NEO: 9/11, a Personal Journey Down the Rabbit Hole


    Editor’s note: We linked a story below, from today, an F16 pilot who tells the story of taking off on 9/11, his plane unarmed, prepared to ram one of the ‘hijacked’ planes.  We know that didn’t happen, but as for the reasons…I think you fill find we cover that quite well below: Gordon

    …by Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook (Est. 1816) of the Russian Academy of Science

    We all remember 9/11 as we remember so many other days, the Challenger disaster, the Kennedy murders or, for me, the fall of Saigon.

    For me, 9/11 began a new journey. I had some years ago tried to move my own career from defense and intelligence endeavors to the sane and rational, real work with real people. Defense and intelligence work is hardly real, it involves platform upon platform of lies and fantasy. The whole thing is a con, spies, wars, terrorism, the entire multi-polar world is pure theatre.

    Let’s go back to that day. It began with hijacked planes. There had been hijackings for decades but there had also been efforts to end hijacking. Sky Marshals were put on planes to mollify the public but behind that other things were done, including “shoot down” orders for any plane flying over North America with a terrorist in control.

    That decision was made and implemented many years ago based on a “Black Sunday” scenario, an aircraft hitting a Super Bowl or similar target, killing up to 100,000.

    The US keeps supersonic aircraft armed on the tarmac across the country that can reach any hijacked plane on afterburner in minutes.

    if there is no other choice they are to be shot down. Thus, 9/11 wasn’t real.

    Then there is that other thing, for fly-by-wire planes and that is an override that will land planes that is part of the engine management system. It is run by the CIA. Satellite communications can override flight controls and auto-land any advanced aircraft. MH 370 had one of these systems, so did the planes listed as “hijacked” on 9/11.

    All military and intelligence people know this, around the world. Wonder why it was never mentioned?

    Then the Pentagon, the idea of a plane flown just above the Potomac at 550 miles per hour. Problem here, at below 25,000 feet, any plane with fuel filled wings, like an airliner, will come apart. All the 9/11 planes violated physical laws.

    They can’t fly that fast that low and if they could, the control surfaces would have quit working meaning they would have simply augured into the ground totally out of control.

    Of course, I know this because a close friend is a longtime airline pilot and head of security at a major airline. Two of my friends are engineers at Boeing.

    Then a group of Architects and Engineers claimed even planes at impossible speeds could not have seriously damaged the buildings, not just hundreds, more, and they are highly qualified people.

    But then even they began offering strange solutions, claiming energy weapons that don’t exist or thermite powder took down the towers.

    Their most important point is that Building 7, a third tower that was only slightly damaged and never hit by a plane collapsed also.

    Their other claims, like thermite powder, are not just unlikely they are outlandishly false. There is always the “how did they do it” issue where that ploy ends in failure.

    As all of this is happening, quite predictably, the world is immersed in war. America has set up secret prisons and a massive program of kidnapping and torturing “suspected terrorists.”

    For those working in defense and intelligence, the Global War on Terror has drawn all into a single effort, not to defeat terrorism but rather to join the queue in raking in a portion of the endless billions paid to anyone willing to join the insanity, a war on imaginary terror.

    You see, some of us were around for the conflict in Afghanistan that began so many years ago. The US, then aided by Pakistan, created terror groups to overthrow the Kabul government and war on the Soviet Union.

    Around the same time, the US also set up a similar capability, secretly headquartered in Libya, to fight a terror war in Europe in case the Soviets staged a successful invasion of Western Europe.

    Operation Gladio – Global Subversion, Part One

    This effort was called Operation Gladio, where terror groups were armed, taught bomb making and put in “cold storage” for a day they would be needed.

    But then they brought themselves out of cold storage, Black September, the Red Brigades and other CIA created organization, as with ISIS and al Qaeda.

    For the next 20 years they kidnapped, bombed and terrorized Europe. They did the same thing in Central and Latin America as well.

    This puts us back at the usual questions. Why would the US do this? What capabilities make something like this possible? This kind of operation or set of operations would require broad corruption in both military and intelligence.

    What is obvious is that however corrupt or mismanaged the United States had been in the past, and the war in Vietnam is evidence of massive corruption and control of government by those who profit from war, but this is worse.

    At some point, the press began to stop supporting the Vietnam War and, as activist veterans, a group I joined after returning from the war, began leading protests, the war was exposed for what it was.

    So, what changed? Why no more protests? Why no more independent press? Where did America’s “left” go?

    That last question is easy. It was Benjamin Netanyahu that told us that 9/11 was very good for Israel. Well, Jewish Americans, with up to 1 million holding Israeli passports, make up America’s “left.”

    What happened in America is that after the Reagan presidency, the last American strong enough to stand up to Israel, every president since has been answerable to the billionaires that control both political parties in the US, billionaires who are in most cases also Israeli citizens.

    Opposing the will of these billionaires and the organizations they run, Google, Facebook, Wikipedia along with congress and the Supreme Court, let us not forget they run the stock markets as well, is suicide.

    You see, they also run the press, they own it and that isn’t conjecture.

    Thus, any who oppose Islamophobia or Russophobia or who question who really funds terror groups like ISIS or those who really staged 9/11 face charges of anti-Semitism.

    No one survives that kind of smear, just ask Jeremy Corbyn.


    For 20 years, reality itself has been assaulted. We have a worldwide duality, the ignorant and “led” against those who understand but choose silence and survival.

    Planes don’t knock down steel framed buildings. Steel doesn’t burn from kerosene and ethylene glycol and kerosene fires, meaning “jet fuel.”

    You can’t hijack a plane in the US, it will either be shot down or, since some time in the early 1990s, simply be robotically landed.

    You see this done on TV all the time and it isn’t new. If a Tesla can drive through New York traffic at rush hour, a jet airliner can be landed using “fly by wire” that has been around forever. From Wikipedia:

    Servo-electrically operated control surfaces were first tested in the 1930s on the Soviet Tupolev ANT-20. Long runs of mechanical and hydraulic connections were replaced with wires and electric servos.

    In 1941, an engineer from the Siemens, Karl Otto Altvater developed and tested the first fly-by-wire system for the Heinkel He-111, where the aircraft was fully controlled by electronic impulses.

    In 1934, Karl Otto Altvater filed a patent about the automatic-electronic system, which flared the aircraft, when it was close to the ground.

    The first pure electronic fly-by-wire aircraft with no mechanical or hydraulic backup was the Apollo Lunar Landing Training Vehicle (LLTV), first flown in 1968.

    The first non-experimental aircraft that was designed and flown (in 1958) with a fly-by-wire flight control system was the Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow, a feat not repeated with a production aircraft (though the Arrow was cancelled with five built) until Concorde in 1969, which became the first fly-by-wire airliner. This system also included solid-state components and system redundancy, was designed to be integrated with a computerised navigation and automatic search and track radar, was flyable from ground control with data uplink and downlink, and provided artificial feel (feedback) to the pilot.

    In the UK the two seater Avro 707C was flown with a Fairey system with mechanical backup in the early to mid-60s. The program was curtailed when the air-frame ran out of flight time.

    In 1972, the first digital fly-by-wire fixed-wing aircraft without a mechanical backup to take to the air was an F-8 Crusader, which had been modified electronically by NASA of the United States as a test aircraft; the F-8 used the Apollo guidance, navigation and control hardware.

    This was preceded in 1964 by the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV) which pioneered fly-by-wire flight with no mechanical backup. Control was through a digital computer with three analog redundant channels. In the USSR, the Sukhoi T-4 also flew. At about the same time in the United Kingdom a trainer variant of the British Hawker Hunter fighter was modified at the British Royal Aircraft Establishment with fly-by-wire flight controls for the right-seat pilot.

    The Airbus A320 began service in 1988 as the first airliner with digital fly-by-wire controls.

    Today, the last fake 9/11 controversy is over the role of Saudi Arabia in funding and organizing 9/11. This, of course, is a “con” as well and predicated on the false belief that the Saudi Royal family, which is “Saudi Arabia” was a “blood enemy” of Israel.

    The years since and the partnership, an open one, between Israel and Saudi Arabia against Syria, Iraq and Lebanon is long a matter of fact though not “official history.”

    When we travel back in time, knowing what we know, watching the videos of planes flying 550 miles per hour at near sea level, and the massive explosions that brought down the three towers, the dread some of us felt that day wasn’t over those killed.

    It was over those we knew would die, perhaps even in the millions, and the assault on world order, human rights and reason itself that would ensue.

    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

    Air Force fighter pilot says he was prepared to use his plane as a weapon to protect DC on 9/11

    The nation is just one day away from marking the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks and stories of bravery from those who responded are still being told.



    Sasseville says he and the others on the ground that day rushed to their aircraft trying to get into the sky as quickly as possible once the news broke of the attacks. “As soon as we realized what was happening, as soon as we knew we were under attack — the entire wing, the entire base, the entire capital region – as you know, swung into action,” Sasseville said. “Our part of that – I thought – was to get into the air as soon as possible.”

    Sasseville said he and others rushed into the air as fast as they could – but their jets were not all fully prepared and armed. Sasseville said he and his wingman took off without ammunition or missiles.


    “Not only was it a tremendously challenging ethical dilemma we were facing – but the reality of trying to stop something like that – a big airliner – from hitting a target — was something that we really wrestled with,” Sasseville told Barnard. He said as he and his wingman rushed toward their plane they decided to use their aircraft to strike and disable any planes that posed a threat. “In the end – the ethical dilemma is the needs of the one versus the needs of the many,” Sasseville said.

    Luckily, Sasseville and the others at Joint Base Andrews were not faced with that challenge that day as they took to the air.  Read more..



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      • Harry, take it further as Jeff Gates would..that some would rather believe falsehood and all beliefs are equal…in that they represent a desire to follow that which is not true…in order to justify a feeling of being ‘special’ rather than perhaps ordinary or as is generally the case, too fucking stupid to live

    1. It is likely not a coincidence that in the two decades prior to 9/11/2001, Hollywood deluged the country with action movies portraying similarly impossible events. The official story is like a bad Hollywood script with “movie physics” replacing real physics.

    2. “…They [airliners] can’t fly that fast mph] that low…” – GD

      They cannot fly that fast above 30,000 feet either unless indicated airspeed is used rather that corrected true airspeed. They also cannot fly anywhere near that speed closer than a couple of wingspan lengths closer to the ground surface due to ground effect (unless nosing in at a high angle which would rip the wings and tail section off).

      “Steel doesn’t burn from kerosene and ethylene glycol and kerosene fires, meaning “jet fuel.” ” – GD

      Liquid hydrocarbon fuels can melt and burn steel in an oxygen enriched environment, but that would have required converting the WTC into a liquid oxygen storage facility or compressed gas oxygen storage area, both of which are impossible in practical terms. Oh, and of course a lot more hydrocarbon fuel than was available would be required.

      “…and auto-land any advanced aircraft.” – GD

      The first CAT IIIC ILS systems and autopilots capable of zero visibility landings started to be installed in commercial airliners in the early to mid 1980s, and would have been standard on aircraft carrying 50+ passengers and the airports capable of handling them by 2001.

      • I was thinking that the WTC had been a fertilizer storage facility or a guided missile factory…or both.

      • Well yes, the WTC complex may well have been a fertilizer storage facility since lower Manhattan provides convenient access to the corn, soybean, and wheat fields of the country. 😜

      • many years ago, VT covered this tirelessly with tons of real data…but the best out there is the B 52 test at low altitude

    3. I think, however, that we need to take it up a level of abstraction to consider the possibility that the impossibility of the official story is not a “bug” but a “feature”.

      “Irrationality”, per se, is how the entrenched-money-power broadcasts “policy” to its broadly-defined administrative arm. That is why, for example, the more objectively irrational and transparently-fraudulent a decision from a multi-judge court of appeal, the more likely it is to be “unanimous”. It is a policy decision that is not to be questioned.

      The same device was used to communicate policy with respect to Building 7. The relatively well-educated administrative superstructure worldwide could see plainly with their analytical “left-brains” that they witnessed a controlled demolition. But the very impossibility of the official story then caused their “right-brains” to overrule their left-brains, and by truncating any further logic activity in that direction – what Orwell defined as a state of “protective stupidity”. It has to be nuts so that the administrators know that it is to be followed and not questioned. Is that clear?

    4. Yes, the ‘great debate’ continues…how was it done? I had an involved back and forth with a poster who fully believes Woods account and thesis…and denegrates any other hypothesis. When I had the nerve to say that there were inconsistencies and that he should look into the nuke scenario as well, I was participating in ‘lollipop fantasies’ of delusion. Of course the fact that operational DEW existence 20 years ago is an unknown (at least to me) and w54s being around for decades tips the scales for me, so does the attendant diseases for FRs. He tries to associate those issues with electromagnetic/chemical effects (of DEW) mimicking diseases. So, there is no end to either the data supporting or optional data not. In the end, I stated that the only thing we know for a fact, is that 2 planes did not bring down those buildings. This similar to JFK assassination. We are told massive lies (the bigger, the better), although common sense says otherwise. Then we are given a patsy, later confessions, which are argued and in the end, the truth stays hidden…at least publicly.

    5. Remember, Gordon, the vast majority of Americans were taken in by the 9/11 fable, when in fact Israel nuked us on that day and got away with it. 50 million US Christian Zionists, all of whom voted for Trump, still support everything that Zionists are doing in Palestine, and throw million of dollars at Likud each year. Why is that?

    6. All I said that day when hearing the first report of the tower was, “Those bastards did it. Those fing bastards did it.”
      The dirty players have a list and the list has a pattern. JFK & MLK assassinated, Watergate, War on Drugs, Iran Contra, (this was right about when we started using Saudi’s for all the wet work), Trickle Down, Destroy Unions, Gulf War, Media Admin Purge(1999) , Hanging chad at bro’s state (Floriduh), 9/11, Anthrax, Afghanistan, Iraq, Trump, Covid, Insurrection.
      We need a purge. And the feckless better get more feck, because this will keep happening.
      Saudi Arabia, Israel and Britain are not our friends and they are not our allies.

      • Excellent post. How sad it is that there are those that truly believe it all, can’t see what is before their eyes and continue the facade to the detriment of their offspring. God bless Walt, Pogo turned out to be quite prescient.

    7. The story of the fighter pilot “””””prepared to use his plane as a weapon to protect DC on 9/11,””””” has a very strong emotional quality to it.
      And there is no denying the heroism involved in such an act.
      Not to take anything away from the fighter pilot, because he didn’t write the story or its headline, but the implied message is that he was willing to sacrifice his life on a suicide mission.
      Granted, that he was prepared to ram his plane into the airliner sounds like a kamakazi death sentence, and could very well have been.
      But I believe the “story” was a tiny bit deceptive in that it did not take into consideration the almost 100% chance the fighter pilot had in mind to eject at the last possible moment.
      You know that’s what he was thinking.
      No offense intended.


      The case for the Twin Towers being destroyed using a Nuclear Fusion Fireball. According to Professor Chris Buzby and the celebrated Italian Physicist Emilio Del Giudice 9/11 was a 4th Generation Nuclear Event.

      The weapon used Uranium – a mixture of depleted Uranium and enriched Uranium 238, 235 – charged “soaked” with Deuterium to a point just below the critical threshold. This material as a powder was packed into carbon nano-tubes, then pressure was imposed upon it to trigger nuclear FUSION. Its uses the principles of Pressure Fusion first discovered by Percy Williams Bridgman who received the 1946 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the effects of extreme pressure on materials.

      The main destruction of the towers was cause by a 4th Gen Fusion Nuke Fireball [search – SIPA fireball] that fell down through each of the towers causing molecular dissociation due to the extreme temperatures. They needed this to pass through the heavy mechanical floors unhindered so those floors needed to be blown through first. If not, the fusion fireball – like a nuclear power station (Corium) meltdown – could have been deflected or held up on those floors making the destruction seem unnatural.


    9. Another criminal “tell” at the “back-end” is the ever-more disappearing computer-generated “photo” of the aircraft half-in and half-out of the tower without any distortion of the airframe on the outside. Of all the photographic evidence it is, for me, the mother-of-all “smoking guns”. If that photo / video-frame ain’t real – then none of it is real.

      Yet despite being probably the single most “iconic” photo of the event for millions of people – I have not been able to find it in the myriad collections of “9-11 photos that changed the world”. It seems to be slowly fading from our collective memory.

      It also may define an even more disturbing reality. I think it is possible that many people born in the 21st century genuinely cannot tell that the photo-image is a computer simulation and not real. Only the old-school people are able to perceive instantly that the thing is a computer simulation.

      • What future historians will marvel at is the conspiracy of silence surrounding the events of 9/11. This has gone on for 20 years! Our illustrious MSM continues to promote this fable in the face of all evidence to the contrary.

      • Excellent point, Mr. Madden. “The mother of all smoking guns” may be the non-distorted airframe outside the south tower, but… where is the news helicopter footage of the ground floor of the north tower exploding outward? It was twenty years ago today, aired on CNN and I personally witnessed it. Where is it? Not on YouTube, not anywhere or in any way obtainable. Who had their VCR taping that morning? Oh wait, that individual gets silenced too I bet.

      • I see things similar to the “airplane crashing into the WTC tower” video all the time when poorly done 3DCC animation is superimposed on traditional 2D animation. A common example is how virtual motorcycles often are portrayed as moving – to most people it may look fine but someone who has ridden on the track and/or watched extensive on-board footage will instantly recognize that a real motorcycle with its wheels moving out of line that way on dry pavement is about to eject its rider in a high-side fall.

    10. Aside from the physical impossibility of the “official” 9/11 narrative, the thing that jumped out at me right from the start was how that narrative emerged within hours of the attacks, fully-formed with pictures of the 19 supposed hijackers and Osama bin Laden all over the front pages of newspapers. This was way before any evidence-based investigation could possibly have been done. That was the first clue that 9/11 was a false-flag event regardless of how it was actually pulled off.

    11. Chemical weapons also achieve critical mass. Front installation contractors, maybe thru Homeland Security or FBI dropouts, but we see tree trimmers, solar installers, jackboot freelance pump and emitter, to cannon and gun Palestinian children face daily. Indian casinos, casinos of all brand no doubt laundering with cash inducments or house payments, car payments. Yards turned into 007 movie sets enviable gas outlets from debris piles to spliced roof drain vent pipe, chimney blowers etc. Symptoms being that of Covid. Air currents targeted so surveillance cam monitoring without air quality and VOC sensor back up bewilders.. that insects are hatching and tiny rockets blasters from off of the ground and not the phosphorus compound contents reacting to air moisture chemical weaponry intallation from and ordinary house residence..

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