Pat Robertson: ‘Gays involved in plot to murder us all…knife rings and secret handshakes’ (Lordie Lordie!!)


This is the train you got on when you began believing vaccines would hurt you.

This was 8 years ago….and how much worse things have gotten.

and now this….



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  1. Yes, Americans listen to and follow self-ordained money mongers like this to the detriment of all. Nothing says stupid more than following such shallow and corrupt liars. That’s bad enough…but to then support Israel through them? They talk of Jesus, but serve Satan.

  2. Human garbage. Both had their hands in it, as they say over and over, the US deserved it.
    I am non-violent, but a part of me wants five minutes.

  3. The “Elites” have hijacked the Spiritual Knowledge of the Ancients and used its Science for their Material gain. In their lust for Power and Control they have Suppressed and Diminished the very Soul of their slave class and are now seeking to Extinguish it altogether as they complete “The Great Work” and become the God of The Singularity.

    The ancient name for Egypt was “Kemi” meaning “Black Earth”, the field of vital transformation; the Arabs called Egypt “Al-Kemi.”

    Alchemy- Symbols and Parables cloaking an age-old Universal Doctrine,
    Transformation of Matter by Spiritual Influences.
    CERN. The Black Cube.

    The Cross. For the Ancients this was a symbol for a linkage, a crossing of opposites, a Process by which things enter into Corporeal Existence; Male/Female, Light/Darkness (giving birth to tangible forms), Matter/Spirit.

    The Vaxx.

    Sem is Ancient Egyptian.
    Semiology or semiotics, the general science of SIGNS, whether these signs appear in language, in literature or in the world of artefacts.

    The Totemic Mysteries.

    Tatt, Tattu. Tatt is the entrance or gateway to the region where the Mortal Spirit is blended with the Immortal Spirit, and thereby established for ever.

    Russian entrepreneurs have just launched tattoo-QR codes to prove your Covid status

  4. Just wait until he does croak and he learns that nothing different happens than once did to the Llano people that lived on the Texas plains some 30-40 thousand years ago. No Abrahamic crap then, Pat. No stupid statements against people you hate either. I bet you’d find something to hate about them if you realized the earth was older than 6,000 years though (like your Bible states)… It’s embarrassing to think Americans buy into this BS.

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