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[ Editor’s Note: As we had expected, due to the large numbers of people involved in what might be the most intensely recorded crime in history, it is taking a lot of time to sift through it all.

As Glenn Kirschner has covered a number of times, the defendants’ attorneys get all of the prosecution’s evidence to sift through and have their own expert witnesses review, for those going to trial.

But we also have the Congressional hearings in progress, possibly a Department of Justice investigation, where a mosaic is developing that might include Congressmen seeking attorneys for their participation in the planning, and possibly the attack itself depending on the time stamps on the phone calls and texts, with their content.

Conspiracy charges would tend to bring the strongest penalties on the ring leaders.

With the solid record against the Trumpster attempts to score a victory in the courts, the foundation is being built that The Steal concept itself was the bare Christmas tree of the conspiracy to which all the various elements and players were added on as decorations and attention getting tools.

If this disaster is not prosecuted to the fullest it would leave the door open for future well heeled losers of elections to take the same course of claiming the election was stolen to hold their base together, keep fundraising going, and to have subsequent elections turning into Act 2 revenge events for Act 1.

This kind of cycle would turn our elections into a circus, the US into a world laughing stock, so I feel law enforcement and the legal establishment understand that the State of the Union hangs in the balance.

It either gets fixed, or it gets worse. There has to be winners and losers to settle it, and the guilty punished as they deserve. I have not smoked a cigar in decades, but if we come through this with justice intact, I will be lighting one up for a few puffs… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … September 02, 2021

“Based on a review of the body-worn-camera footage conducted by our Office, the footage displays approximately 1,000 events that may be characterized as assaults on federal officers,” wrote Emily Miller, the federal prosecutor leading evidence-collection efforts for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C.

…Trump has, in recent months, sought to rewrite the history of his supporters’ actions inside the Capitol, claiming they were peaceful and particularly well-mannered toward police. The new statistic, though, underscores the intense violence of the attack and the fact that prosecutors are still hunting for dozens, if not hundreds, of suspects in some of the violent crimes that day.

…In fact, the FBI on Wednesday put out a bulletin seeking assistance in identifying two rioters who assaulted a journalist inside the Capitol.

Prosecutors also revealed in the filing that they were in the process of uploading 7,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage to their evidence-collection systems and had determined another 7,000 hours of footage to be irrelevant to the case.


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  1. This whole event is a big deal for sure.
    And you are right Jim, about the precedent setting outcomes, whatever they may be. Considering that “nothing happens in politics that wasn’t planned.” And that both parties dance to the same piper. And with all the legal and political aspects of the case, and the possibility that a deep plan of massively coordinated conspiracy beyond a simple election steal is in play; the yet to be seen precedents could possibly turn out to be something unexpected.
    I’m just saying. And always looking for that paradigm shift.

  2. David’s so right.

    I always thought there might be some kinda reenactment of Trump’s hero the brutal dictator telling SCOTUS “Let’s see you enforce the law & stop me”, then commiting the Deadliest US Terror Event.

    The difference is, the military wasn’t gonna be… #JustFollowingOrders now.

    The Joint Chiefs had a makeshift… “Counterinsurgency” plan, and Drumpf probably knew it.

  3. This is the largest criminal case , where the perpetrators filmed themselves committing not just felonies, but felonies against the police who protect the elected officials.
    There has never been anything like this.

    • I think they were drunk on Trump being ‘reinstated’, so he would be able to pardon everybody involved. I can’t imagine why else they would be putting up media of themselves other than wanting credit for being at the big take down.

    • Jim,

      Officers Chauvin, Pantaleo et al didn’t think about a pardon: Why would they need one!?

      They assumed they had impunity.

      Same with Trumptard terrorists.

      And 99.9% will be right. Pardons for the misdemeanors they’ll get at most would be ridiculous, even for Trump.

    • Hoops, Knees on necks has been cut way back. People will live in the future by this not happening to them because the cop does not want to join Chauvin in the joint. I felt a bit of sympathy for the one that was his first day on the job. The black kid with the video…the hero for us all.

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