Trumpers start ‘RDS Memorial’ Grifter Death Tour-A ‘Million Man Die-Off’ of America’s ‘Most Stupid’


VT: Deaths of GOP only vaccine and science denialists are now at 1600 per day, heading to up to 2500 a day until the “moron die-off” hits a curve.  One million of America’s educationally “challenged” and morally repugnant will be in the grave before numbers come under control…unless we have a new variant that takes ages down further.

Current deaths of “health challenged” hillbillies and “Darwin deniers” are now centering on the 30-to40 age group, smokers, diabetics, overweight, asthmatics…

With proper leadership only 20,000 Americans would have died of COVID.  Deaths are now at 655,667 with Florida losing over 1300 dead yesterday alone, a record.

When the “million man die-off” is done, the average age will be 50.

Were it not for parentless kids or the estimated 200,000 American children who will have “long COVID” symptoms, we are having a hard time finding a downside here.  That’s because real conservatives love it when Darwin gets into gear.  Hey Trumpers…send Mikey your hard earned cash…hit those COVID parties…the whole thing is a hoax, just ask RDS.


Guardian: Top loyalists to Donald Trump, who frequently push lies about election fraud, have joined forces with conservative doctors touting unproven Covid cures and vaccine skepticism, and like-minded evangelical ministers at a series of events across the US this summer.

The conservative “ReAwaken America” tour – featuring ex-general Michael Flynn and top Donald Trump loyalist donors – has held events in Florida, Michigan and other states.

It underscores how Trump’s allies, anti-vaccine doctors and conservative preachers are amplifying baseless claims that are hurting the nation’s public health and its democracy with potentially far-reaching impacts, say pandemic and election experts.

The tour comes as Covid cases soar and as Republicans drive to pass state laws weakening voting rights increase. While the tour has touted Flynn’s key role, a Tulsa Oklahoma media figure and Christian entrepreneur named Clay Clark has been instrumental in orchestrating the gatherings – also dubbed “health and freedom” conferences – using his “ThriveTime” podcast and radio show and Charisma News coverage.


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  1. One fact most people don’t know is that the CDC has ordered that you will called “unvaccinated” if you’re seriously injured or die within 14 days of an injection, or if you haven’t had the most recent “booster.” Such deceit is truly diabolical!

  2. Demon sperm,…is currently not on the list of viable threats to the human species.
    If someone has convinced you that it is, you have found your demon. It’s yours. You are helping it, feeding it, and obeying its commands.

    Stop doing that.

  3. Who could have imagined that Darwinism would quell America’s swing toward Facism?
    “You just can’t make this stuff up”

    • K.J.V. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 defines the nature of the “””mental defect;”””

      “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: 12That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  4. The Republican Party has created a Frankenstein’s monster here. Combine race hatred with evangelical fervor and you’ve got something the world has only seen with the rise of fascism in the 20th Century. And, they have nukes, lots of them.

    US Christian Zionism is first and foremost an apocalyptic death cult. They have it as a part of their end-times eschatology a final conflict between good (them) and evil (everyone else) that will bring their warrior messiah back to Earth to smite all the unbelievers. These are the Rapture-me-outta-here crowd who think WWIII will be a good thing. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

    • I guess as your self designated troll, respectfully correct, small items, as i agree with the whole and doing the grunt work, ‘they have nukes and lots of them’, to they have chemical weapons of all sorts’ sizes for this and that, and plenty of reasons to launch them, like housing, cars and all sorts of goodies, maybe even food. But launch them they do. All terrain, the cytology or cell’s response is the so called virus, an expression seen under microscopy as of uniform size and content. It is right there in front of us all along. Almost as uniform as it emits out of pressure nozzles from the contractor merc network installing it for spray house communism or whatever nazi, pepsi or coke.

    • 50 million US Christian Zionists say I’m right, Peacepod. Pastor John Hagee claims that the USA has nothing to fear from WWIII. It will not lead to the end of the world, but rather to “God’s renewal of the Garden of Eden.”

      He goes on to say, “When Jesus Christ comes back, he’s not going to ask the ACLU if it’s alright to pray, he’s not going to ask the churches if they can ordain pedophile bishops and priests, he’s not going to ask if it’s all right to put the Ten Commandments in the statehouses, he’s not going to endorse abortion, he’s going to run the world by the word of God and the world will never end. It’s going to become a Garden of Eden, and Christ is going to rule it.”

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