FFWN: The 9/11 Big Lie Turns 20


Guest commentator: J. Michael Springmann. Watch the bowdlerized YouTube version of FFWN above, or the full uncensored show HERE

20 years’ worth of lies, all rolled up into a couple of days! MSM coverage of the 9/11 anniversary was even worse than expected, which is saying something. The good news is that the fake news journalists are gnashing their teeth in anguish at the fact that the “9/11 conspiracy theories” are still alive and kicking.

Is the media covering up 9/11 in part due to the presence of embedded CIA “Mockingbird” assets? Elements of the CIA were clearly complicit in the 9/11 coup, just as with the JFK coup.

And now we have a CIA physician arguing in the Washington Post for punishing unvaccinated people, like me and my family, through medical neglect. As the RT story on this suggests, the appearance of Ruth Mengele, I mean, Ruth Marcus, a CIA physician in a Washington Post op-ed arguing those who have not been vaccinated should not be prioritized for medical treatments raises some alarming questions and “conflicts radically with accepted medical ethics…”

So what’s next? How about prioritizing the unvaccinated for harmful and unnecessary medical procedures? We could force the unvaccinated to undergo unnecessary surgeries! The threat of unnecessary organ transplants, unnecessary tooth drilling, and root canals, maybe even brain surgery, might convince those stubborn, intractable unvaccinated ne’er do wells to let us stick ‘em with a gene therapy needle. In fact, if we give them a simple choice—a vaccination or a lobotomy—most of them will make the right choice. And hey, it’s a free choice, right? We aren’t coercing anybody. We’re just using…incentives! And as for the really stubborn ones who prefer a lobotomy to a vaccination, well, AFTER the lobotomy they won’t be in much of a position to object to anything, now will they? 

I wonder if I could escape the unnecessary surgery by presenting my proof of non-vaccination card?


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  1. In one of the truthful videos about 9-11, the passengers on the flight that purportedly crashed in Pennsylvania were shown getting off the plane and going into a building near the terminal. They were probably then murdered and disposed of.

    Dr. Judy Wood, a principal structural engineer of the twin towers, put videos out showing that the engines, door lock cylinder, etc. of cars parked blocks around the towers were missing. Just gone! So direct energy weapons were used as well as nukes.

  2. Even though I’ve heard that “jet fuel/kerosene” won’t burn hot enough to melt steel many times, J. Mike’s pointing out that all the jet fuel in the planes would have burnt up in a few minutes. It probably all burned up on impact, which makes it even more ridiculous to say it melted the steel columns.

    • It’s so obvious the whole thing was faked, no wonder the culprits are so bold. They can make people believe total B.S.

    • It’s the planes themselves, Elvin, they could never fly at full speed into the twin towers or the Pentagon. This, from Gordon yesterday, “Then the Pentagon, the idea of a plane flown just above the Potomac at 550 miles per hour. Problem here, at below 25,000 feet, any plane with fuel filled wings, like an airliner, will come apart. All the 9/11 planes violated physical laws.”

  3. Remember, COVID-19 is a US bioweapon, Kevin. I was first deployed in China, then Iran and Europe, and finally in the USA. The new Delta variant of this bioweapon is currently being deployed in red states, where it is decimating the unvaccinated population and those who refuse to wear masks.

    The very same fiends who brought us 9/11 and all the wars of this century must be laughing their asses off at how gullible and naïve Trumpsters are, as they not only still believe Trump’s con that the virus is a hoax, but continue to support the ongoing brutal occupation of Palestine even though Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. These folks will believe anything their crazy Christian Zionist pastors tell them, Kevin.

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