Trump’s de facto “All-Of-Government” Corruption Policy Exposed by Republican DHS Whistle Blower

by Glenn Kirschner, …with Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: It’s whistleblower time again for those who recently transitioned from government. As soon as Brian Murphy hit his twenty years to get his pension, he went to the news with his story of acting DHS Chad Wolf, his boss, telling him that they would only release Intel product that made Trump look good, and suppress anything unpleasant.

Specifically this covered three key areas; Russia, the Southern border, and White supremacy.

In regards to the southern border, the former FBI agent alleged, the DHS took a similar approach; fabricating a terrorist threat and misleading Congress to improve the political conditions for Trump’s coveted border wall. We have not heard a peep yet about cwhether fabricating intel purely for political reasons can be prosecuted.

The pattern repeated when it came to white supremacists, particularly after white supremacists killed a counter protester, Heather Heyer, at a right-wing rally in Charlottesville in 2017. “After Charlottesville, it became a third-rail issue…within the department to talk about white supremacy in any meaningful way,” Murphy said.

I foresee a steady stream of these kinds of revelations on what VT readers know was an administration that was disciplined to serve Donald Trump’s interests first, and never really the American people’s.

The House Special committee will be looking closely into all aspects of intel manipulation even if not directly involved with Jan 6, as it would establish a pattern of deceit. I suspect Mr. Wolf will be getting a subpoena from them one of these days, also Jim W. Dean ]

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First published September 27, 2021

In reporting that is equal parts enlightening and frightening, it was revealed that Trump officials at the Department of Homeland Security Office were lying about and manipulating intelligence information about three topics:

Russia wanting Trump to win reelection, the Mexican border and white supremacy in the US.

A Trump administration official named Brian Murphy, a Republican, became a whistle blower when he reported that his DHS superiors pressured him to lie about intelligence to “burnish Trump’s image.”

There is so much in our government that needs to be fixed in the aftermath of Trump’s governmental degradation. Here is one concrete proposal that could help fix some of what Donald Trump broke.


Also, here is the September, 2020, whistleblower earlier report where Brian Murphy was being squeezed to hold back informantion on Russian meddling on US elections.

Trump return to White House ‘would be a disaster’ for US intelligence: Former DHS whistleblower

…from Yahoo News

A former senior Department of Homeland Security official who once accused the Trump administration of politicizing intelligence said Sunday that a return of President Donald Trump to the White House in 2024 “would be a disaster” for the U.S. intelligence community.

“(Former President Trump) has denigrated the intelligence community, he puts out disinformation — and that’s an existential threat to democracy and he is one of the best at putting it out and hurting this country,” Brian Murphy, who once led the DHS intelligence branch, said Sunday in an exclusive interview on ABC’s “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos.

Murphy, a long-time federal law enforcement official, made headlines last year after filing a whistleblower complaint accusing Trump-appointed leaders of politicizing intelligence by withholding or downplaying threats that ran counter to former President Donald Trump’s political messages.

The 24-page complaint, filed in September 2020, named former Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and former acting Secretary Chad Wolf as trying to “censor or manipulate” intelligence bulletins related to Russian meddling in the presidential election and the threat of domestic white supremacist groups.

“I became a whistleblower because, when I arrived at DHS in 2018, from the outset, everything that I had stood for – finding objective truth … was quickly told to me, that’s no longer acceptable,” Murphy said Sunday.

In his complaint, Murphy further accused Nielsen, Wolf, and other top officials of scrambling to gather and prepare intelligence reports that aligned with Trump’s public remarks in the months leading up to the 2020 election.


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  1. Having our intelligence agencies turned against us, is treason I would think. If an enemy is labeled domestic enemy, and someone directly facilitates it and actively assists it, then what would it be ?
    Even during the best of times, the line between serving and manipulating is being crossed.
    When nobody acts , it is perceived as permission.

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