U.S. prosecutors ask the judge to sentence men accused of plotting ‘race war’ ahead of Va. gun rally as domestic terrorists

from the Washington Post

[ Editor’s Note: These are definitely some ‘Lost in Space’ dudes here, but wonderful examples of the power of white supremacist propaganda which draws people into this alternate universe. We need to pay more attention to it, including the Trump tie-in.

Missing in all of the stories, partly due to space requirements, is anything on their backgrounds to show what made them susceptible to going out to the ozone regions in their political thinking.

We always have and always will have race issues, but gone are the old days of gang wars where they would just kill each other, like with the Bloods and the Crips going at it.

Now we have the White Boys wanting to murder black children and assassinate a Jewish female politician in Richmond. It doesn’t sound too manly to me, nor patriotic.
‘ The men discussed cutting power and transportation lines to the city, killing Black children, and establishing a base camp in the Shenandoah Valley, according to transcripts included in the memo.’

One thing I don’t see in Biden’s outer space spending plans, which the Dems are beginning to trim themselves, is making significant investments in more courtrooms and judges to help stem the forever growing backlog in the legal system.

Frankly, the additional threats to the country in this continued piling of huge case loads on investigators without the necessary funding in manpower and facilities is a poor way of ‘dealing with’ the situationJim W. Dean ]

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Lynchings planned for members of Congress by Trumpers

First published October 02, 2021

Federal prosecutors have requested that two members of The Base, a white-supremacist group, be sentenced as domestic terrorists after investigators accused them of planning to sow violence at the Virginia Capitol and assassinate the state’s speaker of the house.

On Thursday night, the U.S. attorney’s office in Maryland filed a 45-page memo asking Judge Theodore Chuang to send the men to prison for 25 years each, followed by three years of supervised release — a punishment that factors in the government’s proposed terrorism enhancement.

“The defendants pose a severe risk to public safety,” federal prosecutors wrote. “They are domestic terrorists and should be sentenced accordingly.”

The men — Patrik Mathews and Brian Lemley Jr. — were arrested days before a gun rights rally in Virginia in January 2020. In announcing the charges, the Justice Department said the men planned to spark a “race war” at the event in Richmond.

…“It’s just that we can’t live with ourselves if we don’t get somebody’s blood on our hands,” Lemley said, according to court documents.

…“Right now, if I ever get captured, I am going to jail for the rest of my life,” Mathews said. “You realize they’re just going to call us terrorists …” He said they “might as well go to jail for something good.”


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  1. “Liberal Hollywood” (whose $400M saved DramaQueenDon) would never do that!

    Just like they’d never BOO Michael Moore calling Iraq a fictitious war.

  2. Finally!

    And kinda ironically. As 1/6 terrorists get wrist slaps. Wrist taps!

    The definition of terrorism is political violence right? Racism isn’t necessarily political, but 1/6 was textbook.

  3. Hollywood, radio, television, internet self-glorification culture, video gamed, all of it and more; one mind warping operation of lies and fantasy, designed by the servants of the Zionistas to herd the culturally denatured goyim, into performing the interests of the Zionistas, as they self-destruct.
    That is the depth of the hatred the elder Zionistas have for non-Jews.
    They derive as much pleasure in destroying minds, as they do bodies.

  4. Significant investments in more courtrooms and judges just tackles the consequences but not the causes which them are something more complicated.

    • Quicker and more certain justice would be a disincentive. Also, courts and lawenforcement often lean toward dimissing or doing a plea bargain to clear out some of the old backlog of old cases, hence defense attorneys will delay as much as they can for that, and because witnesses tend to want to testify the older a case gets, they die, get sick, stroke, etc.

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