Another 9/11 Mystery: How a Few Chosen People Escaped ‘Bin Laden Holocaust’


Almost immediately the story came out that Jews were warned of 9/11 and stayed home.

Let’s examine this a bit.

Nobody really knows where it came from but the story was that a text message was sent to all Jews working in the Twin Towers saying “don’t come to work, we planted two nukes under the towers and we are going to blow them up.”  Of course, there is no evidence to support this alleged email and so we cannot confirm.

The ADL counters this unsubstantiated report with their post from October 22, 2001, called “4000 Jews Absent During World Trade Center Attack“.  This is their text.

Following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, a rumor circulated on the Internet claimed that 4,000 Jews did not report to work, or “called in sick” that morning. It suggested that no Jews died because they somehow had foreknowledge of the attack. There are several variations of this rumor, including one suggesting that Israel was behind the attacks.

Such rumors are absurd. Among those who died in the collapse of the Twin Towers were scores of Jews. Their lives, and their untimely deaths, have been widely documented on television, in newspapers and in makeshift memorials across New York City. The terrorists who targeted the World Trade Center did not distinguish between the many Christian, Jewish and Muslim workers in the building who perished.

These rumors appear to have originated in the Arab world. They are among several conspiracy theories being circulated in the Arab and Muslim media, as well as on Web sites and bulletin boards, that Israel or the Jews – and not Arab terrorists – were responsible for the attacks on September 11.

The Cleveland Jewish News reports that 18 Jewish people died at the World Trade Center. They list them by name with bios here;  The Jewish victims of 9/11

So the story sounds crazy, right?  All we can do is tell you what we do know.  And here’s what we know:

  • Most employees in the WTC were Jewish, around 70%.  Most people living in Manhattan or Brooklyn and “working at that level of trade and finance” are Jewish.  What percentage?  Very high.
  • Nobody knows the real number, looking for those numbers can get you killed. Suffice it to say anyone using a broad assumption of “half” would be very safe.
  • We know that as of 9/11 itself, few Jews had died that day.  Over 3000 were killed and maybe 18 were Jewish. That’s less than 1%.  That number seems to be very low as a percentage considering the actual population of Jewish people who work in the Manhattan area.

A reasonable number of Jewish deaths on 9/11 based on who lived nearby, and who worked in the facility, might well have been over 1000.  Massage that figure a bit but it will stand.  Go as low as 500 if you want.

Then do this, say 100 would have died, a figure too low to be credible.  But 18?

Then do this also…ask why if you take a crazy number like 100…something no one would ever believe and then cut it by as much as 99% and nobody says a word…what does that tell you?

Something does NOT pass the smell test.  We don’t know exactly what happened.  We may never know.


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  1. What does this tell us? It tells us that anyone bringing up this fact of members of the 13th Tribe not dying on 9/11/2001 in polite company will immediately be labeled an antisemite conspiracy theorist.

  2. If there were any viable analysts around the WH back then, they should have thought – the whole world is now sympathetic towards US, instead of bombing the hell out of the ME, lets work on making US image whole again… But no they were set on destruction.

    • The tentacles of the traitors go too deep. Most every official and bureaucrat are “down with the program” as submissive and boot-licking toadies.

  3. When you remember that the hundreds of passengers on those imaginary planes are also part of the count, there is no way that anyone can say for sure how many people actually died. This is not to diminish the horror of the attacks, and it is certainly not to diminish Israel’s primary role in pulling them off. All we know for sure is that Israel nuked the USA on 9/11 and got away with it.

    The amazing thing is that most Americans still think that 19 Muslims armed with boxcutters were the real perps. What is even more amazing is that 50 million US Christian Zionists, all of whom voted for Trump, still support what the Zionists are doing in Palestine and throw millions of dollars at them.

    • Even if the 50 million Christian Zionist number is real, it’s only because they have let their faith in Jesus Christ get hijacked by the enemy.

    • Pastor John Hagee said recently, “50 million Bible-reading Christians stand with Israel…” That must also mean they stand with how Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it, Elvin.

    • They may “stand with it;” though surly unknowingly.
      But with all the “American” assets employed as willing cohorts in the 9/11 attack; who can say for sure?

    • You’re right about imaginary planes. There is the proof that no planes were used, only explosives, holograms, CGI, crisis actors, and a compliant media: (40 min) (20 min)
      For further scientific analysis see (a good number of youtube videos there deleted, as they like to do more and more in these days of internet censorship).

      And then there are the “Dancing Israelis” and the Police and FBI Reports on their arrest and detention and quiet return to Israel 71 days later:

      The actual reports are at

    • We have Smoking Gun and Smoking Gun two, Both Jewish parody’s. Do we really need any more smoking guns? I think a pair of balls would do. I fear we all have been neutered. As VT states there will be no charges against the 6 Capitol Police involvement in the 01/06 Insurrection. With all the evidence in our face if the facts do not fit ‘the narrative’ you must aquit. OJ’s lawyer told us something like that.

    • VICTOR. There are a lot of smoking guns. Different ones 4 different understandings. What is a smoking gun for a structural engineer, could and probably would be dfferent than for an airplane pilot or a photo analysist. Perhaps if you spend a bit more time reading & watching relevant videos like the collapse of seven or the crater in the basement of six, you might find what YOU believe to be a smoking one. See for a few excellent nominees…

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