Chelsea Manning Says She’s ‘Terrified’ of Former Pal Glenn Greenwald


VT: The Kosher Nostra gives out Pulitzer Prizes to its favorites.  How we find snakes…not just by the rattle and hiss…like with the Snowden ‘Op’ and, of course, Wikileaks

Daily Beast: Chelsea Manning, the former U.S. army intel analyst who leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks, unloaded on her one-time ally Glenn Greenwald on Thursday, calling him “greedy” and “unprincipled,” and saying she was “embarrassed for ever considering you a friend.”

Greenwald, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and co-founding editor of investigative news site The Intercept, was a longtime advocate for Manning while she was imprisoned for espionage. Manning was freed in 2017; three years later, the once-leftist Greenwald departed The Intercept in a public huff, claiming editors had “censored” an article he’d written on Hunter Biden. He’s been steadily trolling his way to the right ever since, and making bizarre claims about transgender people (Manning is transgender.)

It was during Wednesday night’s floods, Manning said, that she decided not to be afraid of “people that I once considered allies but who have chosen to bash, harass, humiliate, intimidate, and lie to get ahead.” She said she would return Greenwald’s $10,000 donation to her if she could. Greenwald responded roughly an hour later, saying in a tweet thread: “Friendships that depend on political agreement were never ‘friendships,’ just cynical transactions.”


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  1. All of this is side-show stuff, more than a bit gossipy. The USA has much to atone for on the world stage, and its comeuppance is fast approaching. Biden has been tasked with pulling US troops out of the Middle East, much to the chagrin of Israel and US Christian Zionists. We are still the most dangerous nation on the planet and Zionists of all stripes are determined to end it all in a nuclear conflict that will be the end of human history and the beginning of some kind of Zionist theocracy. We are just one 9/11-style false-flag attack away from this happening. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  2. This is a bit gossipy. I don’t put stock in any reporting so Greenwald never had elevated status to lose. Ellsberg did it. A few others have done it. This issue of trust is a fallacy. Trust for what ? If my wife says to me, “I trust you”. I say back, can I remove your gall bladder if you have an issue ? Trust is a limited thing that only applies to specific things. There was no need to trust Greenwald or any other journalist, as they are judged on their content. Was everything he ever did crap ? No… Is this the kind of drama I find in certain segments of society, Yes.
    Chelsea and Glenn had a twitter fight. Big friggin deal. Break it up and keep movin.

    • The real story is behind this one…Snowden and Assange

      and so many others…are there any real whistleblowers? We aren’t sure.

    • Certainly, there are those who get something to work once, and try to do it again and again, but end up leaving a mess. I imagine, non-public game plans may work as well or better in many cases. Even writing a simple letter works sometimes. Going public has not worked out well for the one who does it, and seldom we see a productive outcome. Maybe a firing or a scale back, but …

  3. Sounds of James Corbett & Sibel Edmonds spat, fued, no one knew what to do or which side they were on. I at the time was more sympathetic with James, who seemed as baffled as I was that things between them got so unfortunately non-considerate. So I am currently not going to have anything further to say on this star crossedan pair.

    • well the mainland is being gassed, central nervous system aerosols, spray houses, road drenching building maintenence, same software program that moved nukes to NYC, is doing chemical warfare, and yes certain chemicals change frogs morphology male to female. Wanna kick Gordon’s butt sometimes that his genius that unraveled the 911 scam and yet does not have the sensitivity to see the pandemic as false flag chemical warfare. Heh not really lost to much weight from the targeting….

  4. Like Bruce a very insecure, confused young man that needs attention and validation for his life choice which this article gives him by enables him by referring to “him” as “her”. Of course, you”ve did the same by posting it.

    • Better than referring to Manning as “they”, which has been ret-conned into dictionaries published by the Politically Correct™ as acceptable to use as a singular pronoun.

      Where the “new left” loses people such as myself is when they go from wanting non-discrimination for all to celebrating everything else as better than normal (in the proper sense of the word) behavior and European culture and “cis (I hate that word) males” are evil.

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