Speculative: Anthony William’s Health Revolution and Alternative Medicine


Editor’s note:  VT has spent time and effort investigating all forms of alternative medicine.  With the vast failures in healthcare delivery in the US in particular, this was needed.  Most of what we found has not been so nice.  Let’s say 95%…a real 95% are petty criminals.  That said, we aren’t censoring this:

…by Michael Dargaville for VT

Anthony William comes from the USA and is exposing major new scientific information that supercharges alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine, or natural medicine if you like, includes some extraordinary healing modalities including Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, chi gung, Indian Aryuvedic medicine, kinesiology, naturopathy, homeopathy, mind body medicine plus many others.

My own training is in mind body medicine where we are healing diseases including cancer using intensive meditation PLUS a radical detoxing vegan healing diet plus other measures.

Anthony William has a following of millions and receives psychic medical messages from angels about medical cures and the reason why disease is caused. His science, which is being given to him by angels, is utterly extraordinary as it is hundreds of years ahead of its time.

He says there is no such thing as autoimmune disease (that the body does not attack itself) and asserts these diseases are caused mostly by the Epstein-Barr virus that wreaks havoc on the immune system. Many cancers, he says, are also caused by the Epstein-Barr virus PLUS toxins and pesticides plus triggers such as emotional states and stress.

This aligns with my training and treating cancer with meditation and diet where mind-body medicine healers were saying cancer is being caused by toxins and stress and some even said, such as the great Australian healer and cancer therapist Ian Gawler, that viruses could be involved.

Yet William clearly states the mechanism of how the EBV virus joins forces with these insidious toxins plus triggers including emotional states to basically cause cancer. I have given part of my academic life to studying and treating cancer, so I believe this is a great medical breakthrough.

I also work with other diseases yet cancer has been an almost obsessive medical research goal for me. I’ve done Masters and PhD research is using meditation and diet and other alternative medicines (or natural medicines) to treat cancer.

Now that we know for certain that viruses play an integral part, but not the only part, in the formation of cancers, LIBERATION from this mass killer disease is well and truly in sight.  Anthony William advocates an anti viral diet involving specific fruits and vegetables plus herbs and supplements.

I support this hugely as it aligns with the revolutionary work done by the major natural medicine cancer healer and researcher Ian Gawler, mentioned earlier, who centrally uses meditation and a vegan healing diet based in fruit and vegetables. My research closely examined his work where I wrote three major Masters degree theses and spent 10 years writing a PhD. Hundreds of thousands of words of research.

And this is where ALL modalities of Alternative Medicine can step in and do their work. I have the utmost respect for all major Alternative Medicine regimes but especially Chinese medicine where I have witnessed countless people being cured of terminal cancer.

Western allopathic medicine based on synthetic drugs and other substances and surgery (although surgery of course has been  with Alt medicine for centuries also) must now recognize the power of how Alternative Medicine can radically reinvigorate the immune system by fighting viruses and detoxing metals and pesticides. Meditation itself is a major immune  booster by stilling the very core of our cellular structure. Our core, and this is critical to understand, is based in spirit, on an energy.

A major part of my research examined the quantum physics of Alternative Medicine. I ended up doing work in super energy, energy faster than light, invented by a brilliant British New Age physicist called David Ash. Both E=mc2 and super energy (SE=mc4), are produced by thought or spirit and thus scientifically validates chakras, meridian points, acupuncture and high meditative states. We have mountains of research here.

It is in fact this area where Anthony William doesn’t expand on and I can only presume he is not being instructed. But our other healing modalities of Alternative Medicine outlined before all validate how spiritual energy (i.e, super energy) directly impinges on our healing. This is critical to understand and must seriously be incorporated into healing. And we can clearly know that our Alternative Medicine regimes can hugely harness and expand the utterly amazing work of Anthony William.

So if I were dealing with cancer I would adopt a non fat vegan diet (to oxygenate the body and soul) of fruit and vegetables (preferably organic where possible), adopt a heavy metal detox process and do 3 to 5 hours of meditation a day, which I’ll outline. I’d also do acupuncture and consider Chinese herbal medicine and medical chi gung. I’d also try to wipe out any viruses through intense anti viral fruits and vegetables.

The meditation technique I recommend is one I’ve been doing and teaching for nearly 30 years based on the work of the great Indian yoga and meditation teacher Shiva Pura Baba (who lived to be 137 years of age), Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares and Ian Gawler. It is called Stillness Meditation.

What you do is start with relaxing your body doing the progressive muscle relaxing technique by flexing each muscle group for 5 seconds and then relaxing them for 5 seconds. After a few weeks or months speed up the technique and instead just imagine and feel your muscles relaxed as a wave all at once without tensing . Then do a few minutes of concentrating on your breathing. Then do a few minutes feeling for sensations in your centerline from throat to tummy (your magical Inner Child).

From here you move into meditation proper by stilling the mind. To do this allow your thoughts to come and go without getting caught up in them. YOU observe them. You become a passive observer of your thoughts. Let them come and go just being aware of them. Eventually they will slow. Then just look for the Stillness in the gaps between the thoughts. Move into that Stillness and eventually it will get longer. And longer. Then you enter a perfect peace and Bliss state. If you get distracted simply go back to observing.

When you enter the Stillness of longer periods a deep calm, peace and Bliss develop. Better than any drug. And you enter deep Stillness. And this totally recharges your immune system to heal. Along with your anti viral diet and other regimes.

There are several levels of meditation, about 6 to 7. Stage one has a lot of thoughts as your start observing your thoughts. Stage two still involves thoughts but they are slowing as you experience some Stillness. Stage three involves longer periods of Stillness and a calmness but still minor thoughts. Stage 4 is virtually a sustained period of Stillness and a lovely calm period.

Stage 5 is transition into a higher reality. Most people see iridescent blue and red colours pulsating across. You need to ignore this and relax. Stage 6 involves Enlightenment. True Stillness. Peace, calm, tranquility, Bliss. There are two stages at this level. The first stage is not as high and involves a total lack of thoughts. Very peaceful and healing.

The second stage, which is higher, some thoughts may surface but this greater overriding Stillness, peace, calm, bliss is not interrupted. True Enlightenment and total cosmic peace whether thoughts come or no thoughts. At this level your body can do miraculous healing.

Meditation actually takes the Anthony William regime to the next level. This is because meditation can help protect from viral infections. Meditation strongly boosts immunity by activating the psycho-immune system. Thus meditation and mind-body medicine (of which meditation is a core aspect of it) is a core healer as it can help prevent acquiring viruses and more importantly stop the progression of viral activity to become manifest and start destroying your body with cancer and “autoimmunity”.

It works synergistically with an anti viral fruit and vegetable diet. It helps treat anxiety and depression and, very importantly, stamps out stress in its tracks. Stress is a major cause of a compromised immune system, along with toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides, because it secretes vast amounts of adrenaline and cortisol into the body causing havoc within our immune system and our thoughts. As stated, meditation also helps stop an infection from activating and works extremely closely with the healing process and detoxing.

And very importantly if you become sick with an “autoimmune disease” ( remember Anthony William says autoimmunity is a fallacy) or cancer, meditation then works with the body the whole way back to building immunity and gaining health. If you believe the main causes of cancer are viral infections, toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides PLUS stress and toxic emotions, meditation is a must.

It should be a front line tool alongside an anti viral vegan fruit and vegetable diet. The thing is there are more than 60 varieties of the Epstein Barr virus so if you do get rid of it, which is not advised as keeping it at low levels keeps the immune system active and “ready”, it will always have a constant presence.

Another major factor to remember as I stressed earlier is that our core is based on spirit, which is an energy. The body DOES have this etheric body or spirit body surrounding the physical body. As mentioned before my Masters degree theses and PhD examined a new type of energy called super energy discovered by the genius British New Ag physicist David Ash.

As stressed earlier super energy is mind or spirit faster than the speed of light, and E=mc2 (energy) is Mind or Spirit SLOWER than the speed of light. Thus super energy explains scientifically what the etheric body or spirit body is.

This is our spiritual core. And in this etheric body are our chakras (or spiritual energy centers in the body) PLUS the defining meridian points and canals that defines Chinese medicine, acupuncture and even herbal medicine. Do you understand? Our entire being whether physical or super physical is Spirit or thought backed up by the latest in quantum physics.

So meditation takes you to these areas to completely cleanse the spirit body raising its spiritual cellular level. Meditation also works in tandem with your “physical body” (which is Spirit or Mind slower than the speed of light) and your etheric body. It is a major, major healing tool.

The concept of super energy totally validates other “energy medicines” within Alternative Medicine such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Indian Ayurveda medicine, kinesiology, to name a few. Yet meditation is such a powerful spiritual medical technique to prevent disease and fight serious disease.

So combining meditation with “food medicine” is essential. An anti viral vegan diet of lots of fruits and vegetables such as bananas, apples, pears, oranges, cruciferous vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, garlic, ginger, onions, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, radishes, celery, berries, basil, asparagus, dates, kale and tomatoes is essential. Make huge fruit salads, very tasty.

Back this up with core supplements including VitaminC (mega doses), zinc (critical), Vitamin D, spirilina, vitamin B12 (critical) and others. I also strongly urge you to do the Anthony William heavy metal detox. And meditate up to 3 to 5 hours a day if you have serious disease. And back this up with “energy medicines” (or spiritual medicines) such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture and chi gung.

The extraordinary work done by Ian Gawler, done way back in the late 1970s, who further developed Stillness Meditation from its Indian and Nepalese roots and combined it with a preferably organic vegan “food Medicine” diet is virtually identical to the Anthony William diet, especially his 28 day cleanse. Both diets radically detox the body of pathogens, viruses and toxins.

However, Gawler goes extra with this extraordinary meditation technique previously outlined. Yet adding this with 5 heavy metal detox foods including wild blueberries, Atlantic dulse seaweed, spirilina, barley grass juice powder and coriander, as Anthony William stresses, is critical.

This new extra information, truly makes Alternative Medicine the medicine of our time. Both Gawler and William are maverick healers who have helped Alternative Medicine to become the powerhouse it is today! And make sure to have your celery juice. And lemon water too.


Michael Dargaville is a natural medicine oncologist, natural medicine general clinician, philosopher, journalist, poet, punk poet, performance poet, novelist, scientist, teacher-academic, pioneering skateboarder, surfer, artist, transpersonal psychologist and small press/alternative press publisher. More than 200 million people have read his journalism on the Internet and he has published in thousands of newspapers, magazines and journals. His journalism has been translated into 17 languages. He worked in China and Asia for 20 years in universities and schools and has taught at a total of 23 universities, seven at Professor level. Michael has published more than 100 books, pamphlets and chapbooks of poetry, fiction, journalism and philosophy. He did three major Masters theses in the philosophy of medicine, quantum physics, psychology, mind-body medicine and the New Age at major public universities and then spent 10 years on a PhD joining it all together in a major work called The New Idealism. He is also an expert and researcher on the alien/ET agenda and has had extensive contact with positive aliens/ETs over 30 years and has written widely about this. His alien-ET contacts, called the Galactic Federation (which is comprised 60% of Galactic humans) have confirmed that the work of Ian Gawler and Anthony William is at the cutting edge of medicine on this planet. Michael’s website is michaelmagicblog.wordpress.com

Michael is also a singer and musician and has played with some seminal punk bands sometimes combining his performance poetry. He loves all genres of punk, which includes literally hundreds of subgroups, from folk punk, gay punk, industrial punk to hardcore, New Wave, grunge and pop punk. Michael also loves World Music, Chinese pop, Chinese classical and Chinese folk music


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    Accupunture proven to work, it doesnt make sense but it does. Lots that modern science doesnt understand – probably lots more they dont understand than what they think they do understand.

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