Meet Trump’s ‘Shit Hole’ America…a 4th World Nation


VT: We are doing this to show our readers from Europe, the Middle East and Africa how backward some areas of the US really are.  Are Americans the stupidest people on the planet?

You know that’s a ridiculous question….of course they are.  Watch the video.

For the past 40 years, much of America’s South and West have declined into a form of subhuman existence.

Meet them.  Would you live among them?



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  1. I trust nothing in the COVID 19 narrative. But there does seem to be a great culling going on. Could COVID be a tool being deployed as needed to meet a depopulation and control agenda? Easy to see that the restrictions and masking have caused far more harm than good.
    Also is anyone been following the money. There seem to be a lot of payoffs involved to gin up “cases”, and also cover up cause of death. “who do you trust?”, certainly not the WHO or CDC.

  2. They are polarized to the extent which, they would rather die, than be seen as sympathetic to “Libs”. A direct example of dispersion. Fully in the denial phase.
    One interesting phrase that comes up again and again, which shows the level of dispersion, is “my president”. Ownership of a political choice that does not even represent their interests. But correction or common sense, takes a back seat to loyalty. Loyalists. Proud to be wrong.

    • Good one David.
      I don’t know anything about “dispersion,” but that particular fellow is like those that talk about their King or their Queen; I think they tie their personal worth to them somehow.

  3. I hate to break it to you Senaca, but all people from traditionally stable and organic communities, whose heritage is of long establishment, are all related to a certain extent.
    Especially in areas which are ethnically stable and not overrun with immigrants such as in the old world in many places three to four hundred years ago, and the U.S. up until the last century or two; especially in traditionally rural areas as was the case in much of the old world at times.
    The flood of 19th and 20th century immigration diluted that to some degrees in many areas of north America.
    Bigotry is not becoming to any group who practice it.

  4. Those Americans are just as valid as any from Michigan or Maine or any other state.
    That you would characterize them the way you do, says more about you, than them.
    I don’t understand how you think your unwarranted slurs help your case, unless your aim is to inspire indignation blowback.
    Besides that, as someone who has traveled extensively in the lower 48 states, I can assure you these people would fit right, in all of them.

    • These aren’t Americans at all…they are people using up our oxygen. Citizenship is responsibility be it ancient Athens or in Heinleins war against the arachnoids.

      You are setting no bar at all, much less one too low. Citizens get vaccinated…they wear masks when needed….they protect their communities and they don’t spread outlandish lies and hoaxes to cause social discord.

      You know…China has a way of gauging how good or bad a citizen is. Many countries do. Germany certainly does…and I am a German citizen as well. It involves aiding the community when needed, doing your part all the time and not hiding in a basement with a pack of nazis…

    • Maybe you’re right Gordon, but I believe it would be reasonable to say America is in uncharted territory with this Covid19 virus, and its vaccines.
      In the end, all the unvaccinated may regret their decision. Maybe not.
      But the jury is still out on the whole thing.

    • Yes Worker Bee, that is definitely a good strategy. No one likes a smart ass.
      But that aside, it occurred to me when looking again at Gordon’s reply, that maybe he’s read the tea leaves, and sees which way the Chinese social- credit wind is blowing, and just trying not to make waves and set his sails with it.

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