Fact: Vaccinated Do NOT spread COVID, Only Anti-Vaxx are Spreaders


About the author: Craig Spencer is an emergency-medicine physician and director of global health in emergency medicine at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.

For many fully vaccinated Americans, the Delta surge spoiled what should’ve been a glorious summer. Those who had cast their masks aside months ago were asked to dust them off. Many are still taking no chances. Some have even returned to all the same precautions they took before getting their shots, including avoiding the company of other fully vaccinated people.

Among this last group, a common refrain I’ve heard to justify their renewed vigilance is that “vaccinated people are just as likely to spread the coronavirus.”

This misunderstanding, born out of confusing statements from public-health authorities and misleading media headlines, is a shame. It is resulting in unnecessary fear among vaccinated people, all the while undermining the public’s understanding of the importance—and effectiveness—of getting vaccinated.

So let me make one thing clear: Vaccinated people are not as likely to spread the coronavirus as the unvaccinated. Even in the United States, where more than half of the population is fully vaccinated, the unvaccinated are responsible for the overwhelming majority of transmission.

I understand why people are confused. In April, after months of public-health experts cautiously promoting the merits of vaccination, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky cited new real-world data of the shots’ effectiveness to jubilantly proclaim that “vaccinated people do not carry the virus.”

The CDC later walked back her comment, but headlines such as “It’s Official: Vaccinated People Don’t Transmit COVID-19” had already given many the impression that in addition to their remarkable protection against infection with the coronavirus, the shots also prevented them from passing the illness on to others.  Read more..



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  1. Those who think covid19 is a hoax,or fantasy anything but what it REALLY IS: (US military bioweapon meant to attack China, then Iran, which got out of control – like “ICE NINE” in the Kurt Vonnegut book Cats Cradle…(a US military experiment to freeze the ocean around enemy battleships, but got out of hand and froze all the worlds oceans into ice)

    So, the “I dont want to be vaccinated because nobody can force me to” ALSO will not be:

    1) wearing masks,
    2) will not care about slobbering on or getting slobbered on from strangers,
    3) will not wash hands 12 times a day,
    4) will not mind hanging out in close proximity to strangers
    (and of course will not take the vaccine)

    – they will do all the things KNOWN to spread viruses, these people will do it because they are stupid in extent they so cock-sure what is the truth about covid19.

    The unvaccinated, will ALSO be in the category of these know it all dumbshits, and so the figures and numbers of unvaccinated compared to vaccinated deaths reflects not just getting the shots yes or no,
    but also reflects the fucked up mind set and the lack of protecting oneself with simple precautions, which is part of what is getting them and their friends and family killed in large numbers (besides not taking the shots).

  2. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-vallance-corrects-mistake-to-say-60-of-people-being-admitted-to-hospital-with-coronavirus-are-unvaccinated-12359317?fbclid=IwAR0D4ok20RjiuuGJFFKW8snwPxTmm40_BJrB0s37-2FYLyoXMt5H8kWm3EY
    Note after saying 3 times 60% of hospitalisations will be double vaccinated, he stumbles through an explanation as to why,then later retracts his statement on twitter and reverses his comment.
    But he was no doubt pressured to do so,as the governments own documents say exactly that,60-70% of hospitalisations will be double vaccinated, page 10 paragraph 32,we are being lied to people.

  3. The fiends who first deployed the COVID-19 bioweapon in China, must be overjoyed at the success rate the new delta variant of this bioweapon is having in the USA. They’ve played to the worst instincts of US evangelicals, their repudiation of science in particular. These bible-belters are so afraid that science will deny the existence of God that they fail to take advantage of modern medicine and believe their charlatan pastors and snake-oil hucksters like Donald Trump instead.

    • They refuse to be vaccinated even though Trump and his inner circle were most likely vaccinated way back in November of 2019 when the bioweapon was first deployed in China. The Times of Israel reported that US intelligence warned them of the upcoming pandemic, and they also warned the Trump administration, which did not “deem it of interest.” Trumpsters, you’ve been conned again!

  4. I was told very emphatically repeatedly by a medical professional that vaccinated people do not transmit the virus if they pick it up. The next day, it was announced that vaccinated people can transmit. Now we are back to no they can’t.
    It is probably safest to say, it looks like they possibly can, but certainly not at the same intensity as unvaccinated, but further study is needed. It makes sense, that if a vaccinated person picked up a decent quantity of virus, the body gets busy repelling it, so even if they transmitted it the next day, it would be far less infectious. We breathe in and we breathe out, but the body does not kill the virus on contact if vaccinated. Unvaccinated asymptomatic carriers remain the largest threat. Quantity of virus transmitted matters if I understand it correctly. Crazy times.

    • The article may be correct.
      But it didn’t say the vaccinated can’t get infected.
      One thing is for sure.
      No matter what angle a story takes on Covid19, it will most always be framed in a confusing manner.
      One point will be stressed, as another point is obscured.
      The bio-warfare enemy of mankind use confusion and obsfucation to keep its target off-balance, and oblivious to the real nature of the battle being waged against it.
      The Bio-warfare practitioners are the epitome of cowardly double-dealing backstabbers.
      They never face their target openly; they can only operate behind a facade of lies.

    • “Surprised,” ferdinand?
      I don’t think it’s possible to really be “surprised” at the tricks the Kabbalists use anymore.
      They have all the evil re-“sorceries” of this world available to them, so one never knows what diabolical device they’ll use next.
      That’s a reason I read VT.
      They don’t hide more than they have to.
      They’re in the business of exposing as much “reality” as they think we can handle.
      Plus; I like posting comments, as a form of mental exercise.
      It’s more stimulating than crossword puzzles, and easier too!

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