4-year-old girl dies from COVID-19 hours after developing symptoms — now mom regrets being anti-vaxx (Biden was too late to save her)


Raw Story: A Texas preschooler died from COVID-19 just hours after first showing symptoms.

The girl’s mother, Karra Harwood, was diagnosed Monday with the coronavirus and isolated from her children, including 4-year-old daughter Kali Cook, but the girl developed a fever around 2 a.m. Tuesday, which her family gave her medicine to relieve, and she died in her sleep before 7 a.m., reported The (Galveston County) Daily News.

“She was so funny and sassy,” Harwood said. “She wasn’t your average little girl. She’d rather play with worms and frogs than wear bows. She was just so pretty and full of life.”

“I would rather her be a name than just a little girl,” she added, sobbing. “She was beautiful.”

Kali never tested positive for the virus, but an autopsy revealed she had died from a COVID-19 infection, and her mother said she’d never been diagnosed with an immune disorder or other health conditions, although she tended to get sicker than her siblings.

“We are all so broken and lost and just trying to figure out how we are gonna get threw this life without her light. Our family has covid and is out of work due to it , so we are overly stressed and hurting. Anything will help and kali would be so thankful to rest in comfort and wait to see us all again,” the family wrote in a GoFundMe campaign.

“This is a terrible thing, but I think people need to know about it,” said the county’s local health authority, Philip Keiser.  Read more…



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  1. Time stamps from one of the posters:

    The best highwire program to date. Listen to Catherine Austin Fitts’ explanation of who is behind this genocidal agenda. It explains everything. Most revealing is Catherine’s observation at 1:41: 50 on businesses that have been shut down, with: “The magic virus will not attack it (the business) if it’s owned by Black Rock, Vanguard and Fidelity.” “By shutting down small businesses they were able to pick up enormous amounts of market share for free, and that market share they get to keep.” Those losing their jobs are forced to sell their homes and the fat cats pick up these homes for cheap.

    • Catherine continues: “The bigger play was a financial re-engineering that has absolutely nothing to do with healthcare. Healthcare is the marketing plan for the reengineering of our governance and financial systems. This is a coup.” Another revealing comment by Catherine comes at 1:49:10 “The more they get away with the less they respect the average person. And it’s reached a very dangerous point as the average person can’t fathom that the governance system has grown this far away from them.” Think: 911, the wars it was used to justify, and the level to which many Americans got onboard with the war on terror. 1:53[d][d][d]:30[/d][/d][/d]: “Small business is the bedrock of democracy and if you’re going to wipe out democracy you want to wipe out small business. There is clearly a desire to wipe out the small business industry.” At 1:54[d][d][d]:30[/d][/d][/d] Del asks: “Are you under the impression that the land grab isn’t over… that they didn’t get enough?” Catherine answers: “The land grab has just begun. The way to make money on new technology is through capital gains on real estate. When Klaus Schway says: “It’s 2030, you will own nothing and you will be happy…” what he’s saying is: “it’s 2030, we will have stolen all your assets and we’re going to mind control you.”

  2. The way that orange blowhard gasbag downplayed the virus from the very start with “It’s going to be just fine,” “We have it totally under control” gave assurance to the mentally challenged that it was Antifa manufacturing these vaccines.

  3. I may not be a Biden fan but the title blaming Biden is BS. Biden wasn’t the President when Covid happen and he can’t make people take it even though he thinks so now but it will hit the courts soon! It is sad what happen to Kali Cook and my thoughts and prayers go out to her family but Biden couldn’t stop what happen if even he could!

  4. It wounds my heart to the core that a precious little child need suffer and die, not solely because of people’s obstinate and willful ignorance, but it surely it magnifies the tragedy.

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