NEO: Trump Says America is Dying, Is He Right?


    by Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook (Est. 1816) of the Russian Academy of Science

    Something strange has happened to America. Millions of Americans are demonstrating symptoms of what are generally referred to as pathological disorders, generally personality disorders, of the kind normally attributed to abandonment by parents or sexual abuse as children.

    You see it every day, not just in violence against nurses or school officials but in the overall tone of America, anger infused with stupidity and bad manners.

    The symptoms are unmistakable as millions of Americans are drawn to “cult level” beliefs, including political and religious extremism that would put the Taliban (banned in Russia) to shame.

    Let us also be clear. America never had a real love affair with truth when it came to what the American public was taught in schools or indoctrinated through media. What used to be controlled only by select elites like the Rockefeller or Ford Foundations has now fallen into the hands of the likes of Alex Jones or Joe Rogan.

    The old lies, certainly poisonous and insidious, have been replaced with buffoonery and vitriolic, but along with the change in tone, there is also a change in quality. Painful rhetoric is now not just incomprehensible, but it reeks of illiteracy and basic ignorance, simple ignorance, not knowing right from wrong.

    Then again, are things really worse? When America “bought” the wars of lies such as Vietnam or the even more reprehensible national tantrum in response to 9/11, millions died because of war profiteering fully supported by the news media and a corrupt government.

    Thus, when millions of America’s least educated or most intellectually “vulnerable” lap up vaccine or election hoaxes they may be “totally wrong” but are they?

    Are American elections rigged by the CIA? It doesn’t take a genius to see the “unseen hand” even in the process of selecting candidates, much less with the elections themselves.

    The most glaring examples are Bush in 2000 or Trump in 2016 where normally accurate exit polls were off by “double digits,” something statisticians would report, if allowed, is impossible.

    Similarly, if Americans don’t believe Dr. Fauci, could it be that America’s medical community has always treated the public as guinea pigs? America has the worst availability of healthcare of any advanced nation with profiteering by “big Pharma” and the medical corporations working hand in hand with corrupt politicians to create a scandalously failed medical system that has long preyed on the American people.

    Then one day we get a pandemic, and nobody wants to play along. Who is responsible? Is it the lunatic fringe reporting by Fox News or was it all prestaged by engineering a society of gullible and complacent healthcare consumers?

    Apocalypse anxiety
    The book begins with the Millerites, the nineteenth-century religious sect of Pastor William Miller, who used biblical calculations to predict October 22, 1844 as the date for the Second Advent of Christ. Aveni also examines Christian millennialism, the New Age movement and the Age of Aquarius. Apocalyptic Anxiety places these seemingly never-ending stories of the world’s end in the context of American history and America’s voracious appetite for apocalypse. “The two basic ways of knowing – reason versus revelation – are irreconcilable,” Anthony Aveni

    There is evidence that the United States may well have, as a nation, degenerated into not just something ungovernable but something even worse, not just a breakdown of political and social cohesion.

    Any reports from the United States, be it political leaders or the continual voices of angry Trump supporters have one thing in common. They show American adults acting like spoiled children, often raving like lunatics, often violent, generally irrational and, above all sharing one common trait and that is a lack of quality education.

    The breakdown reflects many things, certainly a failure of American families, of schools, a failure of religious leaders and, clearest of all, a lack of positive role models among “social elites.”

    Let us be clear, celebrities have always been a mixed lot, spoiled, privileged or “preachy.” The few that mean or meant well like Ed Asner are a distinct minority.

    Others, like George Clooney, are coopted into supporting organizations like the White Helmets in Syria, no longer seen as “clean hands” first responders after armies of witnesses have accused them of full complicity in terror acts.

    The truth is ugly. America has had a full “meltdown” where schools run by powerful teacher’s unions and supported by politicians have overridden parental authority and act as “re-education camps” on behalf of ignorance and mediocrity.

    But even decent schools would be unable to override a society that is “dumbed down” not just by the mindless game apps, bad schools, drugs everywhere, cheap and available or the tabloidization of the news media.

    The well-financed and carefully orchestrated hatred of educated elites, denialism of science and the newfound wild acceptance of anything conspiratorial reeks of something quite purposeful.

    Why would someone, some group, some cult or secret organization want the most militarily powerful nation in history to be controlled by those now elevated to high authority who are more than unstable. Listen to American media personalities like Tucker Carlson.

    This week disgraced former President Donald Trump was interviewed by disgraced former White House spokesman Sean Spicer on Newsmax, a fringe network supporting supremacist hoaxes.

    The former president stated that he believed the United States would be completely destroyed from within before the next presidential election. Spicer tried to shut him up, but nobody shuts up Donald Trump. Worse still, Trump may well have been correct.

    Trump’s behavior of late has become more irrational than usual after revelations that the military had removed command authority from Trump based on their estimation that he was likely to try to start a nuclear war after an unsuccessful coup attempt on January 6, 2021.

    General Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff actually called his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuecheng two days after the coup attempt, assuring China that Trump would not be allowed to attack China with nuclear weapons. From PBS, an excerpt from a transcript of a news broadcast:

    Yamiche Alcindor:

    Well, General Milley was taking extraordinary steps and having extraordinary conversations with a number of people, chief among them, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

    This, of course, is at the time on January 8, when a call was made from Speaker Pelosi to General Milley saying: I want to know what you’re doing to make sure that former President Trump is not allowed to misuse the nuclear codes or not allowed to get into some sort of military action that is not wise.

    During that call — we want to put it up for folks — during that call, Speaker Pelosi said this of President — of former President Trump: “He’s crazy. You know he’s crazy. He’s crazy. And what he did yesterday,” referring to the Capitol seize, the Capitol attack on January 6, “what he did yesterday is further evidence of his craziness.”

    And, remarkably, General Milley replied: “I agree with you on everything.”

    Now, those are sources on Capitol Hill confirming those exact words to me tonight.

    And what this really shows you is that someone like General Milley, who is not seen as political, not seen as a Democrat or Republican, here he is on the phone with a Democrat who is a target of former President Trump’s anger, saying: “I agree with you.”

    I also want to point out another conversation that General Milley had, and that was with Gina Haspel. She was the former director of the CIA. And here’s what Gina Haspel reportedly told General Milley: “We are on the way to a right-wing coup,” again, going back to this idea of January 6 really shaking people up.

    It’s extraordinary conversations really underlying the idea that former President Trump was seen as someone who was a loose cannon in his own administration.

    When looking at this most extreme situation, there are two ways to go, blaming Trump as an “elite” willing to sacrifice 100 million in a cruel attempt to retain power or something worse.

    What if Trump is, as so many of his followers believe, simply one of them? Trump’s education is spotty, his college records classified as national security secrets and there is that one issue, that he is accused of paying someone to not only take his entrance exams but to have quite possibility attended college for him, taking tests, writing papers.

    But we also hear the same things about former Vice President Dick Cheney and former President George W. Bush as well, as both share key characteristics with Trump:

    1. An aversion to telling the truth
    2. Very low verbal communication skills
    3. Long histories of personal meltdowns and/or substance abuse
    4. No visible history of real employment

    If we took those same four characteristics and applied them to many, Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan for instance, or Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity or perhaps the majority of the members of America’s congress, we might well find some consistencies.


    Some of it may well be the abandonment of “expertise” as a source of respect for Americans. It takes real talent and expertise to operate heavy equipment, to lay tile or carpeting correctly or do brain surgery.

    Those who have real and specific expertise are now pushed aside in the eyes of the public where anyone with a device, internet access and a case of narcissistic personality disorders can now become a vaccine expert, a political commentator or an expert on space travel or military technology.

    They can be on television or be elected to high public office.

    The same applies with “facts” or “information.” The new definition of “freedom” and “beliefs” has been augmented to include demands that all “facts” or “information” be considered “equal.”

    If you believe you are the king of Sweden, then that belief must be not only respected but defended by others, often with violence at over the objection and rights of others.

    This is how today’s American “new think” works.

    Vaccines can cause pregnancy, they can cause sterility, they can be used to track, to control or even to prevent disease. All is simply “information” or “facts” and even “alternative facts.”

    Nothing is wrong anymore and those who say things continually are not liars or criminals, they are patriots.

    Welcome to America.

    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of VT, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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    1. Gordon Duff, Senior Editor September 17, 2021 at 1:11 pm
      “My question…where are the smart people hiding?”

      Gordon, there are PLENTY of smart people in the United States, who know exactly what is going on. The problem is that they do not control any thing – the Big Money / Secret Team / Cabal / Ruling Elite (call it what you will) are the ones who control everything.

      In my opinion, our country died on November 22, 1963 – the day of the MURDER – not assassination – of John F. Kennedy. Add to that the murders of RFK, Jr., MLK, Jr., Malcolm X, James Hoffa and Walter Reuther.

      Thank you.

    2. It doesn’t matter who voiced it. Tens of thousands of Americans talk on social networks about the monstrous degradation of the United States: a total fall in morality and ethics, a terrible number of drug addicts, psychopaths, perverts of all stripes, a fall in education and science, an LGBT program, political powerlessness on all fronts! Do you think it makes me happy? I dare to assure you – no! I feel sorry for the good people living in America. But, your country will never be the same again. Now a terrible experiment is being conducted over you, undermining the foundations of Christian and universal values.

    3. Armed with a business degree in 82 I started grad school in Public Management. I thought I could help in replanting forests… I believed our environment will degrade without them. I live in a state that lost 80% of its forests, most farm and urban sprawl. Man I loved the classes…..then reached the gatekeeper class….PM501.

      They wasted no time teaching us about corruption in government. We were shocked to hear 10% are outright stealing and the next 30% are complacent and have some scheme to benefit personally. As a business, I reasoned no company could survive 4 of ten employees stealing and neither could our government.

      Having no problems with testing before, I was failing 501. I couldn’t figure it out….and I kept failing, finally having to withdraw. A Public management masters was not to be…..why?

      While it was not apparent at the time, the testing was designed to fail anyone that could throw a wrench into the existing gears of corruption. Any hint of honesty was reason to fail. Only those who would ignore the corruption passed the gate. This was 1983 and we have the most corrupt government imaginable ….that was even complacent in the WTC hoax. I’m sad our country has become israels bitch.

    4. I was gonna say yes; US is dying because Mammon worshipping Cuckservatives clutch their pearls over spending less on infrastructure (including human) for the whole country, than for 3 war profiteers: Raytheon, Boeing & LM!
      But Gordy’s point is better. And why I publicly predicted Prez DramaQueenDon before anyone.

      But there’s lotsa hope! I shoulda been wrong: Donny Dollhands NEEDED DeepState Comey kneecaping Hillary right before the big dance.
      He needed ALL media anointing him “Tough On Trade” and the UnPolitician (subliminal: he’s honest.)

      Also, a takeover of Wyoming & The Dakotas (6 Senators) would be easy.
      Do it Soros! Jews, Replace Them! 😂🤣

      • Another very pertinent point NOBODY talks about. Very apropos here:

        PERCEIVED military support for Cuckservatives. While Bernie beat Donny Bonespurs AND all Dems in veteran AND active duty donations… In 2016 AND 2020!

        If Black voters new this, would they have twice…

        #KilledTheBern? 🤔

    5. After the biggest conspiracy in plain sight that it is was JFK murder, the only way to hide a elephant by the perpetrators was in the between herd of elephants, and thus the public they arrive today to the acceptance of anything that it have a reek conspiratorial. The public’s fear that they will be overwhelmed by costs catastrophic relative to their income in the healthcare it come since long time ago and the last failed try to do something fair was the Elliot Richardson Mega Proposal at 1970. About vaccines, there is facts in the past that they are sample enough to distrust in present day regard these particular Covid vaccines.

    6. “It takes real talent and expertise to operate heavy equipment, to lay tile or carpeting correctly or do brain surgery.” – GD

      It takes a really good backhoe operator to lay pipe (typically storm sewer) without making a whole lot of extra work for the crew in the trench getting final alignment correct (not to mention not putting them in danger when swinging 10+ ton pipe sections around with a 80-ton tracked excavator).

      A friend works in a carpet and tile sales shop, and they have trouble finding enough good installers. Floor tile installation is such a PITA that it is well worthwhile to pay someone who knows what he/she is doing.

    7. “Are American elections rigged by the CIA? It doesn’t take a genius to see the “unseen hand” even in the process of selecting candidates, much less with the elections themselves.” – GD

      While the correct response to this is “well, duh”, the vast* majority will respond with “wearing your tinfoil hat?” or similar slurs to anyone that points out that the emperor has no clothes on.

      *Approximately 330 million vast.

    8. I see it as an expected phase, the result of the combination of educational trends, the time of large corporations, and the burst of the internet. Everyone is researcher, and the way to research is watching youtube videos. Education a few decades ago, began pushing diversification instead of specialization. The small farmer and the skilled contractors followed the money (herding) and disappeared. Diversification also meant, that as a small contractor, I increasingly hired college educated folks wanting to get their hands dirty, learn the trades.
      The positive I keep seeing, is the will and incentive for people to become educated about how their government works. This is going to be messy, and it will take awhile. But, an informed populace is what makes this thing work the best. The “new students” have stepped into a delicious trap. They will learn the constitution because they are holding it up and screaming.
      Then, prevention of cherry picking will become obvious. 2023 will be …a mark in time that will provide the ability to assess where it is all going. 2024 should bring unity.

      • Gordon, the good “smart” people are doing traditionally good works.
        The other “smart” people are doing other “works.”
        The good “smart” people aren’t allowed on the playing field of the others. And if they are allowed, they’re in very dangerous territory.

      • Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer
        one group teaches, the first woman was evicted from the garden, another group teaches the first woman brought the seeds , one group bases economy on property and ownership, and another teaches a gift economy. Botany and the plants themselves, are the smart ones, they are not hiding. if there is any smart people, they are busy learning from plants.

      • Elvin

        I get a chance to talk with lots of folks around the world, too often on Telegram or Whatsapp of late. Some are supposed to be smart people…and may well be. Some are longtime friends.

        Something is clearly wrong…people are lost in ways I hadn’t imagined.

        But…this may well be a “bubble” situation….where a society built on lies may well finally “pop”

      • Gordon,
        That about the lie bubble popping; I want to say it is not an unthinkable thought.
        We must have all wondered something along that line before? The absurdity of the situation is reaching unsustainability.
        But oh what a pop!

    9. “The well-financed and carefully orchestrated hatred of educated elites, denialism of science and the newfound wild acceptance of anything conspiratorial reeks of something quite purposeful.”

      “Purposeful,” and sinister in deed!

      The dysfunctionality afflicting America is not a result of chance, or natural progress.
      It came from the workings of an old and devious conspiracy to take over the world and make it a possession, and its inhabitants slaves to the house of the conspirators.

    10. Remember what Netanyahu reportedly said in 1990, “America is a golden calf that we will bring down and devour again and again for refusing to be our slaves.” This was no idle boast. The same folks who brought us 9/11 and all the wars of this century, are all set to do it again. This time it will be blamed on Iran and be the pretext for a catastrophic world war that will go nuclear within hours. The 9/11 wars have bankrupted us both financially and morally. This war will be the end of the USA as we know it.

    11. Thanks Gordon, can I have another? Alice’s Wonderland is more reality based than American politics and behavior. Noting your ability to tolerate a great deal of pain and anguish, is there anyway you could be talked into running for some kind of office of import? Since RDS is gone, RIP, maybe you could resurrect Al Frankin to join you. He has a good sense of humor and some intellect.

    12. Truth stands by itself and needs no scientificl or persuasive arguments to make it the truth.
      But the truth cannot be told!

      That’s the big problem,
      but knowing the truth a big problem too as it can make you go fucking crazy and/or very pissed off.

      The thing is, Nobody will believe the truth (or will want to believe it) since the truth is some pretty bad shit. That is how the “truth mechanism” works.

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