Senate Report Reveals More Trump Election Crimes; What Congress Should Do About Witness in Contempt

by Glenn Kirschner, with Justice Matters

[ Editor’s Note: It was quite a day with the release of the House Select Committee initial report with Dick Durbin as its chairman doing news interviews one after another. This will be a long and drawn out process, mainly due to the intensity of Trump’s attempts to throw the election over.

He and his gang bet the farm that their effort would be a kind of ‘protected insurrection’, something that I missed in the Bill of Rights, that because they did not like the election outcome, and especially with Trump losing his immunity, he could fix it by overthrowing the government.

The evidence of his intent, and then the relentless execution with his posse of hangers on is going to be the cornucopia of all conspiracy cases. Trump seems to feel that because he had lawyers advising him, he can always lay off the blame on them when judgment day comes.

In the end some of the will flip on him, which will trigger more to do so, and they he will respond by flipping on them. “They all told me this was perfectly legit…and I relied on their advice.”

This is going to be a long drawn out fight, its real purpose being to keep passions intense so the Trumpers can gain control in 2022, flipping both houses of Congress. And if they win in 2024 and get control of the DoJ, they will work to kill the insurrection cases. 

As I have stated, the insurrection is still in progress, with no restrictions on it whatsoever at this time Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired October 07, 2021

The Senate Judiciary Committee released a report titled, “Subverting Justice: How the Former President and His Allies Pressured DOJ to Overturn the 2020 Election.”

Among other crimes, the Senate details how Trump pressured acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to overturn the election results.

The conduct described in the report makes clear that Trump committed the crime of Coercion of Political Activity, 18 US Code section 610. This video reviews the elements of that crime and how Trump’s conduct violated the federal law prohibiting such coercion.

In a related story, October 7 was a deadline for Steve Bannon, Mark Meadows, Kash Patel and Dan Scavino to provide documents that had been subpoenaed by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.

This video also reviews the various options Congress has to enforce its subpoenas when witnesses fail to comply.


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  1. The internal documents are going to be critical on the planning, and on the 6th it will be what people said and what is in the text messages. The latter were all hoovered up on the rioters and it will be a shocked if they could be blocked from being viewed now. Those are the real smoking guns. So with the preparation evidence and the real time communications, it will be hard for Trump to hide it as all ‘political activity’. It he were successful it would establish an approved method for overthrowing an election, ie., ‘what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.’

  2. Going to the actual Youtube video was a revelation. With regards to Bannon, LOCK HIM UP NOW! With regards to the other former Trump administration witnesses, refer them to the DOJ to be charged with criminal contempt of Congress. Trump is trying to play this out by making frivolous lawsuits until the next election. He may succeed at that if Congress doesn’t act NOW!

    • Kirschner claimed in the video that the House has the power to lock Bannon up now. The last time this was actually done was in 1924. First off, Bannon was not a part of Trump’s administration in 2020 so he’s just an ordinary citizen who will be charged with contempt of Congress. I hope…

    • Nothing legally conclusive is going to be any time soon, but the process still matter. It’s very important to keep in mind that we have a two pronged one. What Congress does will be soonest, and as with their 450 page report, lots of details. As for the DoJ, it will take longer as it does not show its cards one at a time like Congress does. It will be pursuing criminal cases, which will include getting insiders to flip and testify. In a big case like this you want slam dunk eye witness testimony as to intent, like idiot Trump’s call with Raffensburger telling him “I want you to find 11,800 votes, one more than we need”. The Atlanta DA I think taped her call, also. The volume of these calls all over the country was incredible, like over throwin the election was Trump’s new job. And lastly, Most important, who wins in 2020 and who loses could swing that game if the Dems lose both houses as the Repubs are in full bore rigging of 2024.

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