Biden and the Rigged War


…by Jose Francisco Fernández-Bullón, for VT

Recently President Biden, along with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, announced a new military alliance focused on the Indo-Pacific region. Apparently, the main target of the new pact called AUKUS is China.

But at the same time that the puppet rulers of the UK, Australia, and the United States are playing at making war against communist China, large corporations such as Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, and Vanguard Group have already capitulated and come carrying the white flag to Beijing to make a pact with senior Chinese government officials.

To find out what are the real decisions that are made in these meetings we cannot resort to the mainstream press, we would have to ask the organizers of the same: the directors of the B’nai B’rith of Beijing or Washington, but most likely those great CEOs are meeting with the leaders of the Chinese Central Bank to decide which is the most appropriate strategy to continue plucking the world’s population with impunity.

Of course, the leaders of the B’nai B’rith, the true shadow world government, have decided that the Chinese adopt a more austere economic policy and somewhat curb the wild speculation that reigns in Western countries in order to project a more benevolent image in front of the stunned western population that sees how its depraved leaders indulge openly whether masker or not to all kinds of excesses, in this way, the Chinese communist system is strategically presented as if it were some kind of last resort when it is simply more of the same.

This Biden so bellicose is the same one whose son, the famous Hunter Biden, has made his fortune in the Asian country thanks to the unprecedented favorable treatment he has received from the communist mandarins. After the visit of the then North American vice president to China in 2013, Hunter Biden Rosemont Seneca Partners’ company received an economic injection of a billion dollars from the central bank of China that some still dare to say that it is the bank of the Chinese people .

The central bank of China is the Rothschild bank like the rest of the central banks, and the Chinese people are not their owners, they are the Chinese central bank main asset: we are all the assets or liabilities of the Zionist central bank.

The collusion between the Chinese communist government and the capitalist company of Hunter Biden gave birth ten days after the diplomatic visit of the then Vice President Joe Biden to the investment fund Bohai Harvest that together with the Chinese military contractor Avic acquired the North American company Hennigues Technologies whose products are dual, they can serve both commercial and military purposes.

The Avic company is known for stealing American military technology to manufacture its fighter jets and drones, despite which the acquisition was approved by President Obama. Bohai Harvest also invested in the military surveillance technology that the Chinese adapted to monitor and control their population in their own country.

The name of the company could not be other than Face + + We could continue to analyze “Ad Nauseam” the connections of the Western capitalist leaders with the Eastern Communist leaders and of both with the all-powerful Freemasonry.

The company of Kamala Harris’ husband, DLA Piper, advises a group of companies owned by the Chinese Communist Party and has hired former Chinese Communist Party officials. Kamala Harris is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Lodge (AKA), linked to the Masonic order of the Eastern Star. Only two white women have been honored with membership: Eleanor Roosevelt and Hillary Clinton. Freemasonry is undoubtedly behind the fraternal ties that unite the US and Chinese governments.

The documentary “Riding the Dragon: the Biden’s Chinese Secrets” is an excellent starting point for anyone who wants to deepen the analysis of the complicity between numerous American leaders and the Chinese. America and China constitute the business alliance of two immense corporations created in the image and likeness of the corporation of corporations of the City of London, and their executives are not going to wage another war than a pillows fight; although their armies of mercenaries could stage some battles facing the gallery and sacrifice in them a few hundred thousand soldiers.

The only workers left are the Chinese, and the supreme worker is Xi Jinping, a friend of the United States’ Freemason Ambassador and undoubtedly a Freemason himself. Or pro-mason. We are all masons now because the scavenger elite that governs us and immolates us to Satan and lies every time he opens his mouth is masonic.   

Since the B’nai B’rith decided to dismantle North American industry and move factories to China to take advantage of the slave labor of long-suffering Chinese citizens, everything is manufactured in China.

It is already known that in communist or pseudo-communist countries, workers have no rights, only the sacred duty of working for the great Khazarian brother, North American proletariat work piecework for Amazon, or they do not work at all and are limited to receiving the pandemic subsidy that gives them the Zionist global state and to watch globalist television.

They are fattening them up like cattle which is what they are to the Talmudists in order to sell them at the Walmart alongside the Thanksgiving turkey. In fact they are the new turkey.

Of course one can and must fight for social justice but what you cannot do is to resort to Marxism for this purpose, because Marxism is the sophistic school of our time, a Marxist could dialectically justify the murder of his own mother and that is basically what they’ve always done.

Everything is produced in China which is the factory or the cauldron of the New World Order, so the war is already lost or rigged in advance by the Zionist mafia like some rigged boxing matches, supposing that the war really does break out. Whether or not it explodes will depend on the reaction of the nationals of all the states that the Zionist socialists wish to suppress to the growing tyranny of the corporations.

If his resistance to the sanitary and corporatist tyranny reaches alarming levels for Washington’s B’nai B’rith conspirators, they could fan the flames of war to save his miserable neck. That is, they could decide to recruit and mobilize citizens, vaccinated or not, to remove them from their lodges and their purchased parliaments and immolate them in a trench abroad. Although it is possible that war will break out whatever happens and the outcome of the war is already decided in advance.

A war with many fronts, one of which would confront the post-communist China with the pre-communist West. The puppet leaders of the United Kingdom and Australia, (the new Covidian dictatorship or prison model of the future western liberal prisons), pretend to be alarmed by Chinese expansionism in the Pacific and their intention to annex Taiwan as if the island had not already been awarded to them by the Windsor-Rothschilds; that was decided probably since China took the seat of Taiwan in the UN, Freemasonry is planning this war the same way it planned the pandemic: with extreme parsimony.

If the false pandemic was planned in 2019 and broke out in the Chinese colony of the Rothschilds and the Sassoons in 2021, I imagine that the new diffuse war is planned for 2022 or 2023. A global conflagration is no small feat and requires numerous preparations, it is something like a royal wedding celebrated in Hell.

The script for the conflagration seems to be very similar to that of the Second World War: a great world depression caused by the financiers of the City and Wall Street preceded or accompanied by the financing (with the money of the taxpayers from USA and the EU). ) of a communist country, this time China, ready to devour half the world or the whole world; the bad guys will be this time , apart from the Chinese who are good or bad depending on the order of the day, the Russians and the Islamic terrorists financed and trained by some MI6, CIA and Mossad agents.

Given that many of the actors in this new Hollywood war production are nuclear powers, the great war could be a war of attrition that leaves all participating countries exhausted except the new Khazarian Israel.

 Of course NATO is Israel’s private army, and Israel is the Rothschild’s homeland of choice; and I say of choice because their country of origin is Khazaria. If we take into account that the Biden government is poisoning its soldiers or intends to poison them with the fake vaccine against the ghostly virus Covid-19, and promotes effeminacy between soldiers and civilians; and that communist China is stigmatizing and cornering its effeminates and feeding its soldiers with steroids, the yellow invasion is going to be a triumphal ride that will pass over the failed states of Iraq and Syria; (We do not know if they will surround Iran or pass over it) and it is not going to stop at least until the English Channel

It is difficult to understand why they want to provoke the third world war predicted by the Satanist mason, Albert Pike, when the Zionist hitmen already dominate the entire world and there is only one economic system: the corporatist-communist (that is, an elite surrounded by an Asian luxury and a huge mass of slaves killing themselves with work ) a single religion: Covid Satanism, and a single world parliament: the UN or the Bilderberg club, but I imagine that the Khazarian patriarch of the Rothschilds wishes to establish his satanic court definitively in Zion and receive there his vassals from East and West; He must also be very upset that Biden is kneeling in public in front of his proxies in the Khazarian state of Israel and not before him.

Someone should take it upon himself to scrutinize NATO’s top brass to see if they have been hypnotized, bought or blackmailed by the B’nai B’rith. Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Council is not a soldier, he is an economist (We are going to see many economists and shark layers in NATO, who are the specialty of the Rothschilds, but few career soldiers); devoted himself to privatize public companies, that is, by handing them over to international funds of stateless capital and with as many nationalities as can be bought, with itinerant headquarters either in the Cayman Islands, the Fiji Islands, and in Switzerland or in the Bahamas, (it does not matter, because all those protectorates belong to the City of London.

Before joining NATO, he was the special envoy of the UN (the globalist parliament) on the non-existent climate change, or rather the climate change caused by the geoengineers of NASA, who now cause a tornado in Florida, now they cause a summer snowfall in Texas or any other pro-liberty and pro-life rebellious state; We already know that liberals are anti-liberty, pro-usury, and pro-abortion; Obama, by the way, seems to have been collecting aborted baby heads lately.

Stolterberg took part, of course in the Bilderberg group meeting held at the Montreux Palace hotel in 2019 where he rubbed shoulders with the arch-conspirator Henry Kissinger with Jared Kushner, Mark Carney, and the senior staff of the Zionist global state, the “rationalists” affirm that the aim of the Bilderberg group, apart from plundering the world population to whom it has promised happiness in exchange for giving up all their material possessions by force is to create a world government with a single slave labor market financially regulated by a single central bank and a single global currency, and they are right but they also want to build the third temple on the esplanade of the mosques and worship in it Satan or the antichrist who is of course an extremely eccentric banker of the world central bank.

It’s hard to know if Stoltenberg has a Zionist hit man on his heels pointing a revolver at his head in case he decides to think for himself, but we’d bet he has. Freemasonry and its Zionist affiliate have been eliminating all nationalist politicians who have opposed the new satanic world order and few dare to oppose it.

We must also to take into account that it is highly unlikely that a nonconformist politician will emerge from the politically correct universities of the entire world, all of them bought with the stolen money of the globalist central bank of the entire world.

According to the Wikipedia Stoltenberg’s popularity grew with the Norwegian terror attack carried out by the neo-fascist Anders Breivik, the neo-fascists are actually Zionists disguised as far-right activists, in the same way that communists are Zionists disguised as far-left activists.

North American neo-conservatives are Zionists disguised as conservatives (as Bush senior already made clear to Bush junior) and Liberals are equally Zionists disguised as moderate center-left or center-right politicians (Zionists are ambidextrous like the devil) who delegate to the extremist Zionists the task of carrying out terror attacks.

Interwar fascisms constituted a series of national movements with their own characteristics depending on each country that arose as a reaction to the communist threat financed by Jacob Schiff, front man of the Rothschilds, and to the Yiddish imperialism disguised as British, the alliance between England and the Soviet Union leaves no doubt that communism and Anglo-Saxon liberalism were a kind of clamp that crushed all European nations and turned them into colonies of the City and Wall Street.

After the Second World War, Masonic lodges like Gladio recreated or reinvented fascisms to serve their purposes: the aggrandizement of Mongolian or Khazarian Turkic Israel. Anders Breivik is a new school nationalist; that is, a defender of the only nation with the right to exist: Israel

In his 1,000 pages long manifesto, Anders Breivik repeatedly stated his firm belief that all nationalists must defend and support Israel at all costs and is an avid reader of all anti-Muslim Zionist writers such as North American blogger Pamela Gelller. All European nationalist parties are now anti-Islamist.

In other words, they propose to defend European nations from Islamic terrorists indoctrinated and trained by MI6 and Mossad agents and protect them from the massive immigration of Muslims from countries (such as Syria, Libya or Afghanistan) destabilized or destroyed by Israel and its western colonies like the EU, UK or EEUU .

The French National Front is also very careful about not attacking Israel and limits itself to demonizing the Islamists, especially after the savage murder of François Duprat by the Zionist ; for that it would be better if they dissolved themselves because to dissolve the national states and turning them into satellites of the Khazarian Zionists we have already NATO and the Mossad. But it must be very difficult to attend the rallies with a Zionist or Illuminati sniper pointing at your head.

Peter CW Flory is one of the most representative NATO “officials”, he was until recently deputy secretary general for defensive investment and has been replaced by Patrick Auroy, he is once again not a military man, but a lawyer and journalist who worked for the Hughes Hubbard & Reed firm which not long ago merged, it is claimed, the Rothschild and Rockefeller financial dynasties (as if they had not been merged long ago), to give the Rothschild trust  a visible presence in the United States; Until then it had been rather occult or occultist and invisible.

Mr. Flory is or was also Chairman of the NATO Cyber ​​Defense Board of Directors. This must be an important position and not merely decorative, since the next great war will be mostly hybrid and cybernetic; that is: something like playing video games, but with real blood and not merely digital blood

Sir Stuart Peach as Chief Marshal of the British Royal Air Force who mercilessly exterminated the German population of Dresden (along with the British prisoners of war kept in that city), who served as deputy commander of the air force of the RAF in Brügen, a city of the German country occupied by the Khazarian Masonic and Zionist forces and that was assigned in 2000 as NATO air commander in the pseudo mafia state of Kosovo seized from the Serbs is undoubtedly one of the few military of NATO that truly “count”, although the most important warlike directives of this organization are taken without a doubt in the Masonic lodges of the B’nai B’rith of the United States, China, England and elsewhere and perhaps also by the time being in the Royal Alpha Lodge located in Kensington Palace.

We should thank the Zionists for having chosen a nuclear power like Russia as an arch enemy, it has been a serious mistake on their part considering that the Russians were willing to take part in the new masonic world order, the problem is that they wanted to continue being Russians, something that for the Israeli Khazars is simply intolerable.

We must not forget, on the other hand, that the Khazars must have sworn eternal hatred to the Slavs for having wiped out the Khazarian mobster khanate and dispersing them throughout Europe where they led a rather marginal and dark existence until the Rothschilds made a pact with the devil and settled in the City of London and took over the reins of Gnostic Freemasonry.

We see, therefore, economists, journalists, shark layers, politicians and publicists being discarded constantly from their positions as NATO officials and as dizzy as ducks that parade in a fair booth; it is rare that they do not name also from time to time to a Hollywood actor like Tom Cruise or Sean Penn for some or other post, but times are not ripe for that, the only virtue of them all is to subscribe the script of the fight against terrorism, whether that of Islamists or simple citizens who demonstrate against the health dictatorship and who refuse to be turned into laboratory rats; reluctant human guinea pigs are now the new terrorists for the global Zionist state; If someone goes off the script, he is fired or shot.

Everyone would like to leave NATO, but NATO, like the mafia that is its model, is like an old-fashioned marriage, there is no room for divorce. NATO, which has too many husbands without counting its lovers, must be abandoned en masse, in unison so to speak, before Zionist NATO divorces all the countries that make it up “in the Italian way” and leaves the Khazarian Israel as the apocryphal widow of all nations.

The mistake that many anti-globalists make is to accuse the Jews in general of the Masonic Zionist conspiracy to implant a new criminal world order. No doubt those who took over the reins of Freemasonry in the late 18th century were a few Ashkenazi followers of the false messiah Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank and the founders of the Satanic Illuminati sect, but among the ranks of Freemasonry there are more gentiles than Jews now, not to mention that Ashkenazi Jews are not Jews, they are Khazars and therefore of a Turkic Mongolian ethnic group. The problem is not Judaism, it is simple Satanism.

The Sabbateans set out to subvert every ethical principle and every moral norm, and the supreme subversion for them was to invoke the devil and make a pact with him. That explains the current rise of sects like the Church of Satan and others of the same sort.

Yours sincerely:

Jose Francisco Fernández-Bullón


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  1. The author reminds me of a paranoid Shrimpleton but Khazars in place of the Krauts.
    The layers of the giant rotting onion much deeper than described – and the core is completely empty when you get to it too.

  2. Here in the United States of Amnesia most people seem to forget why we get into wars in the first place. None of the reasons make any sense. Every war since 9/11 was designed to ultimately bankrupt the USA both financially and morally. Remember? 19 Arabs armed with boxcutters led by some dude holed up in a cave in Afghanistan… The reality was that Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. It’s like we’re living in a dream world waiting for the next big false-flag event to happen. Then, we’ll be told where to go and what to do like a bunch of zombies.

  3. Jose Francisco Fernández-Bullón and his blah blah blah.
    As soon as he penned CoVid, i knew this guy is nutz!
    Get vaccinated people. Don’t fool around with the virus!

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