attack away from WWIII, the apocalyptic conflict that crazy US Christian Zionists have been praying for for many decades. Remember, Jim, Israel’s Samson Option is not just a last resort, it’s Zionism’s ultimate goal.

    • The vast majority of people killed in the 9/11 wars were civilians. More than 335,000 civilians have been killed in the fighting since 2001. Most of these civilians were Muslims. That makes these crazy “Beatle” dudes pikers by comparison. Yes, they’re “total fucking losers, who don’t give a shit about their religion,” but while they committed crimes they will be held to account for, the USA has committed war crimes that we will never be held to account for in this world. Most certainly we will be in the next.

    • Tommy, you missed the whole point. This incident was just a footnote on where he and his buddy are going to do their time. It has nothing to do with Israel. This is about young muslim hoods, like every country has them, all kinds, all over the world, total fucking losers, who don’t give a shit about their religion really, but they see the jihad thing as an escape from their miserable loser existance by being a tough guy who makes his own rules. Look at the throat slitting as an addiction, “once I got started, I just wanted more, I could’nt stop. I need help, I need treatment, and a montly check to help pay more mobile bill”. As for ‘us’ – ‘society’… We are so pitiful we can even execute terrorists as a deterrent. That is one thing, maybe the only one, I like about the Saudis, their beheading, other than they won’t start with cleaning out their terrorist royals, generally useless people all over the world, when wax effigies in museums are all we need, and much less painful, plus we get back all the shit they stole. Thus ends my rant.

  4. ISIS or ISIL?
    Wikipedia quotes says they were ISIL (L for Libya)
    The court case, Wash Post, British media seem do deny or not want to bring up fact these bleeding bloody fucking Beatles operated in Libya first, then shipped to Syria later.
    There was a fake civil war in Libya first, then another fake one in Syria.
    250,000 headchoppers shipped into Libya, trained armed and funded by CIA MI6 Mossad NATO gulf states …in fact every western country including whatbFrance Canada Italy USA Israel…aall invollved in complete destruction of Libya…(every country but Russia, just like in Syria now)
    So it seems they want you to think these British born terrorist creeps from hell only killed and tortured during Syrian war, and we are all supposed to forget about Libya and what really happened there

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