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VT RADIO: Media Trial of Century, Fox News vs. Dominion...

VT's Mark Dankof analyzes the current state of U.S. Media and the epic trial of Citizen Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News versus Dominion Voting Systems in what many are calling The Media Trial of the Century

Citizen Kane Rupert Murdoch Openly Admits Fox News is Complete Bullshit

Rupert Murdoch's 'temple of lies' at Fox exposed by Dominion lawsuit

Michelle Malkin Apologizes for Attacking My 9/11 Truth Work

By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor Subscribe to my Substack to listen to the podcast and read the full interview transcript  Has former Fox News pundit Michelle...

A Peek behind the Curtain into Bannon’s Media Survivability

“That is what our role was, the message from the top: ‘We’re a Trump propaganda network.’ That’s where the money was.”

Fox News still on hook for $1.5 billion Dominion lawsuit

Jim W. Dean - Fox seems to have gambled that it would be protected from defamation liability if 3rd party guests were pandering the bogus election claims.

NEO: Trump Says America is Dying, Is He Right?

The well-financed and carefully orchestrated hatred of educated elites, denialism of science and the newfound wild acceptance of anything conspiratorial reeks of something quite purposeful.

‘Trump isn’t the dictator’: Wisconsin GOP inches away from Trump

Jim W. Dean - Mob boss Donald has been putting political 'hit notices' out on any Republican leader who will not lick his boots with enough gusto.

Glenn Beck is the latest right-wing pundit to compare social media...

In recent days, Twitter and Facebook have banned President Donald Trump’s accounts due to incitement to violence. Like other conservative pundits, Glenn Beck compared social media’s restrictions against incitement to the Holocaust.

Fox Sued for Lying in ‘COVID Updates,’ Politicizing-Endangering

Citizens are going after Fox News for crimes and misrepresentation, finally!