by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

Here’s a fundamental question: should you be fired from your job for saying that people ought to be vaccinated? I think everyone should agree that you shouldn’t because you are expressing an opinion.

Let’s turn the table around: Should you be fired from your job for saying in public that you don’t want to be vaccinated? I think everyone should agree that you shouldn’t because you are expressing an opinion.

Now, wherein the Constitution or anywhere it actually states that people ought to be fired for expressing their opinions? “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

This quote is often attributed to Voltaire, and whether he said it or not is NOT the issue here. The crux of the matter is that people ought not to be fired from their position for expressing their own personal beliefs on issues that are vastly controversial. In fact, there are doctors, pharmacologists, immunologists, and people of various stripes who are fighting over the data.[1]

Sage Steele, an ESPN commentator, has recently been removed from her position for simply saying:

“I work for a company that mandates it and I had until September 30th to get it done or I’m out. I respect everyone’s decision, I really do, but to mandate it is sick and it’s scary to me in many ways. I just, I’m not surprised it got to this point, especially with Disney, I mean a global company like that.”

Steele also tweeted Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac, who declared: “I believe it is your God-given right to decide if taking the vaccine is right for you! Period!”

Again, why is it that people are getting fired for saying things like this? The well-known meteorologist Karl Bohnak, who spent over three decades at an NBC affiliate in Michigan, was fired last month because she refused to take the vaccine. “It is my right to choose,” he said.[2] Bohnak expanded on this:

“Many of you have taken one of these injections, and that is absolutely your right. It is also my right to choose the medical options I feel are right for me. I have authority over my body.”

Numerous nurses have been fired from their jobs for not taking the vaccine.

Now, here is the dilemma: when it comes to abortion, people have the right to speak their minds saying that it is their body. But when it comes to taking the vaccine, your freedom is actually being taken away. You will lose your job; you probably will lose some friends. If that is not what George Orwell describes in his novel 1984, then what is?

[1] See for example Karina Reiss and Sucharit Bhakdi, Corona, False Alarm?: Facts and Figures (London: Chelsea Green Publishing, 2021).

[2] “Meteorologist Karl Bohnak Fired After Refusing To Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19,” Huffington Post, September 20, 2021.


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  1. Nonsense!
    The reality is we are in a pandemic and over 500k people in our country have died when they didn’t have to only because they didn’t follow the simple directions to:
    1 wash your hands
    2 safe distancing
    3 wear a mask in public

    This wasn’t a problem when the public lined up for polio shots, measles, chicken pox, and other preventative inoculations. Why is it now? Only because it has become a POLITICAL ONE!

    • [“ Erraum Humanum Est. The EISENHOWER MILITARY RE-EDUCATION PROGRAM in the totalitarian BUSINESS-SUCCESS is successfully,, because the brainwashed HERD are following bling the evil LORDS, supporting their PRODFIT and SYTEMCHANGE to be mRNA/DNA-modified with the import of Licenses and Patents of Products and AI-CHIPS, which takes over ALL RIGHTS of the rest of a Human Being, to become a TRANSGENDERISTS of a private commercial Corporation, who owns ya and no warranty, no money back and you can not send back these PATENTS and LICENSES to sender to become a sovereign Human Being again. This BA’AL DOOR is closed four ever and the rest of that FRAUD is just BUSINESS on your live and costs and rights. It not a “MEDICINE” it’s a unknown uninsured Human-Experiment. Some will survive to serve as a AI-Half Human-half ANIMAL, some won’t, as planned with the Depopulation Program…”]

    • [“…poor Person of the PERSON, Product of the CORPORATION. A Question to think about :
      >>Why must the protected be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that did not protect the protected in the first place ??? Please answer this thought, if you can. And its right, this has nothing to do with something like “ The Black Death” or SpanishFlu” it’s a FALSE FALG OPERATION with a reason to hid the CRIME against HUMANITY and the professional private commercial evil Operation to achieve the SYSTEM-CHANGE. To many CREDITORS are asking for their MONEY, and the DEBITORS, called STATE and BANK can not, and do not wanna pay back. They are bankrupt and need a WAR to delete the CREDITORS and the Debts. So EVENT 2-O-1. KILL the CREDITORS with PROFIT and declare that as “PANDEMIA” to declare “ CAPITAL-LOSS” which is insured, cash the Collateral-Account, declared as “ LOST on SEA” So, one contractor with profit is gone. whom shall the DEBTOR pay back the Debts?? Contract is than not open anymore…Its TRADE-WAR..”]

    • [“….So now your points to think about :
      1. Wash your hands with organic soap. Old Kids rules are: so more dirty the hands and face, so higher is the protection of the skin and especially of the hands to strengthen the autoimmune system. This is what it is there for, to make an amicable arrangement with the environmental stresses, because the laws of nature are: healing and thriving. The body is a natural permanent construction site. Any artificial poisoning by chemicals and pills are harmful to the body. Short-term treatment is followed by long-term elimination of unnatural toxins is mandatory, but not wanted by DOC&PIGPHARMA& CHEMISTRY-IND, A healthy Body is BAD for the BUSINESS.
      2. Safe distance?? 6feet 66inches to make the biometrical 5G smart-Observation AI-Tech possible to track you? What you guess how mnay millions of bacterial are exchanging information with a sweet long kiss in love??? A handshake…a.s.o Are you wearing masks with SEX,? above like below?? …]

  2. I have decided that laws against drunk driving are an infringement on my personal freedom. So is the law dictating that I drive on the right side of the road. So please get the hell out of my way.

  3. Yes no 100% guarantee vaccines stop the vaccinated from being infected nor spreading it after being vaccinated – it only prevents death and extreme sickness that requires hospitalization to the vaccinated, so what it “relieves” for sure in a pandemic is overwhelming the hospitals and lowers death rates.
    BUT Recently Singapore with 80% vaccinated. And near zero deaths and new cases for months previous has got a huge spike in new cases and deaths as one scary example .
    I look at world o meter numbers o covid 19 and see the two places I live (wash state and Belarus) going up up up with new cases and more and more and more deaths.
    I will guess the US military bioweaponed virus mutating too fast for vaccines to keep up (stuff made in labs very unstable x1000)…but vaccines all we got for now it definitely helps and if laws similar to no smoking laws come to be, so be it this is a worldwide pandemic that has not gone away for two years now… Maybe psychologically people let their guard down once vaccinated …so keep on with the extreme social discipline and cleanliness regimes (wash hands like crazy wash all packaging from stores wear masks keep away from other people who might have it)…we all know this – so do it and don’t be lazy fuck and get vaccinated regardless.

    • Don’t discount the real possibility that the same fiends who first deployed the COVID-19 unsuccessfully in China have gone back to the lab and come up with a new and improved version of it. The delta variant has been deployed in the USA right up to the present day, especially in “red” states where vaccination rates are low and people run around without masks. That has made it a much more effective bioweapon. Maybe there’s a new one designed for Singapore as well.

  4. It is your right to quit your job if you do not like the pay, conditions, environment, benefits, or even simply because you no longer wish to do it.

    The decision to have an abortion, is falsely equated with the decision to carry a deadly contagion. One is a health decision for an individual, and the other is a decision that may fatally affect an unknown number of people. That said, I like Dave Chappell’s stance, that if we are going to respect the legality of abortions, then it must be allowed for the sperm donor to abandon said child, without penalty of payment unless there is a contract, such as marriage. And until I hear the anti-abortion crowd at the anti-war rallies, they have no moral position worth considering.
    If we are to move properly into a Matriarchal/patriarchal society, then men have to be released from responsibility for pregnancy out of wedlock. Women must own their bodies, and the responsibility that comes with it. Religion has no say.

    • This is exactly like being ejected from a restaurant because you choose to smoke. You have no constitutional right to smoke wherever you want to. You have no constitutional right to be a super spreader of some contagion in that restaurant or on the job. Just try collecting on your life insurance if you commit suicide. Just try collecting on your life insurance if you willfully refuse a vaccine that prevents your death from COVID-19.

    • The medical “experts” have said that being fully vaccinated does not prevent infection with the virus, nor the subsequent transmission of it.
      It “may” only prevent deadly serious consequences of being infected by it, and even that protection diminishes relatively quickly.
      And with that widely published expert opinion in mind, for holier-than-thou critics to ridicule vaccines resisters seems a bit much.
      No offense intended.

    • Try telling that one to your life insurance provider, Elvin. Also health insurance coverage for the unvaccinated is soon to become very expensive. That’s how our for-profit medical establishment works.

    • You have a point Tommy.
      Virus, vaccines, disease or side effects, the Covid19 operation has to be (as most know) about far far more than a “medical” situation.

  5. I wish to dedicate a quote from George Orwell to the extremerly Brave Patriots at VT.
    The Courageous VT Editors that will not be bought off by AIPAC and are not intimidated by Israel, MOSSAD, IDF, ADL, JDL, Facebook, and Hasbara Cyber Terrorist:

    “The Further Society Drifts From The Truth.
    The More It Will Hate Those That Speak It”
    George Orwell

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