US biological laboratories violate the rights of tens of millions of people around the world


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MOSCOW, September 21 – RIA Novosti. US biological laboratories located all over the world threaten the lives of tens of millions of people, said Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev in an interview with the Argumenty i Fakty newspaper.

“What are human rights? Freedom, protection of life, health, equality before law and court, dignity of the individual and much more. The West cares about human rights, in fact, violates them on a massive scale. The same biological laboratories created by Washington around the world are creating a threat to the health of tens of millions of people, thereby violating their rights, “Patrushev said.

In the United States itself, he believes, dissent is persecuted, many people are deprived of the opportunity to receive normal medical care, representatives of far from all races and nationalities can count on fair decisions of judges and the police.

“The same is happening in Europe. In the Baltics, for example, a real policy of apartheid is being pursued against the Russian-speaking population. People have been living without citizenship for years, that is, in fact, outside the legal field, and their use of the Russian language is considered an offense. In Ukraine, the authorities are adopting discriminatory laws on Russian. language and indigenous peoples, and the United States and Europe either do not want to notice, or directly condone it, “Patrushev said.

In April of this year, in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper, Patrushev pointed out that new biological laboratories under American control are growing by leaps and bounds in the world, especially on the borders of Russia and China. “There are good reasons to believe” that biological weapons are being developed there, Patrushev noted.

In May, First Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council Yuri Averyanov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that deadly microbes from US and NATO laboratories located near the borders of Russia could “as if by accident” get into nature and lead to mass destruction of people both on Russian territory and and in neighboring countries.

He also said that the United States is developing individual plans for biological research for many countries, primarily military ones, and imposing their implementation through various joint programs declared as peaceful.


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  1. Davor, Please give us a few examples of “US are a biowarfare no1 terrorist state.” I sure am not playing defense, but looking for something solid to illustrate what you are alleging. The U.S. funding in Wuhan is troubling in light of this pandemic and way too supicious. But your stark No.1 Terrorist State accusation should have more basis, than all the troubling things in Wuhan. Tell us what other things you know or suspect that fortify what you say.

    • Russia could do plenty besides whine. But the worst thing they could do is attack based on sketchy or fictions allegations. The U.S. NATO disinformation machine never sleeps. So vigilance is essential.
      Your “all they can do is whine” comment is not very helpful to either us or them. They are no paper tiger, they have the biggest thermonuclear teeth of any state in the world and hypersonic missiles to deliver. Check out the last two FAILED tests of the U.S. hypersonic missile. In the first test the missile was not able to be detached from the B-52. In the second test, is was detached, but the engine didn’t start so it glided down & crashed. Underestimating Russia is as wrong than overestimating them. They are far from feckless.

  2. Of course there are PRIVATE & STATE run laboratories that have been running for years that have secret plans which the MAGIC WORDS “STATE SECRET” do not allow the Public to know about.
    Remember Truman knew NOTHING about the US Atomic Bomb when he ENTERED the White House.

    DR.STRANGELOVE is alive is alive & well & living in the U.S.A,

  3. Patrushev is being super-mild in his observations. There should be international councils and steps for prevention made already yesterday. US are a biowarfare no1 terrorist state, deserving nothing less than Nuremberg trials for its atrocities.

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