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Bannon lawyers want maximum legal delays for simple subpoena contempt case

Jim W. Dean - We can see the Trumper lawyers planning to take these subpoena contempt cases to the Supreme Court, which they feel will rule positively on their behalf to complete the coup of taking over the country.

Steve Bannon’s Ridiculous Court Performance Exposed

Jim W. Dean - My read is that the judge was signaling to Bannon and his attorney that the he was not going to play the organ grinder monkey in this affair.

Bannon indictment puts needed wind in sails of Jan 6 Committee

Jim W. Dean - The earlier DC Court's quick but thorough opinion on Biden making the executive privilege call because he is the current President created a needed boost in positive momentum.

Glenn Kirschner gives us an update on Steve Bannon’s criminal referral

Attorney General Garland has everyone on pins and needles for his comment that prosecutions of past administrations would not be good in the long term.

Two Trump subpoenaed staff members ‘engaging with’ Jan 6 committee

Jim W. Dean - There are major signs in the business community that they are tired of Trump and the eternal chaos.

Glenn Kirschner calls for criminal contempt charges for Trump subpoena no...

Among other crimes, the Senate details how Trump pressured acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to overturn the election results. The conduct described in the report makes clear that Trump committed the crime of Coercion of Political Activity, 18 US Code section 610.

Jan. 6th Committee subpoenas four from Trump’s inner circle

The select panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection is issuing subpoenas to four current and former top aides to President Donald Trump, including his most recent chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Here’s how the KGB knew you’d be a Traitor: an Exclusive...

Gordon - For me it was being asked to run death squads across Latin America based on crap intel.

FBI: Biden laptop Fake, part of foreign intelligence operation to interfere...

VT: The FBI is investigating Steve Bannon and Rudi Giuliani for their involvement with Russian intelligence officers in an operation involving a laptop computer loaded with fake emails.

Guo Wengui – So Anti-Chinese even the US Can’t Stomach Him

By Andre Vltchek for VT In some very rare cases, it is better to read British conservative, right-wing press, like The Economist or the Telegraph,...