Michelle Malkin Apologizes for Attacking My 9/11 Truth Work

Will Hannity and O'Reilly Follow Suit? "Don't Hold Your Breath!"


By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

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Has former Fox News pundit Michelle Malkin taken the red pill? Last year she moved her blog (the biggest political blog in America?) and its massive archives to the Unz Review, home of notorious  dissidents and “conspiracy theorists” like yours truly. Since then Malkin has come under increasing fire by the usual suspects, culminating in last week’s banning from AirBNB.

Banned from lodging for harboring politically-incorrect views? What’s next, “disagree with us and you won’t be allowed to purchase food”? (Maybe I shouldn’t give them any ideas…)

Twenty years ago, when I was a witch and Malkin a witch-hunter, I never thought we’d be playing on the same team. But now we’re both witches, and the witch-hunting team is coming after us with torches blazing. I salute Michelle Malkin’s courageous decision to step outside the mainstream (she had more to lose than I did) and appreciate her willingness to engage in fearless and uncensored conversation—and to apologize for her mistakes in the wake of 9/11, including joining other Fox News personalities in attacking me for seeking the truth about 9/11.

Interview extract:

Michelle Malkin: I just Googled Kevin Barrett, Michelle Malkin, and I assume this is you that I wrote about all those years ago.

Kevin Barrett: Yeah, I kind of vaguely remember something like that. A lot of people wrote about me for about, you know, my 15 minutes of fame, which stretched out into six months.

Michelle Malkin: I’m just seeing it now, and I guess it was 2006. I have to go look and see what I said, but I—I can guess. And so, you know, it’s rare that one has an opportunity to do this. And here it is on the radio. I apologize.

Later in the interview:

Kevin Barrett: I wonder if I’ll ever get that kind of apology from Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly, who are the people who yelled at me on their shows at that time?

Michelle Malkin: Don’t hold your breath.


“There’s a lot of investigative reporting and analysis on Unz.com that raises a lot of very deeply troubling unanswered questions about who knew what on 9/11.”

And about who did what.

But that’s a conversation that will have to wait. Michelle Malkin says she plans to do some serious red-pill reading this summer. I look forward to inviting her back on the show to discuss her summer reading program!


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  1. Great stuff Kevin. So sweet to be vindicated. But we cannot hope that those, the really bad people who tell the official lies, while knowing they are lies will ever be able to come out. Like my old friend Jack. Who when I asked him if he really believed the JFK ASSASSINATION official account, he said, ” I choose to believe that is true. “Chose to believe?” or ‘choose to tell you and othets that is what I believe. As opposed to ” Yes, I truly believe that Lee Oswald was the lone one responsible for the JFK assassination!

    • Those people sold their souls a long time ago, Kevin. What I really want to see is the inflated cranium of Jughead Hannity exploding on TV in a Monty Python type scenario. Not likely, but I will settle for his perp walking for colluding insurrection with Trump. Also, not likely. He is a small fish.

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