Has DoJ been giving Trumpers rope to hang themselves, and their attorneys?


Insurrection Updates: More guilty pleas & FBI/DOJ upping the ante to Seditious Conspiracy

by Glenn Kirschner, … at Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: The gem in this Kirschner piece is that DoJ approval to issue a warrant for an attorney’s cell phone during a case involving their January 6th client would have to be approved by at least the Deputy Attorney General.

I would bet a dollar that AG Garland would have been in the loop on this warrant decision as it is committing the department to a full war counter offensive not only for the low hanging Trumper bad fruit, but the funders and legal co-conspirators where they have the evidence to do so.

You can bet your behind that after this announcement a huge cleaning has been going on up and down “The Steal” operational hierarchy if they hand not already done it. And I would bet another dollar that many of these people are already under surveillance to catch them when they do this.

Why? It’s because it makes for a slam dunk obstruction of justice charge, a bullet in the head to an attorney’s career, and even better, creating someone that can flip on the rest of the legal team, on how the whole The Steal scam was designed and executed.

I don’t see a snowball’s chance in hell of the DoJ trying to proceed with any insurrection charges on the disposable street thug Trumpers with circumstance evidence. They are, frankly, replaceable political jihadis.

The DoJ will want higher ups, including attorneys, to testify against the others on the sedition charges as that is a slam dunk case with a jury, particularly when they have multiple flippers.

The DoJ has to see the Insurrection Republicans have gone full bore on initiating The Steal campaigns on all elections that they lose. They have committed to do this with Newsome in California recall, a huge mistake because he has a comfortable margin.

This indicates the Rad Republicans view this as ‘we have to keep the base riled up, and the donations flowing by showing we continue to wee wee all over the Dems and there is nothing they can do to stop us”..aka ‘free speech’.

Rudy Giuliani tried the ‘free speech’ feint and the New York Appeals Court rammed that up his behind with its ruling that “he was an imminent danger to the public”. I am confidant that more of the Trump grifter attorneys will join him.

That New York case rang the bell, setting the precedent for all the other courts and judges across the country, with the Kracken team next getting hammerd by the Detroit federal judge’s blistering opinion there, a decapitation of Trump’s front line.

In closing I will add that this pending Januray 18th Trumper gig, a supposed rally for all those charged from the 6th, gave the Feds more opportunity to gather more intel on the Insurrection crew… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … September 12, 2021 

As the insurrection cases continue to work their way through the court system, approximately 10% of those charged in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol have now entered guilty pleas, with the first insurrection case set to go to trial on October 18.

In an important signal that the investigation may be moving on to some of the most serious potential charges, the FBI stated in a search warrant that it is now investigating “seditions conspiracy” charges.

This video surveys, unpacks and analyzes these importatnt insurrection updates.


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  1. “Falun Gong extensions include The Epoch Times, a politically far-right media entity that has received significant attention for promoting conspiracy theories and producing advertisements for then-U.S. President Donald Trump”
    They are drowning in the mud of legalese. Shouting and carrying tiki torches, is a different game from taking the next step to the legal fight. They do not know who to trust, really have no choices, and were ripe for infiltration from the word go. The dragnet is active.
    Where does the money for Falun Gong come from ?

    • The money appears to be coming from the pool of big Republican mega donors, and then the large organic fundraising from the rank and file Trumpers, a very successful campaign. One of the keys to that is staying constantly in the news with fake stories, hence we have The Steal, which they want to keep going forever, aka that any election the Repubs lose will have been stolen, that Trump is going to be reinstated, etc. Trump has publicly mentioned, due to his ego, that even bad publicity is good because it is free, and his position was that all publicity was good, so hence, constant controversy has been one of his mainstays. His neice laid all of this out for us.

    • Yes, and my thought was, prior to moving to the US , the origin of Falun Gong , was subversive factions of right wing US religions/agencies operating in China. They sure have made the transition seamlessly. It looks like a hydra….

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